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Unfortunately life as a Maple Leaf has reduced excitement down to just about three days in a given season: draft day, free agent day and trade deadline day.  The last is less than a week away and with Rogers NHL viewership I feel for those behind the mics and cameras as leaf fan interest in the leafs will likely sputter post deadline.

That’s the ad running to promote the new morning show that’s set to kick off on NHL trade deadline day.

I’ve heard lots of names about who will be part of the “and co.” as we crawl closer to the launch. The names I’m hearing most are George Rusic and Kayla Harris.  No one at Rogers will speak officially about it, but enough people are mentioning the same names that I can call that an official rumor.

Word is that Rogers made a play to land Darren Dutchyshen from TSN and came damn close.  He remains at TSN though.

While nothing has been said officially, it’s sounds like Andrew Walker will indeed make the move to 1pm along with Greg Brady. Wouldn’t it be funny if the show were callled Brady and Co.?

Lastly, I heard Stephen Brunt on with Jeff Sammit last night talking Blue Jays.    Man it was good to hear Brunt again! It was funny to hear Brunt referred to as PTS co-host. If only that were the case!!!

Happy hump day


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