Sunday Toronto Sports Media Thoughts


Things that made me go hmmmmm as I flew home from Seattle this morning at 8am PST:

Interesting timing for the Jeff Blair’s blog post last week on one Brett Lawrie don’t ya thing???

Did you feel the nuke lobbed over the radio waves from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun – who regularly appears on the TSN 1050 radio airwaves at the Fan 590’s Bob McCown?:

I wonder if Bob McCown read his own book. In the bestselling 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments, McCown makes a case against Paul Henderson’s inclusion in the Hockey Hall of Fame. A strong case. Lately, he has been pushing the Henderson Hall of Fame agenda. Strange

Bob isn’t one to shy away from a “challenge” I’d listen in to the early portions of his show this week for him to be asked and then respond to the comment.

Still with Simmons, I loved this comment:

The Leafs have discovered the optional morning skate. It’s a clever way of media avoidance in a town with way too much media.

So true don’t ya think?

I mean the way too much media part not the optional skate bit…

While in Seattle this long weekend I listened intently to the media drama about all things Lynch. It seemed oh too familiar. It seemed oh so much like Phil Kessel. No, I am not comparing the players, but rather two guys who are reluctant to have microphones in their faces day after day yet have to face microphones in their faces day after day.

My conclusion is quite simple. The ever present presence of the media is killing sports. Or, more specifically, my love for and interest in sports. There is so much coverage it’s gotten to be too much. Round the clock, on tv, on the radio, twitter, facebook, online, offline it never stops. Every shift, every pitch, snap, etc is analyzed to death. I don’t think the media is doing a bad job. I think the problem is there isn’t enough to cover and the drive to break the big story is so big that we are now drowning in too much information. It’ now overkill.

25-30 media types at every leaf practice. When something happens? Double or triple it.

For me anyway, it’s too much.

Nice article on the passing of Pat Quinn by Stephen Brunt. I’m not sure why Brunt is being used so sparingly these days, the Canadian sports media misses the columnist BADLY. Why the words “This column appears in the _______ edition of Sportsnet magazine” have to appear in almost everything I see that Brunt writes, but I can say I miss reading his work more regularly in a more common forum.

Did you watch the Grey Cup? No, not a slam at the CFL- just a question.

If you haven’t seen Gone Girl yet you are missing out on a great psychological thriller!

Happy Monday.


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