Joe Bowen & Jim Ralph Return To Radio?

by TSM

Happy Friday!

While nothing has been confirmed, all signs are pointing to Jim Ralph and Joe Bowen retuning to the airwaves for the Toronto Maple Leafs games. With Bowen specifically, all I’ve been able to get consensus on are the radio airwaves. I don’t know who is in the running for the TV side, but it sounds like Joe is OUT on the tv side. Again, not confirmed but it looks like Bowen’s gig could very well be radio only.

Ask yourself this question though, given the popularity of the Maple Leafs and their presence on the Forbes most valuable sports franchises list, do you think the fans are getting the very best talent on the radio and tv for their games????? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Paul Beeston was on the Fan morning show as I made my way in to work this am. He’s a hoot to listen to and he always has a good story to tell. It was interesting to hear him say, emphatically, that money didn’t play any role in the Blue Jays standing pat on trade deadline day this year. Beeston basically made it sound like Alex Anthopolous only needs to ask for the money in order to get it and that AA, or the baseball department for that matter, never requested any additional funding. The reason, Beeston said, that no deal got made is that the baseball department didn’t feel any of the trades made sense and not for money reasons.

Beeston is infamous for saying that a good accountant could make chicken salad out of chicken [email protected]#@!#!. So words, specifically his words should be treated suspiciously at best.

Whether you believe him or not(based on my twitter account most do not), all signs across the business suggest that the Blue Jays owners are being a hell of a lot more cost conscious in general. The drumbeats are very loud that every penny is being watched and accounted for in the Rogers Media world too. I am told that the changes we saw this week out west are just the beginning of what could be sweeping changes in Sportnet west and sportsnet in general. More than one insider tells me that the sales of the NHL ads aren’t selling as quickly as hoped so far and that’s part of the reason for the recent cutbacks. I am not sure I believe that…but we will see.

Happy weekend!

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