The Dog Days Of Summer Hit Toronto In April


If the Toronto Raptors had won a round (or two)
If the Toronto Maple Leafs had won the lottery
If the Toronto Blue Jays got off to a GREAT start

The city would be humming.

Instead, none of the above happened.

The result?

There is literally no media buzz whatsoever.

The NHL playoffs have been phenomenal. The media coverage during the games (TV, twitter etc) is as good as it’s been. The morning after, the day after? Seems very vanilla to me.

There will be big news stories. There will be blips between now and say the fall. The Leafs will hire a GM and a coach. Players will be signed and maybe traded. The Raptors may make some moves. The Blue Jays will, hopefully continue to hover around 500. If they falter the audience will disappear quickly. Through 10 games they are averaging just under 25k per game (including the home opener), which is 23/30 teams. Take out the home opener and the average drops to 21k. Win and they come. Lose? Not so much.

Tough time being a fan in this town right now as it relates to the home teams. Can’t imagine the pain in trying to cover these teams right now.

Random thoughts:

McCown was away last night and Jeff Blair was paired with Stephen Brunt. That, in my mind is as good a non McCown pairing as there is for PTS.

The morning show on the Fan had a great interview with Rickey Romero this am. It’s worth a listen (the one interview)

If you are driving around on a weekend or week night after hours, take a listen to Jeff Sammut on the Fan. He’s the best radio talent without a real show on the radio scene right now.

The NBC coverage of the Isles vs Capitals game last night was AWESOME…Now, maybe the game being awesome was a mask, but it was fun to watch/listen to.

I get asked all the time, so here is what I’ve found out: the average spot for a 30 second ad per week on the TV side for Sportsnet and TSN will cost you on AVERAGE about 15k during the summer.

Anyone else think these end of season press availabilities should go the way of the game day skate?

Happy Tuesday


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