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The one benefit of Twitter is that it allows the common folk, i.e. the fan a small window, at times into the relationship between athletes and the media (something we tend to care about here a little bit). The media comments, editorializes and promotes on social media and has become a much bigger part of our daily, real time sports lives as a result of social media, especially on twitter.

Throughout the history of professional sports there have been spats and differences of opinions between the athlete and those who cover the game. With the exception of the obvious bias, it was rare that there was any real public evidence of the state of the relationship. Yes, during tv or radio interviews between two enemies eyes could be rolled, things muttered or the interview ended abruptly. However for the most part the fan had no real clear insight into what was going on “behind the scenes”.

Today that’s different. Both the athletes and the scribes place themselves into the public forum by taking part (or not) in the social media arena. There is interaction between players (that may be a little hokey), interaction between fan and player (albeit somewhat rare), interaction between fan and media (unfortunately this can get rather personal), interaction between media and media (for the most part fun banter, but the odd time combative) and then the newest form the interaction between athlete and media.

A good chunk of the tweets from media are of the promoting type; here’s a link to my column, I will be on the radio talking etc. However, from time to time some media members try to engage the athlete. Even more rare are the instances where the media choose to engage.

Steve Simmons tweeted about Jose Bautista and Bautista tweeted back. Nothing more was said, at least not yet. One exchange on Twitter does not make a trend but it’s interesting to me as yet another example of how the 2 parties interact and get along.

It will be interesting to me to see if this continues and if more athletes start responding to media members much the way sports management types have in the past.

Happy hump day!

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    Simmons tweeted that Bautista doesn’t tweet. Claims its all done by a PR firm.

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    Derrick 6 years ago

    And Joey Bats has responded to that claim.

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    Couldn’t happen to a nicer douche.

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    This was to funny…..I wonder if Simmons included Bautista in the Tweet hoping for an interaction or if he was surprised…..I wonder if he is not really sure how Twitter works…..sometimes I wonder if some of the more established guys really understand social media.

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    Claire A Fye 6 years ago

    @HRM You mean ” This was too funny?” At least Simmons knows the language. Look, Simmons is an easy guy to jump on. He has opinions and isn’t afraid to state them. He said it was the Blue Jays who told him Bautista doesn’t tweet. For a guy like Bautista, Twitter means money so it’s not hard to believe a PR firm does it for him. It’s also pretty obvious it’s the athletes who don’t get how social media works. How many times has an athlete tweeted something idiotic because he didn’t realize he was talking to a lot of people. Journalists are generally pretty careful about that kind of stuff. These are generalizations; there are always exceptions. I guess my point is it’s easy to jump on a writer you don’t like…and you don’t like him because you don’t agree with him. Fair enough.

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    @Claire A Fye Yes….I meant “too funny”. I noticed my grammatical error as soon as I posted the comment. I actually don’t mind Simmons. I just meant I found the interaction amusing. I complete agree that it is possible to assume that Bautista’s Twitter account was being managed by someone…I still think the exchange was amusing. I did not mean my comment to be taken as jumping on Simmons….I was just wondering out loud if Simmons by including Bautista was hoping for a response. Perhaps Simmons is more Twitter saavy then I gave him credit for. Of all the MSM on Twitter….Simmons is one journalist I find least offensive and maddening.

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    Claire A Fye 6 years ago

    @HRM Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really defending Simmons. I just find that a lot of people here do nothing but dump on him and , frankly, a bunch of others, all believing these guys are all morons who don’t get it and aren’t as smart as they are. And I just don’t believe that. Simmons has been doing it a long time and of course some of his opinions are ones I disagree with. I think that’s his job though, and so when he gets a reaction, positive or negative, he’s doing it well.

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    Dave in Bolton 6 years ago

    who cares what Athletes have to say! nothing bores me more when Athletes open their mouths. They have nothing good to say.

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    Inadvertently, and upon reflection, foolishly I got lumped into this mess. I tweeted a couple of guys and just questioned why they called him “stupid” and an “idiot”. Call it the sensitive side of me being a teacher, but I’m not a fan of insults like that, which I realize in social media is more of a norm than I would care to see.

    By the end of the day I had got some really vile, mean tweets sent back my way for daring to advocate (not side with) Simmons.

    I did not care for Simmons attempt to get a reaction, nor much for Bautista’s response as it comes across as a little petty and thin skinned, which is a shame because he had a wonderful season with very few of the histrionics from last year

    . It all seemed to get blown way out of proportion here. Simmons newspaper cred comes from his ability to agitate and get under the skin. He’s good and he’s a top columnist, and is fairly high profile on radio and TV. I think he got a little burned on this one..

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    Something is up at Fan 590. Michael Grange has actually been listenable during his past 2 appearances on PTS. Did he take some voice lessons or something? Who knew?

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    Robert 6 years ago

    It sounded to me like he has a cold.

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    Bobby G 6 years ago

    Simmons made perfectly valid point about Bautista post-trade deadline reaction. Bautista responded with an inane comment.
    How did Simmons get burned? Sounds to me like Bautista is the one who got burned.

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    Darrell 6 years ago

    I actually like Steve Simmons’ work but he is hardly the worst douche for sports writers.

    “My sources tell me” that Marty York is 20 times worse than Simmons. He’s some hack, who claims that he knows all and always states “my sources tell me……” ________________________ (insert whatever) and it doesn’t happen! How many times has he suggested Gibbons and AA are fired soon and they are still there?

    Simmons states facts and whether you agree or disagree with him, he is very credible!

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    @Bobby G

    Simmons’ point may have been valid, but his delivery was needlessly condescending. In fact, the point could have been made without mentioning Bautista at all. Simmons was essentially “chirping” Bautista, and ended up looking like a fool. Bautista’s first reply was cutting, and his second response, when Simmons wouldn’t leave it alone, was the finishing move.