Are Changes Coming To Toronto Sports Radio Scene?


I’ve been hearing rumours for about a week now about major changes at Rogers Sportsnet the Fan 590.

While unconfirmed here is what’s some of what has been circulating – again, all rumour right now:

A big change to the morning show that could see Dean Blundell playing a major role.
Tim and Sid moving over to the TV side of Rogers Sportnet.

Who fills that day time slot???? I am not sure, I would imagine that Blundell on the am show moves one of either Brady or Walker out and that person goes to the pre-McCown slot.

All conjecture right now, but it’s VERY loud out there right now….

These are my guesses and guesses only.

Stay tuned. Calls to Don Kollins at the fan haven’t been returned as of yet.


updated possibility:

Tim and Sid to TV
Brady and Walker to Tim and Sid slot
Blundell in the morning…

Again, pure conjecture…

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