Sunday Night Musings Euro Style


Greetings from jolly old England!!!

Funny watching nfl games on sky- the UK cable company with USA play by play guys and uk studio guys. Surprised this model hadn’t been given more consideration in Canada.

Spent the afternoon at a kids bday party. Every father walked around the party on their android watching a football match- European football not nfl.

Serval reliable sources tell me that AA and PB have already been told that hey have enough money available to sign their own guys – no new money. Where that leaves Cabrera is anyone’s guess. There may also be divided opinions on whether Gibbons should come back too.

I have to agree with Steve Simmons in today’s column; the sooner Time Lieweke is gone the better off Toronto will be. His rating in Toronto? Let’s called it a big fat Unfinished. Raptors appear to be in better shape then when he got here. Leafs? Not on ice. Maybe in front office. TFC???? Ummmm you tell me.

As for what to do with Argos? Put them in Oshawa, London Ontario or Barrie where a city will actually care.

Happy Sunday/Monday


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