Checking In On The New Hockey TV Landscape


So here we are a few months into the 2014 NHL hockey season, the first under the Rogers mega season. I thought it was as good a time to see what your thoughts are on the new hockey world here in Canada.

It will certainly be some time for anyone to really be able to gauge the success or failure of the deal for Rogers but we as fans know what we like and what we do not right?

My take is really quite simple.

I don’t have the time to watch a ton of games irrespective of who is broadcasting the games. I know it sounds stupid, but I found it easier to watch leaf games while I lived in Seattle in that the time difference on a Saturday night was awesome. The game started at 4pm and by the time we were doing anything for the night the game was over. It was harder during the week for sure, but it was kind of cool to follow the early parts of the game on twitter while at work and then on tunein radio in the car on the way home.

Here in Toronto, between work and my kids hockey I just am not around all that often during game time and Saturday nights we are usually out somewhere on Saturday nights.

So I don’t notice a ton of difference except of course you need a media key to find what channel games are on some times.

I know I am alone when I say this, but I’ve thought that coaches corner has long past it’s 15 minutes of fame years ago. So the fact that it’s still on the air does nothing for me. To be honest, if I am watching 9/10 times I flip the channel or leave the room.

I hate to sound old but the “hot stove”portion of the show has not really recovered from the loss of John Davidson. They can throw all sorts of bodies at it, the segement seems really contrived to me; it’s weak. I’d prefer a panel of guys from around the league to just the same guys all the time. I think Elliotte Friedman does a good job but he needs better support around him. Again, my two cents.

The hack job of Fox NFL coverage where the guys are “on the ice” showing “plays” is in my mind a lame gimmick. I don’t think it works especially well in the NFL and it seems “hoakie” in hockey.

Play by play teams are what they are. You all know the folks I like and don’t so there is nothing really new there either.

I asked on twitter tonight whether people are liking George Stroumboulopoulos as the new host and I’d say the responses I got are about 50/50 mixed.

I have no problem with him to be honest, but I don’t get what his roll is and why he is there. I don’t see him as an expert so I am not looking to him for opinion or fact. Again, that’s not a knock it is what it is. On the flip side I am not entertained or intrigued by his interviewing or general commentary.

I am not bothered by George Stroumboulopoulos, I am not angry when he is on at the same time I don’t overly enjoy it either.

I liken his role to that of parsley on a dinner plate. It’s just kind of there. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t really like it or care for it but I am not offended by it either. Yes it may add some colour, but do I really care if it is there or not there? No not really.

So, my take. Not much as really changed.

In the morning and in the night we flip between TSN and Sportsnet to hear what’s being said. Just like we used to. I like some of the talent better on one network and other folks on the other too.

Perhaps I am over simplifying it, but really little seems different to me.

How about you?


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