Tuesday Morning Drive Thought


To me there is not much worse that getting up when it’s totally dark outside and then driving in to work when it’s euqally as dark.

While not sports related, while Brady and Walker were discussing Brady’s vacation and Richards was doing some voice over joke, I heard this story on 680 news- it is without question one of the saddest, most pathetic news stories I’ve ever heard.

I caught Pierre McGuire on TSN radio this am. Quick question- when he talks about teams, is it just me or does it always seem like he is lobbying for a job???? Why, for example did he drop in the bit about the Boston University coach this morning????

Similarly, Did anyone else hear Eric Francis say this morning that the Edmonton players were “having a ball playing in the NHL”? I thought these guys hate losing????

Lastly, fellow Maple Leaf Fans, is anyone else giving Tank Nation a second thought as Edmonton continues to circle the drain despite numerous number one overall draft picks????

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