American Sports Outlets Reporting On Blue Jays Paul Beeston


Happy Sunday night.

USA sports media outlets are a buzz that Rogers, owners of the Toronto Blue Jays are searching to replace CEO Paul Beeston who’s apparent contract apparently ends this year.

From ESPN’s Buster Olney:

The Toronto Blue Jays’ ownership is actively seeking a replacement for Paul Beeston, the team’s longtime president and chief executive officer, and sources say their search has progressed to the point where it is identifying possible replacements and reaching out to other teams in cases where they need permission to talk to targets.

Bruce Levine in Chicago is already putting two and two together:

White Sox Executive Kenny Williams confirmed a report that among different options, resigning from his present position as Executive VP of the team is one of them.
A story by Buster Olney said that the Blue Jays were interested in Williams for their top executive position. Later, Ken Rosenthal reported that Williams was considering resigning his position with the White Sox.

Fox Sports has a couple of points as well:

Meanwhile, Rosenthal reports the White Sox are balking at giving Williams, the team’s longtime GM before being promoted to his VP role, permission to speak to Toronto about the position. As a result, Williams could resign.

Here’s the view from Baltimore:

“In an interview with The Sun, Orioles managing partner Peter Angelos said that he does not foresee Duquette leaving the Orioles.

“We not only want him to [honor his contract], but we expect him to. We don’t want him to go away and we don’t expect him to go away, and he’s give non indication he wants to go away,” Angelos told The Sun.”

With baseball’s winter meetings about to kick off, things could be interesting around here.

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