The Defense Of The Toronto Blue Jays Management Team


The Toronto Raptors are headed for the playoffs.

The Maple Leafs are not.

The Blue Jays season is about to begin.

So, doom and gloom as it surrounds the Leafs is expected.
The coverage of the Raptors is interesting given their recent performance.
The coverage the Blue Jays is odd under the circumstances. While I expect some guarded optimism, what we are seeing instead is the defence of both Alex Anthopoulos and John Gibbons before the season has even kicked off. I call this out simply because, in my opinion this is not the same type of treatment the other sports teams in town seem to get. Not only that, it appears to be presupposing the conclusion before the season has already started!

Any mention of Alex Anthopoulos being on the firing line should end now.

It is borderline ridiculous to consider dismissing the Blue Jays general manager, now or at the end of the season, no matter who ends up replacing Paul Beeston as president of the club.”

That from Steve Simmons.

Now, they must win. It’s believed jobs depend on it.
“The heat’s definitely on. It’s on all of us,” said Gibbons. “The team was expected two years ago to conquer the world. We finished far from that. People want results but I really don’t focus on that at all; never really have. I don’t think you can approach your job with that hanging over your head. I’ve always lived by, you go out there and do the best you can and you live with the results.”
Gibbons’ approach is the right one. So much of what determines a season’s success or failure lies outside of his and his coaches’ control. General manager Alex Anthopoulos is tasked with ensuring there’s enough depth to cover loss but inevitably those players aren’t as good as the people they replace. If they were they’d have been in the big leagues already.

That from Scott MacArthur from

Those are just two written examples of the love Alex Anthopoulos and John Gibbons are getting right now. The same sentiment can be heard and scene on both sports talk radio and sports tv respectively.

The question is why?

From my cheap seat it appears as if the experts are already writing off the season and coming to the defence of Alex Anthopoulos and John Gibbons long before judgement day. As if the court of public opinion is going to matter if the team’s season is similar to last seasons.

Most talking heads have said it’s playoffs or bust for Alex Anthopoulos and John Gibbons. Curious to see the media already defending these guys before opening day. I can’t see the same happening with our other teams.

Do you think it is because both guys are likeable and good with media?

Are they getting the fans to accept a losing season before it even happens?

Why do you think certain media members are taking such an odd stance given the time of year?

Speaking of odd…

Did you happen to catch Blundell this am?

He had some pretty interesting gems as it pertains to sportswriters. He was talking about the sportswriter who was tweeting his displeasure with Aaron Rodgers access to players at the NCAA basketball tournament.

Some of his lines included things like:

* This is the problem I have with sportswriters, particularly newspaper sportswriters. They are all like this. They are all a bunch of babies. I hate sportswriters b/c they don’t know what they’re talking about. They only write what they do to stay top of mind. Not because they know anything.
* Sportswriters only write about sports because they couldn’t play sports and they don’t write with any authenticity or accuracy. Those that can’t do, write.
* There are lots of examples of this in this city.
* To be fair, George Rusic said he couldn’t paint all newspaper writers with that brush, and then Blundell then said there are only two whiney babies in this town.

Should make for interesting interviews when he has writers on… paging Mr. Brunt… Mr. Stephen Brunt….Damien Cox….Michael Grange….



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