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So all the excitement of the Toronto Blue Jays off season seems to have subsided hasn’t it. Even on the Friday round table on PTS with Bob McCown and others there were cracks in the usually pretty pro Blue Jays press club. This was before Melkie Cabrera signed over the weekend. The guru’s on Bob’s show were starting to seem a little concerned about the current state of the team with “the field” improving around the squad.

A couple of writers are starting to allude to the fact that Rogers hasn’t provided the Blue Jays with the money some others once thought he was going to have.

There’s no question Rogers is spending an insane amount of money on the Jays. However, it’s not as much some would have liked us to believe.

It’s interesting how little has been written since the Cabrera news broke hasn’t it.

I wonder how long before we start hearing all the negative stories about him now that he’s gone.

Richard Griffin has a good story on Cabrera:

Anthopoulos has the reputation of being ultra-careful and very thorough when it comes to decisions of signing or trading players. He investigates all angles then makes up his mind. He explained two years ago that he had asked his office for a study of all players, not necessarily just those that been caught but had even been suspected of PED use, players in the same age group as Cabrera. Recall Melky had been suspended with the Giants on the way to an NL batting title in 2012.
The results of the Jays’ unofficial study showed that performance in those first two years was mostly at the same level but, after that, results began to vary, suggesting to Anthopoulos a two-year contract would be relatively safe for Cabrera in 2013-14, and the price was very club friendly.

Some people at Rogers who always return calls, haven’t returned calls this week. It’s like they’re in hiding. The corporate media relations wing indicated that Rogers will not comment on “rumours.

That’s the second hard hitting attack by the media on Rogers for it’s treatment of Paul Beeston. This one from Steve Simmons, the other was Bob Elliott.

Interesting to hear Damien Cox after the second period of the Leafs game mention that there are Rumours Brian Burke isn’t happy in Calgary. His team seems to be doing fairly well. I guess time will tell.

This really is a funny city. The Buds completely shit the bed and don’t raise their sticks and there is a firestorm for days. The entire city is talking leafs. They go on a really good run and you have crickets. At least as far as hockey goes, or maple leaf fans anyway, there seems to only be excitement when their is turmoil.

As we head into 2015, I wonder what the Raptors have to do to get a little more respect, I mean coverage….


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