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This is going to sound funny to some, but Mike In Boston (MIB), regular contributor of this site and I met for the first time today. We both work in midtown Toronto and grabbed a sandwich at my new favorite spot called Picnic. I told Mike the story of how this site started and how I first got connected with many people in the sports media business. Mike, I am sure will chime in, but I think he was surprised to hear that all of my connections came simply from writing. One by one people would reach out and the rest is history.

Well, one of those who reached out along the journey was Adrian Dater of the Denver Post. We never spoke on the phone, never met but we did email and direct tweet from time to time and we are facebook friends. Like so many of the indsutry types, I have an affinity for those who have reached out over the years as I appreciate the effort. I don’t do what I do for any other reason then pure joy and if someone takes the time out to set me straight, to yell at me or the odd time pay a compliment then that too is awesome. So while I never met Adrian, I will say I like him.

Well, Adrian had gotten himself in some hot water over the years, mostly for going off on Twitter and tonight it has, I hope temporarily, ended his career. That’s too bad.

Adrian has posted on his facebook page a really nice note to those of us who care about what is going on.

Take a look:

My long association with the Post came to an end today. That’s a really bad thing to have to write, but it’s reality.
I said a bunch of stupid things on social media once too often. It was unprofessional and I paid the price.
Social media and I were always going to be a dangerous mix. I’m opinionated and have the occasional real hot temper.
But my problems were deeper than that.
I’ve had some pretty bad substance abuse problems. Every single time I got myself in trouble with my mouth, substances helped play a role, probably a big one.
I tried to deny it was a big problem but it obviously was and is.
A lifestyle of a lot of late nights away from home in lonely hotel rooms and a stressful lifestyle at times kind of caught up with me. I used too many wrong things as coping mechanisms. I also have dealt with manic depression for years and when the real dark moods come over me I tend to do things to hurt myself more. I don’t want these to be used as excuses or to win sympathy. But I’m just adding explanations of what I’ve had problems with.
I do believe some things said about me recently in accusatory manners is totally false, with people misrepresenting things. Some things that have been written about one incident are completely wrong.
But the bottom line is I caused my own problems and have to own them.
I’ve been seeking more in-depth help for some of my problems and if I could ask for one thing, it’s that you hope for the best that I can.
I know I’m a good person down deep, but greatly flawed.
It was my pleasure writing on the Avalanche for 20 years for a great paper. Nobody can take those memories away.
I love my family and the No. 1 thing I need to do is try and make them proud of me again.
I’m so sorry I let people down. I hope to some day write a happier comeback story for you to read.

That’s heart felt and sincere.

I am not sure if it’s appropriate to say get well soon here, but certainly that is my wish to you my friend. Hang in there Adrian, get the help you need so you too can get back on the horse.


BTW- best moment on the Mike Richards show, perhaps ever was this am when he interviewed Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette. Awesome, awesome radio.

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December 3, 2014 10:54 pm

So the In Boston part is a work?

Whats next, no Santa?

Steve Clark
December 4, 2014 1:39 pm

I told someone that I interract with someone from Boston occasionally. Now I feel like I’m living a lie…:-)

While I hope for the best for both Adrian Dater/Steve Lepore, the bottom line is that they did do something egregious and/or insulting and degrading online and unfortunaely paid for it with their jobs. It is a warning of the pitfalls/perils of social media.

I empathize more for the victims of these two guys, but it seems that their remorse is sincere, and I hope it begins a long journey to redemption.

mike (in boston)
December 4, 2014 2:19 pm

if it’s any consolation, Steve, I really did live in Boston for a long time and that’s when I did most of my commenting on this site. I just moved back home to Toronto this summer for work.

Alex, Stephen Brunt already told you there was no Santa Claus when defending his role as torch bearer.

I’ll have a lot to say about the Dater/Lepore situation this weekend.

Jim Van Horne
December 4, 2014 5:31 pm

I don’t know Adrian Dater, I’ve read his work. My heart goes out to him. to write what he did must have been incredibly difficult. But it’s one step on the road back. I don’t know what he wrote on line, but he himself said it was nasty stuff. For Mr. Dater to admit to his shortcomings is nothing less than courageous. I wish him well.

Darren K Johnston
Darren K Johnston
December 4, 2014 6:24 pm

Did anyone happen to catch the first 30 minutes of PTS tonight? (Dec 4th)
What a colossal waste of 30 minutes I will never, ever get back.
Normally I would change the channel or just mute it but it was so bad I had to continue watching this train wreck.
Do the folks running this show actually think that crap is entertaining in any way, shape or forum?

Bob Canuck
Bob Canuck
December 4, 2014 9:46 pm


I saw the debacle; I agree with your comments. The opening segment was reminiscent of those bad “B” movies from yesteryear when the kids would decide to put on a musical. “Hey gang! Let’s broadcast a sports talk show! It’ll be fun!” I was wondering when the adults were going to show up.

The opening of the second hour was almost as bad; the Bob McCown-Michael Grange discussion of sodium pentothal was mind-numbing.

Compare the lack of professionalism and respect for the audience of that broadcast to what was consistently said the day before about the professionalism and respect Jean Beliveau always exhibited towards others. I prefer Le Gros Bill to grossly bad radio.

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