Rosie Strikes Again!


Happy family day!!!

You know, I’ve read these reports that suggest the perils of a permanent 4 day work week, but I’m feeling pretty good heading into Tuesday right about now. I think I’d be OKAY with a four day work week. Don’t you????

Anyways… some wonky things going on this weekend with our beloved MSM here in Toronto…

I thought when we saw Rosie DiManno write that she had done heroin not once but three times I had seen it all. You remember when she wrote this don’t you:

In drug-dabbling days of yore, there was one narcotic that I knew from the get-go could be my undoing: heroin.
With the possible exception of sex, there’s no euphoric feeling on Earth so sweet as a smack rush. And while I don’t accept that dipping into any drug for an experimental adventure — not crack, not methamphetamines, not LSD — will automatically predispose an individual toward addiction and a life of ruin, which is what the drug interdiction racket would have you believe, there’s no denying the siren song of heroin nirvana as a seductive compulsion.
Three times and out, I decided. Also, needles are creepy, even when injecting subcutaneously rather than into a vein.

Well, she’s gone to a new level, yet again…OR…maybe the 4th time is a charm????

Mystifying how Winnik and Franson and Nazem Kadri and Phil Kessel and all the Leafs cited in recent trade talks are all the time talking about what a great group this is. Great at what, exactly? Not hockey, not collectively.
So we demolish.
Think nude Miley Cyrus, licking a mallet and straddling that Wrecking Ball, in her soft-porn video.
Now picture Nonis, naked and swinging: KAPOW

What the ?????????????

What does that even mean????

Good lord, how does the Star continue to let her write?

Really, it’s like Abe Simpson muttering to himself in the corner with no one quite sure what’s going to come out of his mouth next.

Sad to hear about the passing of Steve Montador over the weekend. Never easy when someone passes away long before their time.
I was on an airplane when the news broke, so much of what happened I didn’t see first hand, but many of you reached out to me personally, so I thought I should mention it.

James Mirtle, while on a non work day tweeted “Steve Montador’s death believed to be a suicide. He suffered from concussions and depression. Difficult financial situation too I’d heard.

That tweet seemed to kick off quite a reaction on Twitter.

Mirtle deleted that tweet and replaced it with “On Montador: There’s an updated report from police it was natural causes with further investigation coming. If so I apologize to his family.” 2 hours later.

To quote Irwin M. Fletcher, AKA Fletch– “It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong” Good on Mirlte for the second tweet.

Rick Westhead nailed it on Twitter though when he said “Official details of Montador’s death will prob not be known, even after autopsy, unless family discloses. Privacy laws extent to deceased.

Things did get kind of awkward on the subject though between Josh Gold-Smith and Andrew Walker on Twitter though. Gold-Smith has a column about Mirtle which Walker apparently favorited on Twitter:

Josh Gold-Smith “@FAN590Walker Not sure why you faved that, but I was referring to my post, not anything said or tweeted by others.

Andrew Walker “@GoldAndOrSmith not sure why were analyzing “favorites”. It’s not valentines cards in grade 6.

Josh Gold-Smith “@FAN590Walker Go ahead and fave my tweets all you want. Just understand I was talking about my writing and not someone you’re feuding with.

Andrew Walker “@GoldAndOrSmith good grief. Bye

Andrew Walker “@GoldAndOrSmith nothing to do with a feud. It was pathetic and I’m glad you wrote about it. It’s everything that’s wrong with our business


Interesting column by Steve Simmons on the most recent Maple Leafs trade:

The truth is, we won’t know today, next month, next year, and maybe not until 2017 if the first-round draft pick from Nashville and the prospect Brendan Leipsic will amount to anything in the National Hockey League.

I guarantee you the current Maple Leaf team as assembled is not going to win anything of substance. Everyone knows that the team has to be ripped apart and started over. Obviously it’s not just about throwing bodies overboard. What you replace those bodies with is equally if not more important. The Leafs would have been taken to the cleaners by the press if they had done anything other than blow it up. The purpose of the entire article is just a tad bit cynical don’t ya think???

Can’t wait to see what this week brings….

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