Wrap Up On Brady, Walker & Blundell Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590 Shakeup


I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now. The most surprising moment to me up until today by far was when a member of the media sent me an email about a month after I started writing, telling me that they really enjoyed reading my work and encouraged me to keep it up. Today, and this story in general was/is by far the most bizarre story I’ve covered since writing about sports media in Toronto.

Full disclosure, I email, tweet and text with several industry types frequently. As you know this is NOT a profession, it’s a hobby. 99% of the news you get on this site is from the various members of the media themselves or those directly involved in the business. This was an exception.

For several months, I had been hearing that eventually Tim and Sid would be moving back to TV. Obviously if they left the Fan 590 there would be a gap between 1-4pm. I never heard the move was imminent, but rather an eventuality. I filed it away as something to keep an ear on.

Randomly, I started getting emails from folks about a month ago about a possible shakeup at the Fan. I figured with all the changes at Rogers it would take some time to filter down to the “talent” level and I assumed any changes would come at the exec level first. I filed it away as something to keep an ear on.

While I haven’t had concrete radio ratings to share with you in some time ( I am working on it) I can tell you that the Fan numbers are good. Generally speaking, the morning show, in the 25-54 demo was strong, Blair does well too. Hockey Central does well. Tim and Sid do as well as can be expected in the graveyard that is 1-4 and McCown is McCown. Given the strength in the numbers why would changes be made I asked myself.

Then, late last week I started hearing rumblings of talent changes at the Fan. To be honest I dismissed them for the reasons I’ve listed above.

Randomly I heard from a source over the weekend that seemed to know their stuff. Word was Dean Blundell was going to be coming to host the morning show and other changes would result. Given the totality of the all the rumblings I started to make some calls (really I started emailing/texting etc) and I mostly got denials and ” I am not hearing anything”.

That all changed this morning. Things became more definitive. People stopped responding and instead of I don’t know what you are talking about, I started getting no comments.

The rest is history.

I will say this is really a strange change at a strange time for Rogers.

So, okay, Tim and Sid, lets say are being wasted at 1-4pm and they do better on TV. I can accept that, putting them on TV is better for them, it’s better for Rogers it makes sense (unless of course you are going to run them against McCown and PTS but that’s a different discussion).

Ok, so with the whole at 1-4, the Rogers had lots of choices. Lots of talent have earned their stripes in daytime slots and the same could have been done here. Move Tim and Sid to TV and give Jeff Sammut a shot with a co-host from 1-4. Just an example.

I know lots of people took issue with the morning show, but really it was perhaps the best part of the programming day on the station. Brady and Walker were good together. The show had good flow and as a morning commuter it was informative. Did they do too much “yapping” maybe… but it was a solid show.

I don’t really get why they make the change.

Enter Blundell.

This is a pretty big change for the Fan. This isn’t a sports guy per se. This is more of a pop culture guy with a track record of being controversial. If you want to get talked about, this will do it. His exit from the media was not a good one.

The trend in sports radio is to start going less sports and more mainstream. In the USA many stations have moved to the FM dial as part of the change. That hasn’t happened here due to the CRTC limitation surrounding ownership of stations in a particular market. This appears to be Rogers trying to get a broader 25-54 male demo in the morning beyond just sports. I am willing to bet that it’s a move that is as much out of fear that Blundel could have gone to TSN as it is for wanting him.

So, what do I think????

I think the Fan had a good thing going. They’ve messed with that and we will see what happens. Blundell is better than Krystal, but this could end up badly, as things did with Andrew.

While no one has told me otherwise, I don’t believe this is a move orchestrated by Don Kollins. This seems like a move made with TV in mind and radio plays the good soldier.

I think while some could look at Andrew Walker as being a loser in this, I think it’s a compliment to him. Yes, he’s lost title rights to the show he is on. However, he is likely going to be the sports guy on the show. Could this blow up for him? Yes. I don’t think thats a definite though.

The guy who I feel really badly for is Greg Brady. While I am sure he is not going to miss getting up at 4am or whatever, this is not a promotion in my mind. but for the fact he leads into McCown it’s a step back. For the most part it’s a dead time slot. I’ll go on a limb and say if I am TSN I start wooing Brady for either the morning show or as a compliment to the drive home show. He’s too talents to be on from 1-4 when no one is listening.

As for Tim and Sid. I’ll say it again. They are wildly popular. They are really good at what they do and they appeal to that younger demo. Will it work better on TV? History says it will. It’s not something I can digest all that often but when i do catch them, it’s usually pretty entertaining.

Every other time I’ve written about changes to lineups you could see the changes coming. Ratings were weak, the shows weren’t working etc. The moves were expected. This was not the case here. I don’t expect to see a big difference in any of the ratings as a result of this, except perhaps on the TV side.

Like I said, very strange indeed.

Random thoughts….

Did you notice, by the way, that Dean Blundell & Co. starts on NHL trade deadline day?????? Hmmmmmmm.

So you are Brady and Walker and you have to continue on for two more weeks together???? AKWARD….

Fascinating tweets by some MSMers today on the subject:

First from Bruce Arthur “If Dean Blundell is the Fan’s new morning guy, then they’ve finally locked down the demo for garbage piles who once threatened to sue me”
Then David Shoalts :”On same day evil #Leafs jersey tossers charged, Fan590 allegedly dives into sewer with new morning show. Some days it’s great to be in TO.”

While on the topic of twitter, I picked up about 100 new followers today (@yyzsportsmedia). I am sure over the course of the next couple of days most of them will have unfollowed me. I am curious, why do people follow folks like me when I break stories like this, I tweet about this type of info mostly, only to unfollow a few days later…very odd.

Once again to those of you who read this site as often as you do and to those of you who help us do what we do I say thank you. We do it purely out of fascination for and love of the business side of media in sports. It’s one thing to write opinions all the time, but for those of you out there who help provide the news we are grateful. Thank you.

Finally, it was said to me today that the good news was that in all of this no one was fired. Well, I am told that is not the case. Lost in all the news was word that the Fan did actually terminate an employee today. I don’t know this persons name, or what they did however losing a job sucks. Whomever you were, whatever you did, I hope you find a new gig soon.


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Dave in Bolton
Dave in Bolton
January 21, 2015 12:19 am

@yyzsportsmedia TSN should go after Walker not Brady he’s the untapped talent at that station

January 21, 2015 12:26 am

I followed you today on twitter for the first time. One of the reasons being is that I’m actively interested in this story and I decided to actively search out your twitter handle. You don’t have your twitter feed linked to your blog…if you did, I likely would have begun to follow you along time ago. But terrific job with this story…I feel like Tim and Sid will do great on TV but I feel this hurts radio moreso…Tim and Sid were 2 who were willing more than others to focus on sports other than hockey. They were the most balanced radio show by far. I feel like TSN1050 has significant talent hindered by the fact that they focus on hockey 95% of the time. Sure…Leafs talk is fine…but I don’t need Colombus Blue Jackets talk before I get Raptors or Jays talkk.

January 21, 2015 12:36 am

As i said earlier, i dont listen to either show involved, plus i hope it means liitle or no tim or sid on PTS rpundtables or fill-ins.

January 21, 2015 2:41 am

Thanks TSM for the great read today and all your hard work. It was a truly one of the most bizarre days in sports radio/ tv to follow. Over time I am sure with the help of the new ratings this will clarify some what and why some of these changes were made. Bundell was the big story and the reaction by fellow media members and others are interesting as well. When Rogers shake things up and there reasoning why it always seem to be big news.

January 21, 2015 4:13 am

Yeah I agree TSM. I think this current Fan lineup may have been the best they’ve ever had (I’ve been listening pretty much since The Fan started). The ratings were good, the quality was pretty strong, it’s a surprise they’re messing with it.

I suppose it most likely came from the desire to move Tim and Sid to TV, rather than wanting to change the radio lineup.

You seem a bit harsh on the 1- 4 slot. A lot of drive home shows (including McCown briefly) start at 3 or even 2. Not exactly a wasteland. I guess it is a demotion of sorts for Brady, but I remember him claiming that he didn’t want to do the morning show a fair bit back when he was in afternoons before.

January 21, 2015 6:09 am

Brady is a disaster when he hosts on his own, talking to himself. He was at his best with Bill Watters and hasn’t recreated that since.

January 21, 2015 7:11 am

I don’t know anything Dean Blundell, so I’ll hold judgment until I hear him. I will say we are losing the best sports radio show Toronto has had in a very long time. Tim & Sid are the perfect combination of humour and information. Hopefully their TV show resembles the defunct “Live @ The Score,” I would watch that over Sportscentre or Sportsnet Central any day of the week.

January 21, 2015 7:58 am

You should really be copy editing posts like this one. Riddled with errors.

WestDale Rocks
WestDale Rocks
January 21, 2015 8:01 am

I’ve been working in media/sports media for about 30 years. Today, I’m embarrassed for our industry. I’ve always thought programmers and PDs were like pimps…and today confirms that. One commenter on one of the earlier posts mentioned that Corus is just as much to blame for the monster that Blundell became, as Blundell was himself. True. But Blundell has no off switch and has no idea what constitutes being “over the line”. Heck, he has no idea what “WAY over the line” is, either!
While I believe that every punishment has its price and that Blundell has paid the house for his indiscretions, the fact is, he’s been censured six times for comments. SIX TIMES! It’s not as if this guy made a slip of the tongue that happened to be an offensive remark. This guy is a walking time bomb. He’s had his chance to repent and change his ways. Six times tells me he has no intention of doing so, and the time eventually comes when you have to say ‘enough is enough’ and not give the guy any more chances.
Rogers has become the enabler by saying “here’s a bunch of money, now come over here and do your schtick.” So just remember that when Blundell screws up for the first time on The Fan (and he will–it’s only a question of time). That’s when The Fan will march out Don Kollins to face the music and pretend that it was Blundell acting alone. I mentioned yesterday, sarcastically, that Rogers should hire Jian Ghomeshi to complete the circle.
The Fan has been permanently muted on my car radio and not even McCown/Brunt on PTS would bring me back.

January 21, 2015 8:19 am

I wonder if Walker knew he was signing up to make jokes about “retards” and anal sex when he came from Alberta.

Poor guy.

DR_Fan of the Fan
DR_Fan of the Fan
January 21, 2015 8:59 am

This news sucks.

I listen to CFRB in the morning because I can’t stand Greg Brady’s voice. I can’t bring myself to listen to his chatter, mostly about hockey and Detroit. Walker was ok, but his partner forced me to find something else to listen to.

Even though Blair’s voice annoys me, I like his show and the diversity of topics he covers with a decent level of expertise. Ever since Rogers wasted their money on the hockey package, I find him talking more hockey, which sucks for me, but it’s still tolerable.

Noon is a dead zone on Toronto radio so that’s when I stream podcasts of stuff I want to listen to.

The highlight of my radio listening day was 1-4. Tim and Sid were the best thing going on Toronto radio and now they are going to a time slot I’m not home to see and frankly, I’m not overly interested in. I hate sports talk on TV.

So now we lose the most entertaining show on the Fan to be replaced by the guy who ensures I listen to John Moore in the morning.

As for McCowan, I’m not sure how he maintains the status he’s got. If I were TSN, I would have been throwing all my money at Tim and Sid to take on their drive home show because lord knows that is un-listenable. Has anyone reminded TSN they don’t have the hockey deal anymore. They don’t need to talk about the NHL for 21 or 24 hours per day. I’m praying for the day when one of those two stations gets a program manager who has a real feel for the sports pulse of Toronto and surrounding area.

January 21, 2015 9:03 am

1. to me, this sounds like the beginning of Bobcat transitioning into retirement, PTS just on radio, more time off, then when he goes transition to tim and sid simulcast on radio

2. I would like to see George Rusic and Jeff Sammut get their own show if only to have a set time everyday where I knew not to listen to the fan

January 21, 2015 9:04 am

I agree with AP. .Maybe Wilbur could come back and co host with Brady.

January 21, 2015 9:56 am

PTS would still be on 360, Tim and Sid would be on the main Sportsnet is what I thought. Is interesting that they are going up against Bob.

Steve Clark
January 21, 2015 10:34 am

Just a couple of observations:

1. Tim and Sid’s move to Sportsnet does not neccesarily translate to taking a bite out of the PTS audience. I think the shows could eventually complement each other, and even serve as a little cross promotion. With so little known about the show, its hard to see how this will play out. If I had to guess, I would theorize that Rogers is looking to Tim and Sid to challenge TSN leading into Sportscentre. Right now TSN has Around the Horn, PTI and then OTR, and that might be who Tim and Sid are challenging in the ratings. Also, Tim and Sid likely will look to break new ground in terms of how sports highlights/news is communicated. It will have a markedly different look than the more traditional Sportscentre.

2. If I am George Rusic/Ben Ennis/Jeff Sammut today, I have to wonder if they see the glass ceiling. These are the guys who do the tough timeslots and are all over the dial in hopes of landing a regular spot. That is not easy to do with a very limited amount of spots and an influx of newspaper guys into the sports talk biz. I empathize with them. As I try and move up the ladder in play by play, the competition gets fierce and the spots few and far between. That’s not unlike what things are like at Rogers or Bell.

3. Is it a bit of a demotion for Brady? Sure. The high profile spots are AM drive and drive home. That said, I have no doubt that the trade off is that its a little better in terms of family, and maybe that helps mitigate things for Brady.

4. As for Blundell, much has been written, and not a lot positive. We are not going to see the same Dean Blundell as he was at the Edge. Different demographics, different content will all play a role. Will he have chemistry with Andrew Walker? Yet to be seen. There are two different styles in play here. I think considering what Blundell did in the past, he should be damn lucky to get a high profile spot and I hope he embraces it. What ticked me off most was the last straw at Corus for Blundell was not only homophobic, it damn near compromised a court case.

Mike S
Mike S
January 21, 2015 11:05 am
January 21, 2015 1:44 pm

Blundell: DB coming in is like the Rudy Gay trade — big name, selfish game. He wouldn’t take the afternoon slot, so the Fan was forced to make changes. This could work in the short term but while Blundell has great pipes, he’s just not well-suited to jock talk. He barely knows sports and generally resorts to off-colour, sexist jokes to “entertain” the masses. That quickly gets old. Total a-hole, too. This will ultimately fail.

Mr. Clark: Rusic, Ennis and Sammut have reached the glass ceiling. They are only barely better than Roger Lajoie. Ennis has done decent work on TV and could have a future there. The rest make me turn the dial or listen to a podcast.

TSN 1050: TSN’s bench strength is also in question this week with Jeremy Taggart and his dolphin laugh on the airwaves. This guy was an average musician on a Canadian band that was popular 15 years ago. If this guy wasn’t part of OLP, would he ever get on the radio in a major market?? You could pick 100 random sports fans who would be no worse than this ear-jarring talk pony. I’m not a big Mike Hogan fan but I felt sorry for him today as I heard him with Taggart. Get him off the air.

Tim and Sid: I think this could have implications for PTS. Rogers can’t be happy about Bob’s anti-Rogers rants, especially when your butt is already on the hot seat for poor NHL ratings and big spending decisions. You could argue that PTS programming has never been weaker, especially when Brunt isn’t there. Reid, Shannon and Arash Madani (most over-rated guy on the Fan) are poor co-hosts and when Bob doesn’t bring his A game — which is more and more often — it makes for painful radio. It’s only guests like Don Banks and Deitsch that keep me around. (I’m finding Macko and Cauz a good alternative to the Bob and Ken dolls on the Fan.) I think the Tim and Sid move is the first phase of a plan to phase out Bob.

Overall, sports radio in Toronto could be a lot better but, like the Leafs, until we stop listening nothing will change.

(Another) Andrew
(Another) Andrew
January 21, 2015 2:35 pm

Is 1-4pm really more of a ratings graveyard time slot than 9am-12pm? A lot of people don’t have lunch until 1pm whilst others, including younger people like students, are finished their day before 4pm. I’ve no data on that, just guessing.

January 21, 2015 4:23 pm

Good riddance to that gawd awful idiot FAN 590 morning hack Greg Brady and the equally gawd awful duo of Sam & Ted!!!!

January 21, 2015 4:34 pm

Is it possible that by placing Tim and Sid against Bob, Rogers will get a perfect read on what the audience prefers? Then the decision next year will be made for them.

Spoiler Alert.. for fans of Tim and Sid, you may not want to read the next paragraph, as you will start hearing the same thing I do when I listen to their song, “It’s time for Tim and Sid”.

Scroll down

I keep hearing…. “It’s time for Tim to S*!t..”
Just me! I hope.

January 21, 2015 8:07 pm

Wow … this has been quite the day. I honestly don’t know enough about Blundell to offer any comment yet; as for Brady, the guy’s a battler. He’s been up and down the dial for years; heck, I remember hearing him calling Saginaw Spirit games for a while. In other words, give him a mic … anywhere … anytime … and he’ll be fine.

January 21, 2015 11:04 pm

590 wouldn’t want to lose Brady to TSN, whatever timeslot he is in he could become TSN’s top rated host.

Bobby G
Bobby G
January 21, 2015 11:06 pm

I think it’s important to note in the case of McCown (and everyone else who works for the Fan) it’s radio ratings that count. The TV numbers are inconsequential. It’s just cheap, time-filling content. Tim and Sid’s new show won’t be on radio, just TV. Their TV numbers will count. Therefore there is no McCown vs. Tim and Sid as far as Rogers or the industry is concerned.

Sam in Scarb
Sam in Scarb
January 22, 2015 2:21 am

Only a couple of guesses here:Rogers hockey package is not working,far far too many “experts” and “insiders”.Come July fat will be trimmed and deck chairs will be re-arranged.Two of the deck chairs will fall into co-host radio jobs with Brady & Blair (cox,they will stick him somewhere).
Tim & Sid 5-7 pm will get all the A list interviews at that time.
PTS will continue to pick up speed going downhill with Bobcat not giving a shitt and a star co-host staff of shannon & reid.

January 22, 2015 8:10 am

Anyone know why hour 3 from Tim and Sid isn’t available online from Wednesday night (Jan 21?) Arash Madani made reference to Bobcat going on Tim and Sid and tearing a hide off of Sid for the jump in that hour.

Did anyone hear it live? Hey Rogers – publish the damn podcast will ya!!!

January 22, 2015 8:24 am

In other news, I am listening Brady and Walker with Ben Ennis filling in for Brady. I think Ennis and Walker have really good chemistry.

Ami Angelwings
January 22, 2015 8:33 am

*sigh* I drive to school at the time of the morning show, guess I’m permanently listening to TSN or some other talk radio during that time. And as said Westdale Rocks said above, it’s not if but when Blundell says something that gets the FAN in trouble. I thought they learned from the Andrew Krystal experiment that bringing him a guy with a shock jock reputation who isn’t a sports guy to do sports is a bad idea. Despite the demographic they want to target being young men, the people who will tune in to a sports station will still be ones who want to listen to sports talk & analysis, not just generic “young guy” stuff (stereotyped as being crude humor, offensive jokes, etc… which I think underestimates their audience.)

On another note:

Why is Bob suddenly pronouncing Encarnacion’s name incorrectly? He called him “concep-cion” every time he mentioned him while talking to Shi today. Is he becoming Don Cherry?

And are we ever going to see Brunt again? I was so happy about 8 weeks of Brunt in a row in the fall, but apparently the cost for that is no more Brunt until… March? (if he’s to be believed) At least pick a better alternate co-host than Ken Reid. -_-

Mark Hebscher
January 22, 2015 9:32 am

I can’t wait to hear Blundell try to interview Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf. Now that will make for some great radio! I am personally looking forward to hearing how the morning show sounds as I pointed on my plug….I mean, blog.

January 22, 2015 10:23 am

A bit off topic but Ken Reid is a disaster…singing country songs on air on Monday, talking about bands named after drummers (but only being able to name one such band) and adding nothing to the Beeston news McCown broke and Tuesday. He is a nightmare. I think he’s moved ahead of Butch Carter and Shannon for the “worst co-host” title on PTS.

I am mystified how Bob can tolerate this and if he has the power at the FAN that everyone says he does then why doesn’t he do something about it? If one of the TV people has to be forced on him surely there is somebody among the cast of thousands and Sportsnet better

January 22, 2015 12:02 pm

Could it be that Brady and Walker (both of whom I find unbelievably annoying) were just getting their rear ends kicked by Mike Richards on TSN? As for Tim and Sid, i’m glad to have them off the air. Hayes and Oneill are way more entertaining in that slot anyway.

January 22, 2015 12:54 pm

Wondering if maybe ratings on the TV side were slipping in the late afternoon hours (other Sportsnet channels; not Sportsnet 360 that had PTS on it) and that this is more of a case of TV taking wealth away from the radio side to boost the ratings? Will PTS be on Sportsnet 360 while the regional Sportsnets have Tim and Sid? Or will Tim and Sid be on Sportsnet One? I don’t think this is a head to head match up between the 2 shows because the roots are that PTS will be on radio while Tim and Sid will be strictly on TV – 2 different audiences. Wondering who will be Brady’s co-host? Opens a lot of opportunities across the Sportsnet employees, that’s for sure. McCown, Tim and Sid take vacations throughout the year too!

January 22, 2015 3:02 pm

Look for Brady to do some PTS shows in the near future. I heard he’s one of a few being groomed for Bob’s job.

Johnny Downtown
Johnny Downtown
January 22, 2015 3:31 pm

If you are one of the folks on here that think PTS is on it’s way out you are mistaken. Bob’s ratings, like him or hate him are MASSIVE. No one over there wants to ‘transition out’ Bob McCowan, he is gold to the accountants. Why do you think they let him criticize the company so much and get away with it, the same company that is having fans arrested and charged criminally for expressing their opinions about the Leafs. These are humourless people who only care about money and nothing else. Bob is secure there until he is 200 years old..
As for Tim and Sid, I have grown to like them a lot, but they play to a younger demographic, and I’m not sure how many young people will watch them talking on TV during the dinner hour. Seems like something older people do. If they make this move, they should stream the commentary in text form at the bottom of the screen so that all the tv’s in bars can be read by the after work drinkers. Not many bars turn on the closed captioning and there is nothing worse than two guys talking to each other on a muted tv screen. Might as well be a fireplace video..

January 23, 2015 7:45 am

I don’t like it because we lose T&S from the radio, but this is a purely strategic anti-TSN move by Sportsnet.

– Brady will hold his own in the afternoon.
– Blundell pops the news cycle right now and keeps him from TSN
– If Blundell messes up, they fire him and have Walker ready to replace him- and Blundell will be essentially unhireable by TSN, after the most recent transgression
– Bob remains the drive home ratings juggernaut
– I’d bet the new T&S show is similar to PTI, the intention being to boost Sportsnet Connected and bridge to the hockey in the evening

Little Tony
Little Tony
January 23, 2015 11:35 am

I don’t believe that Bell had any interest in Blundell, so would hardly call his hiring a defensive move by Rogers. His dad is an employee of Rogers radio. Surely that had more to do with it than some strategic chess game between the two giant companies with egos to match.

If you follow Dean on twitter, he has been doing nothing but posting pictures of puppies, kittens and babies. Obviously a reference to his turning over a new leaf. I think the guy is bright enough to realize his audience is different, and the tolerance for his poo-poo humor will be pretty low.

Whether he can carry a sports related morning show, time will tell. But he has shown in the past he is no dummy (shits and giggles aside) and is actually a pretty well read guy with good interview skills and strong opinions.

January 27, 2015 10:41 am

Does anyone have the latest ratings for the drive home in Toronto? How does Bob stack up against 640 and 1010? I know he kills TSN but what about the others.

January 27, 2015 6:42 pm

Good riddance Brady and Walker. The show always seemed like one run-on sentence peppered with unfunny pop culture refs. Yawn.
Best radio in TO right now is Brian Hayes and ODog – although they need to turf Noodles now!
Blundell is a bore who tells fart jokes. No thanks.

February 8, 2015 9:37 pm

Stopped listening to Fan 590 in the AM because of Brady & Lang/Walker. No direction and Brady liked the sound of his own voice. He needs a strong willed partner like Wilbur who won’t be afraid to tell him to shut up and stop interrupting. Also, stopped listening to Blair because of Blair. The mere sound of his voice prompts me to switch the dial to Macko & Cauz.

Hockey Central needs to unload McLean permanently! Kypreos and Millard can certainly carry the show, but they are way behind TSN Leafs Lunch. Brian Hayes, Jeff O’Neil and Jamie McClennan are topical and funny. Yes the title of the show is Leafs Lunch, but there is lot’s of other hockey topics discussed. They’re ideas are funny and simple, Odogs three stars, the Wrangler 40/30 low centre of gravity, etc…… And the Goat Tracker bring a sense of humour to the show and its audience.

Tim and Sid will be missed in the 1-4 time slot. The added audience boost will certainly go to TSN and Leafs Lunch and the Brian Hayes Show. Brady will have a tough time getting an audience and could be a casualty once the ratings come out.

Bobcat will always be the driving force in the 4-7 time slot. Dave Naylor is terrible. He should stick to CFL. With Primetime and Tim and Sid sharing the 4-7 time slot, TSN should just do some repeat programming. TSN would need a media giant to pry listeners / viewers away from either of those shows.

I will be honest, when TSN got into the radio business, I didn’t give them much hope of pushing The Fan 590 off the top of the mountain. But TSN has done that. I think The Fan thought they would be the King of the mountain and that TSN wasn’t much of a threat to their ratings, but low and behold I think there is a new King.

The competition for viewers / listeners can only make for better content for us the viewers / listener.

Chris Gordon
Chris Gordon
February 27, 2015 9:02 pm


Mississauga Mike
Mississauga Mike
March 10, 2015 7:27 pm

I stopped listening to the fan because of Brady! TSN has a solid morning lineup and I love it. I hope they don’t go anywhere near Brady!!

chris chappell
chris chappell
April 14, 2015 3:53 pm

you guys are a joke! I thought Tim and Sid were bad but you take the cake! hazing in any sport or in life in general is disrespectful and demeaning! I hope you both lose your jobs and we get something meaningful back on sportnet. You have lost another viewer and I don’t think you have many to lose!

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