Tuesday Morning Sports Media Fun


Cold enough for you????

Did you happen to see Ken Campbell of the Hockey News take on a twitter fan last night???

Thanks to a reader for pointing it out… pretty funny stuff. Good on Campbell for apologizing at the end…

Campbell’s first tweet : “Darnell Nurse was just named player of the game for Canada. Good player but WTF?”
@marghi99 response: “anyone questioning Darnell nurse as player the game should perhaps learn the game!”
KC: “Not questioning him as a player, you moron. Just saying Domi should have been player of game.”
@marghi99: “wow a moron. How professional of you.”
@marghi99: “Perhaps time to dump my subscription to your magazine. As a moron I can’t read anyway,”
KC: “If you can’t read, that would probably be a good idea. Or perhaps, have someone read it to you.”
@marghi99: “wow you are so professional.”
@marghi99: “they just lost a long term subscriber.”
KC: “I apologize to @marghi99.”

I spoke to Ken this am and he told me that he regretted using “that word”, that he did apologize and that from what he can see the apology was accepted and hopefully this is “behind me”.

Still with Twitter, did you happen to catch George Stroumboulopoulos tweet after the game?:

“Congrats to @GMillerTSN @tsnjamesduthie @TSNBobMcKenzie @TSNRyanRishaug @rayferrarotsn and the @TSN crew on a great tournament. #canada”

One word- CLASS

That followed Glen Healey who was on the Fan also praising the TSN coverage. Nice to see/hear.

If you only watch one video today make this one:

The Leafs just fired Randy Carlyle so I will let you get back to that- should be a fun night of writing…..


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