NHL Trade Deadline Review


It’s that feeling you have when awoken early on a Monday morning that your basement is currently covered in 4 inches of water! Yes, I got to spend my Monday dealing with a flooded basement. So while I was dealing with insurance companies and contractors I was able to catch some of the NHL deadline coverage on TV and some of the new fan Fan 590 morning show.

First on the morning show. I enjoyed it. It was one day, and they had A list guests lined up so it wasn’t as much about the host as it was the content. I will say that it felt like George Rusic was REALLY TRYING hard. His shitck felt forced. Literally day one, but I was impressed.

Trade deadline day really is a day of nhl chatter in excess.

It is quite amazing that two television stations start spewing information on the subject at 8am. At the same time 2 radio stations are going full time on the same subject and then countless number of online chats, website coverage when in reality twitter does the best job of all.

Honestly, would the coverage be any worse if they tv/radio coverage started at noon?

The highlight of the day was TSN letting a fan tweet appear on the air about Maple Leaf Jeoffrey Lupul. All the newspapers covered the story and TSN tweeted out a public apology.

I thought Mike Johnson did a really good job on Sportsnet, and may have been their MVP today.

Ron Wilson’s ‘I hope the Maple Leaf players do well while the team loses was funny. His admission that a GM (Caps???) asked him to tank was fascinating

TSN’s use of Llamas was weak.

The problem wasn’t the lack of trades, it was the lack of meaningful trades. Quantity wasn’t a problem. Quality????

I found the fact that a few players were informed of their trade by the tv stations a little bit disturbing.

Calgary’s mental [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected] on the media was hilarious.

The media discrediting of Eklund’s tweets was very funny.

I loved McCown’s take on Kessel which can be found here:

In the end, McKenzie, Dreger, Kypreos, Friedman were all as expected, good.

I thought Pierre Mcguire offered little in value. Where Pierre Lebrun was good.

I liked Chris Johnston. Simmons and Arthur were entertaining. I thought Michael Farber was not.

Doug MacLean is better when he’s animated. He wasn’t today. Jeff O’Neil was animated. Aaron Ward was too.

I thought Darren Millard and James Duthie, but especially Millard did a good job moving things along despite the lacklustre material.

The band on TSN playing music???? Lame.

Willie Mitchell ripping Glen Healy???? GOLD!

The Jordyn Leopold letter asking that her daughter be traded was great. The tweets wishing that Crosby or other stars had kids in Toronto #priceless.

Special hat tip to Strombo. I tweeted that I found it odd what a minor role he was playing today given his “host” presence on Rogers hockey. He tweeted back ” love doing interviews and radio on these days. Dig into the human side. Saturdays are for hosting :)” Good on you George!

Sorry if missed a critique on anyone else on any of the shows I had my mind on floating objects on the home front.

Back to the bailing buckets, pardon the typos!


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