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by mike in boston (@mikeinboston)


What a terrible week in sports and news. I am chasing an interview and thought I might have it done for this week’s column but it will have to wait until next week. Instead, here is some delightfully playful back and forth between some of the city’s  sports media Twitter presences.


Bruce Arthur is an undisputed social media darling in this city and elsewhere. He has endeared himself to blogs far and wide, including this one. If you haven’t checked it out, here is part 1 and part 2 of a Q&A he did with us a few years back. (You can also check out DAMIAN COX’S IF YOU LIKE BEING SHOUTED AT ABOUT HOW HE’D STILL “ASK THE QUESTION” ABOUT BAUTISTA & PEDS IF HE HAD TO DO IT ALL OVER.) Bruce tweeted this out earlier this week



Now, as I’m guessing he didn’t know, James Harrison has a domestic violence arrest on his record though the charges were dropped after he agreed to go to counseling. Others were quick to point this out to Bruce, including Brady of Brady & Walker



Walker later chimed in with a sarcastic reply and was chided for nor being up to speed.




I have gone through the archive and can’t find anything where Arthur either clarified his initial praise of Harrison or walked it back, so I too am in need of catching up. Arthur has been on the good side of most issues, and is a passionate Twitter advocate for gender and same-sex equality. I’m not sure why he didn’t just say that he was unaware of Harrison’s history and move forward. Maybe someone can catch me up on where that happened.


In other Twitterverse news, Grange got a nice tip of the cap from Simmons for his piece on Goodell.



[Trigger Warning: clicking on Sportsnet columns often auto-plays ads with sound]


This is always nice to see, and I wish it happened more often. The empty tribalism that defines today’s Rogers v Bell media war makes losers out of us all. Most of the MSM I speak with are fiercely competitive, and I accept that there will always be a desire to break news ahead of others. But I imagine there was a time where media fought over sources and access and things related to the story, and not over the relative merits of corporations. (for a fun stroll down memory lane, here’s Kypreos on those “fuckers” at TSN).


Good work makes them all look better, just as lazy click-bait makes them all look worse. Glad to see that Simmons is not too proud to give credit where it is due.


Lastly, here’s a blast at Rogers & Bell from a blast from the past:





Happy weekend everyone. Don’t forget to go hand out grades/rankings in last week’s thread.

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