Grapes Rips Kadri; Wilner Goes Bold


Couple of things caught my eye or ears today:

1. Don Cherry ripped Nazem Kadri and good on the Fan590 this am. Basically Grapes said that a guy who has only scored 5 goals this year shouldn’t be talking all the time. “Shut up and play” was the direct quote from Donald S. You know I am not a Grapes fan, but the segment was pretty funny.

2. Mike Wilner was also on the morning show and was talking about the Blue Jays trade. Wilner is a big fan of the deal and offered up “That a player with <3 yrs service & 2 top8 MVP finishes has never been traded before". That certainly got some tongues wagging!3. Rogers may not have opened the purse strings for the Blue Jays after all:"The endgame between the Toronto Blue Jays and Melky Cabrera is probably coming soon, and the perception that Alex Anthopoulos is sitting on a significant cache of payroll to spend may not be the case as the moment of truth looms.

That from Shi Davidi on

4. Yet another reason that feature writers should write their own headlines, a good story by Michael Grange on the Blue Jays that really has little to do with the headline written for the story.

5. You are never as good as your last win nor as bad as your last losing streak right? As much as perhaps people over-reacted to the Maple Leafs in their last tailspin, we can’t read too much into their recent play either. Let’s just go with inconsistent. I disagree that Shanahan was either right or wrong. Too early to tell.

Happy Monday night!


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