Craziest Day In Toronto Sports Media World



I really am at a loss for what has gone on over the last 14-15 hours in the world of Toronto sports media.

There has to be a full moon or something.

My day started with numerous emails and texts about Damian Cox and his tweets.

Damian was taking on TSN and the Globe and Mail and others like James Mirtle, and Al Strachan were jumping in :

Then he turned his focus on Ron Wilson:

Around the same time, Phil Kessel went to town on the Toronto Sports Media for the treatment of Dion Phaneuf:

Damian and others jumped in on this topic too:

Then around noon on TSN radio Kyle Dubas had an interesting debate with Craig Button about Lupul/Dion tweet gate from yesterday. Many of you sent in emails, texts and comments on the discussion where Button’s argument was that TSN shouldn’t be blamed as they weren’t the authors of the tweet. As of now I can’t find the audio from the segment. If anyone has it I am happy to post it.

If that wasn’t enough, news then broke that Phaneuf, his wife and Lupul have retained attorneys who have threatened legal action against both the author of the tweet and TSN for airing it during #tradecenter!

Twitter erupted again!

TSN issued an apology and to be honest the coverage of all these topics is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

If that wasn’t enough, the Florida Panthers almost had to use their goalie coach in the Leafs game tonight and once again the social media world exploded.

Needless to say I am a tad bit exhausted.

Couple of thoughts before I write more tomorrow:

First, I’ve never seen the media battles that exist in this city/country before. Perhaps it’s just because of social media. In the past the public wouldn’t never know what the press was really thinking on these subjects as it would never get published. The amount of dislike across outlets is quite amazing to watch and observe.

I think the Kessel rant is a positive one for leaf fans not because I think he is necessarily right, but it’s good to see a guy like Kessel get fired up. The articles about Kessel are quite amazing. Personally, I find this one from the Globe and mail particularly arrogant. i will delve into it more tomorrow.

On the lawsuit issue, I will say more tomorrow but I think it’s odd that a caller can call in to the Fan 590 and ask Jeff Blair if this same rumour is true, Blair can say that he’s heard the rumour and no one from the media or the team says a word yet when it appears as a tweet all hell breaks loose. I am willing to bet that TSN had some sort of bot setup to filter out expletives on the tweets it aired and this one slipped through the cracks. It’s bad and it’s irresponsible. However, it’s no different than the folks at the fan allowing a caller to make the same comment on the air. The call could have been dumped.

Personally, I think the Curt Schilling story on twitter will be a turning point. I assume that no media outlet will allow tweets to go on live tv anytime soon in this market.

A wild wild day. Lots more to say.

pardon the typos written from a mobile device

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