Apathy In The Toronto Sports World


Not that long ago it was easy to get Toronto Maple Leaf fans going. Rip the team. Either the players, coaches, management would get attacked and the fans would be quick to get pissed off. For those who’ve followed what I’ve had to say for any amount of time you are well aware that is exactly why I started writing. I felt the MSMers in this town weren’t balanced. They dumped on all of our teams all of the time, no matter what.

My how the times have changed.

The fans haven’t believed what the Maple Leafs have been selling for a while now. It’s almost to the point that the fans don’t really care who is piling on or to what degree. The fans want the team blown up, stripped to the bare bones and we aren’t a full week into February yet. Any idea what that does for ratings in this town when people have thrown in the towel this early?

Not a night goes by where I am not offered Leafs tickets BELOW face value. Honest now, when was the last time that happened????? EVER???

There’s been a ton said and written about the current state of the team.

McCown said that a goat could coach the team as well as Peter Horachek. No one cares.

I believe it was Kypreos who was talking about how neither Shanahan nor Nonis even live in Toronto. No one cares.

MLSE???? where to start.

Fans used to joke about the team tanking. Now I get the sense that most fans want the trades to be made to ensure the losing continues. No, no one cheers their teams losing. We’ve become so numb to it, so void of faith or belief there is nothing to hold on to. So please trade the core to ensure our draft probability.

Brendan Shanhan has not given the Maple Leaf fan anything to believe in.

The front office changes may one day pay dividends. So far????? Not much but noise. I’m pretty sure that but for Nonis and Cliff Fletcher there isn’t anyone on team Shanahan that has any experience at this level.

Even if you don’t listen to sports radio all that much, I suggest you tune in over the next little while. Chicken Little’s sky has already fallen. It’s barely February and for the most part we don’t care.

Then there’s the Blue Jays.

For the most part the fans don’t and shouldn’t really care about who the team President is. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it may become like the Detroit Tigers more of the de-facto GM but honestly should the fans really care? The old guard of the media certainly cared over the last couple of months didn’t they???? The love in with Paul Beeston was quite something.

Personally, I don’t think the fans cared all that much.

I think the reason it caught the attention of the fan was that the teams play hasn’t been up to par. The fans haven’t gotten, to be honest, what Mr. Beeston has predicted. Alex Anthopoulos is no longer the flavor du jour and the product on the field isn’t what we expected. In a business that’s all about winning, the results haven’t come close. If the Jays are a winning franchise do you think anyone cares about Paul Beeston?????? They care now, because it was easy to pile on to Rogers.

Beeston has said he is staying because he wants to deliver a winner in 2015. AWESOME. I hope he does. Show me. Right now, I wouldn’t pay one cent of my money on a game at the dome.

I love the talk that both Anthopoulos and Gibbons future rests on the teams ability to make the playoffs. Good! Their jobs should be on the line if they don’t make the playoffs. Again, I don’t believe the fans believe what the teams are selling and that makes covering the team a lot harder. Apathy is the worst condition in the world. Both teams are on the verge of being there. The coverage the teams are getting, in my mind reflects it. You suck for so long and people stop believing and worse, they stop caring.

What about the Toronto Raptors???

Fascinating question.

The Rodney Dangerfield team in town.

They are currently in 11th place in home league attendance on a percentage basis. 99.6% of the time they are playing in front of a sold out ACC.

Yet in terms of coverage, they continue to get treated like they do on the road, where, despite their record and place in the standings, they are tied for 24th place in the standings. The difference is, when the playoffs come, should they get any kind of success, they will be the talk of the town.

With the exception of the Raptors inner circle of media, the field isn’t all that equipped to talk about the Raptors all that much. Win a series in the playoffs and lookout, city of experts. I’d love to see that, because this city has earned it.

Until the average Torontonian is talking about the Raptors, the media won’t be either.

Meanwhile, the coverage on the Leafs should be fascinating to watch over the next couple of weeks leading up to March 2.

I can’t wait.


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