Is Live Sports Saving Television?


About 26% of customers who call US cable TV companies request “internet only” service, according to a survey of those calls by mobile advertising technology company Marchex. Of those customers, at least 60% actually end up getting internet-only service, Marchex says.

That from this article yesterday at Business Insider.

The article goes on to say that cord cutting, that is those who are cancelling their cable subscriptions is going up at an exponential rate.

Those of you who have been following me for any amount of time now that I am a night owl who likes to watch TV. I have about 5-6 shows at a given time that I watch on a regular basis. I don’t watch a single one of them live. I either stream them or watch on a PVR. Truth be told I stream 99% of them. Why, you ask then am I even paying for a PVR or cable for that matter. The truth is, sports.

The only thing we watch in our house live is sports. If there was a way to stream live sports in HD without buffering etc, my cable bill would be gone.

While there are ways to get games on mobile devices and other work arounds, I have yet to see anything that comes close to live game fidelity. The minute that is readily available, what we consider cable tv will be in dire trouble.

I was fascinated to see all the comments on the Rogers article yesterday. It’s clearly a topic that is of great interest and I will continue to pursue it moving forward.

There was a time when someone told me that the physical newspaper would become irrelevant and the paper would appear on a computer screen. At the time we all thought it was a crazy thought. The fact that cable tv, which I remember getting as a kid with a brown rogers cable box and corded remote could disappear as we know it is equally as stunning a development.

It says here that until live sports is readily available online cable will survive.

As I drove to work this am both Toronto sports radio stations were reporting that there was a report that Mike Babcock was on the verge of signing an extension to stay in Detroit. “Get used to Randy” one host quipped. This is the report that they were referring to.

A few hours later, this appeared in the USA Today “Mike Babcock: Extension report is ‘fantasy world'”


The Detroit News writer “Wojo” tweeted out his story on the subject following the Windsor Star report. Then the News followed up the fantasy world story too. Note the news article mentions Dreger as the main source of the story, I didn’t hear it that way (The story I heard on the radio was that the Windsor Star broke the story). However, irrespective of where it broke, the story was everywhere. Now, should he sign an extension everyone can say, “I told ya so”. If he leaves, well…it will be months away and I guess no one will remember….

It seems to me, the rush to get the story first remains paramount as opposed to getting it right. I don’t mean to throw John Shannon under the bus for the Luongo to Toronto is a done deal story from years back but it’s eerily similar. Over the summer I heard someone on the air recalling the horrible gut feeling he once got while walking through Yorkdale after he tweeted a story and there was a moment where another source told him he was wrong. I am pretty sure it was Elliotte Friedman telling the story. I will be keeping tabs on this one too.


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