Friday Toronto Sports Media Poll ?


Happy Friday!

We’ve made it through Winter and yes, another week.

I spent a good chunk of the early mornings and late afternoons/early evenings in the car this week. So for the first time in a very long time I was able to listen and flip back and forth between the Fan and TSN Radio during both the morning and afternoon drive shows.

I posted a summary already on the mornings shows.

Here are some observations on both:

Both stations seems to avoid putting guests on in the first 10-15 minutes of an hour in the am. I have no idea why they are doing it but I am told that traditionally that is when their audience is at it’s highest. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I would want to have my best offering on when the most people are listening and with all due respect to both stations, they are at their best when they have guests on.

Both stations feature almost exclusively Maple Leaf content in the mornings. Yes, if something major happens they talk about it. Yes there is a smattering of Blue Jays and Raptors talk but the vast majority of the talk is Maple Leaf based.

Both stations have a significant amount of gimmick in their morning show. Voice overs, phoney call ins etc. This isn’t unique to the current morning show on the Fan. As far back as I can remember the Fan morning show has featured a lot more sizzle then steak.

Those 3 statements are not true when it comes to either stations afternoon drive shows.

With the exception of those slots where calls are taken, both stations have guests on, it appears regardless of time slot.

Neither station in their afternoon drive focus as much on the Maple Leafs. Both stations do a really good job of featuring the sports news of the day. While there is a lot of hockey talk it doesn’t focus as much on just the Maple Leafs.

Naylor and McCown’s show are gimmick free. They are true and true sports talk radio shows.

The afternoon drive shows on both stations, when both hosts are present, are really good listens. Naylor’s show has come a LONG way since inception. When McCown was focused on something I wasn’t interested in, or Ken Reid was talking I had no problem flipping over to TSN and I ended up staying a lot longer than I have in the past.

So the question is: Why do you think that the two all sports stations in town are both offering up the type of programming they do as compared with their afternoon shows? Would you listen more if the morning shows were more aligned with their afternoon counterparts?

Happy Friday!


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