20 Questions With Shi Davidi & Toronto Sports Media

20 Questions With Shi Davidi & Toronto Sports Media


Happy Saturday and congratulations to both Mrs. TSM on 16 years of being tied to me and the Tampa Bay Lightning on winning game 7 at MSG last night! I can’t wait to see how Larry Brooks pegs the loss on Brian Burke.


Mike is away (no, not in Boston!) so I’m going back to our speaker sessions while I try to figure how and where to do restart the TSM Pressbox.

I asked for some suggestions on twitter and landed on Shi Davidi, who covers the Blue Jays and all things baseball for the Rogers Sportsnet family. Here’s a snippit from a bio of his I found:

“Shi’s also an accomplished editor who has overseen the national news agency’s coverage of major events like Olympic Games, Stanley Cup finals and Grey Cup championships. Additionally, he’s been a trailblazer in The Canadian Press’ innovative work with online video, seamlessly transitioning between mediums while on assignment.

Before his byline regularly appeared in newspapers and media websites from coast-to-coast, Shi served as a general news assignment reporter for the Jerusalem Post, covering everything from a diplomatically sensitive Jordanian military funeral in the West Bank to a scandal involving the Mossad’s alleged attempts to obtain Canadian passports. Later he worked as a foreign news editor for the Tokyo-based Japan Times, helping select, edit and lay out stories for the newspaper’s international pages.

Shi’s work has been recognized with three Canadian Press Livewire awards and the Canadian Journalism Foundation’s Greg Clark Award.”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls put your hands together for Shi Davidi:

TSM: What drew your to journalism?

SD: I have my parents to thank for that. They are avid news followers and we always read the newspaper in the morning, watched Peter Jennings on ABC’s World News Tonight in the evening with Time magazines scattered all over the house. So I developed a passion for current events at a young age, an interest in how news was gathered and turned around, and eventually I figured it would be a good way for me to turn my passion for sports into a career.

TSM: Did you play baseball at all as a kid? If so did you ever play at a competitive level?

SD: I started out playing softball with the Willowdale Boys Club, where I caught, and later played baseball with the North York Baseball Association, moving to the infield, mostly second base. I didn’t play at any sort of seriously competitive level.

TSM: You have worked in the “news” world in some pretty cool international markets, in your own opinion what’s the biggest story you ever covered?

SD: This one is easy — the biggest news story I covered was at the Jerusalem Post in 1998, when Ehud Barak announced during a Labour Party meeting that they vote in favour of the Wye Plantation Agreement negotiated by Benjamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat. It was by no means a surprise, but it was a pivotal step in the process of the interim peace agreement’s passage through the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, so there was major local and global significance to the news. To be honest, I still can’t believe the Jerusalem Post let me, an unpaid intern, cover it. They gave me a lot of quality assignments.

In the sports world, I got to cover the Canada-US men’s gold medal final at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. That and Game 6 of the 2011 World Series are probably the two best sporting events I’ve covered. Canada’s win over the U.S. at the first WBC is probably No. 3.

TSM: What drew you back to Toronto and sports after your experience overseas

SD: My wife, then my girlfriend, and I went to Japan after we graduated from Ryerson in journalism. I actually had just come second for a writing gig at the Hockey News, and we wanted to do something different so we headed to Japan, where I worked for the Japan Times daily and she for Kyodo News. We left with no firm timeline but we planned to at some point return to Toronto. Eventually, a full-time job opened up at The Canadian Press, where I had worked part-time during school, and my wife got accepted into an MBA, so we came home after travelling the world. Amazing experiences.

TSM: With social media and free content everywhere, what do you think the the future hold for newspapers?

SD: As much as it pains me to say it, the dead tree version of the newspaper isn’t long for this world, but newspapers will find ways to exist online, be it in tablet-only form, behind paywalls on the web, or on free sites with ads covering costs (fingers crossed!!). At the end of the day, quality content is too valuable and the mechanisms of a newspaper are needed for the serious watchdog work that helps to keep societies in check. There’s a quality of journalism produced by papers like the New York Times, Globe and Mail and Toronto Star that simply can’t be replicated independently. The exact economic formula for success in this new world for journalism is still evolving, but it’s in a mobile/online platform.

TSM: Many have opined that Toronto is a difficult market to attract baseball (or basketball for that matter) talent to. Do you agree? What has to happen beyond winning for Toronto to become am attractive destination for free agents?

SD: Free agency is first and foremost about money. You have to be willing to pay more dollars/years than everyone else, and that may mean eating a crappy back-end year or two. But that alone won’t do it, because if the money/term is close, destination matters. So Toronto has to be a place free agents feel they can go to and win. Environment also matters. Natural grass will help, front office stability will help, but ultimately you need a core of quality players poised to win. It’s a combination of things that gets it done, and the Blue Jays haven’t had some or all of those elements in place for a while. But when you ante up, you get players, as J.P. Ricciardi showed in landing A.J. Burnett and B.J. Ryan in the winter of 2005.

TSM: When Paul Beeston left after his first stint, he left with the reputation of a winner. Assuming the rest of this season follows the first part, is his legacy any different after the lack of success on round 2?

SD: No, you can’t take away the two World Series titles and the fact he was a Day 1 guy who helped build the franchise from foundation up. The lack of playoffs in the second go-round doesn’t diminish that accomplishment, at least in my eyes, and over that time he helped reorganize the club’s business side, shift the baseball focus, and reset a base that had been badly eroded in the decade he was gone. He deserves credit for that, though I’m not sure he’ll get it.

TSM: With Beeston leaving after the offseason, many believe it’s playoffs or bust for AA:
a. Is that fair?
b. If he makes playoffs does he get a long extension?
c. If he doesn’t make the playoffs and is let go, what’s his legacy

SD: As I’ve written several times, it is playoffs or bust for him, and he will get an extension if they make the post-season. As for C, that’s a lot more complicated. My guess is that off the bat, people will view his legacy through the prism of the failed Marlins and Mets deals in the winter of 2012, and five years from now, it will be redefined based on the careers of Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris, Roberto Osuna, Miguel Castro, Jeff Hoffman, Drew Hutchison and co. They’re the base for the next competitive window, and if they all fail, this franchise is in some major trouble. The other thing to consider is the Josh Donaldson deal. Dave Perkins, the great Toronto Star columnist who isn’t prone to hyperbole, was at a game recently and said Donaldson might be the best player the franchise has ever had. Obviously it has to play out over time and he needs to stay here into his free agent years, but I agree with him that Donaldson can make that type of impact, and that’s on Alex’s ledger, too.

TSM: Best player to cover

SD: It’s so hard to pick one. Here are some past favourites, in no particular order: Aaron Hill, John McDonald, Vernon Wells, Carlos Delgado, Mark DeRosa, Justin Morneau, Jason Bay, Matt Stairs, Casey Janssen, Frank Catalanotto, and Ricky Romero.

TSM: Easiest player to cover

SD: This is an unorthodox pick, but I’ll say Roy Halladay. A true pro in every sense. He was on the team when I first started covering it and it was only once he left that I truly understood how special he was beyond just being an ace on the mound.

TSM: Player you wish you had an easier time working with

SD: I don’t get offended or mind if players don’t want to speak with media. Their prerogative. BJ Ryan didn’t much care for media chats.

TSM: There have been players on the blue jays who’ve made it to the hall of fame. None are home grown blue jays. Do you think that changes?

SD: I’d expect that Roy Halladay becomes the first. He’ll have my vote.

TSM: Will the Toronto Blue Jays be able to keep Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion under contract for the long term with the team?

SD: That all depends on where the franchise goes from here. I think they’ll extend one of Bautista and EE, but that’s based on the circumstances as they stand now. Beeston’s successor may have a very different vision in mind compared to the one currently in place.

TSM: Where is payroll headed if the Jays don’t make the playoffs this year?

SD: My sense is that the payroll is staying at least around the $120m level. Again, based on where things stand now, my guess is the floor is in that range.

TSM: Any interest in hosting your own show?

SD: I’ve never really thought about it, to be honest. I have enjoyed the handful of stints I’ve done co-hosting various shows on the Fan. I also love what I’m doing now.

TSM: What differences, if any, are there between covering the Blue Jays for Canadian Press and Sportsnet?

SD: The main difference is that I cover the Blue Jays and baseball full-time for Sportsnet, while at The Canadian Press I covered all sports year-round, with the Blue Jays and baseball my main focus. I’m also far less anonymous with Sportsnet, where I have my own space on the website and do TV work, and I’m around the team a whole lot more so I’ve been able to get far more underneath the surface than I did at The Canadian Press.

TSM: How important is sabermetrics in your work? How do you handle situations in which peers, colleagues, Blue Jays (players, coaches, executives, etc.) use sabermetrics more or less than you?

SD: Well, I remember talking WAR on the air with Gregg Zaun one night and getting him interested in it, so I count that as a major victory! Seriously though, I don’t force anything on anyone with advanced metrics.
It would be irresponsible to not use sabermetrics in my work, but you have to be judicious with it when writing for a general audience. In the past year or two, I’ve started to use WAR a bit more often in copy, but I’m still not sure people generally get that. Same for stuff like FIP or WPA. I think we’re at a point where you can throw out OPS as a general summation of a player’s offensive contribution and most people know .600 is poor, .900 is elite. I like DRS for a simple but not all-encompassing metric to compare defenders. But the goal is to make your content informative yet easy to consume for as many people as possible. You can use wRC or wOBA to illustrate a point, but if only 10 per cent of your audience has any clue what you’re talking about, that kind of defeats the purpose.

TSM: Mark Buehrle, as indicated in spring training, is retiring at the end of the year. That would leave the rotation with Stroman, Sanchez, Hutchison, and Norris as the cornerstones for 2016. Are the Jays in a position next year to sign a free agent to add to the staff or is there another pitcher on the horizon in the system to add to the group?

SD: Don’t forget about R.A. Dickey, the Blue Jays have a club option on him. Jeff Hoffman will be knocking on the door and I know some people in the organization think Roberto Osuna is going to be a boss starter. Going after a free agent in this winter’s boffo class will be up to the next president, so there’s no way to project that right now. Based on past precedent, they’ll stick with what they have in house and see what the trade market presents.

TSM: Favorite mlb park? Mlb city?

SD: Favourite park is a tie between PNC Park in Pittsburgh and AT&T Park in San Francisco. Both places are perfect (and AT&T probably has the best pressbox in baseball, Camden Yards is really good, too). Another tie for favourite MLB city: New York and Anaheim/LA.

TSM: We’ve now seen a mlb game with no fans (Baltimore) any thoughts on theory this could become more frequent?

SD: As if owners would give up the revenue!

Thanks a million to Shi for spending some time with me doing this! He’s definitely on the list for a future Pressbox!!

Congrats on long time PTS producer Ryan Walsh on his last show last night on PTS sans- Mccown #awkward!! Blair, Brunt et all did a nice job sending him off to TV land.

If you have a moment, take a listen to two things.. One the Bob Mckenzie appearance on the drive home show with David Naylor and Steve Simmons and then around the 5pm segment on PTS when they round table is talking Blue Jays. Both are great segments and sports radio at their finest. It’s amazing to me how much better both drive shows are compared to their morning counterparts. It’s almost to the point of where I am going to listen to the previous night’s drive home show via podcast as opposed to the current morning shows on the drive in.

Happy Saturday!



  • comment-avatar
    dogpounder6 years ago


    Shi is a great, likable reporter.

  • comment-avatar


    In addition to be a likeable reporter, responsible, respectful and completely

    unbiased. Best is yet to come for Shi.

  • comment-avatar

    I don’t think McCown would be petty enough to deliberately miss Walsh’s last show. The vacation was probably scheduled before Walsh’s move got announced.

  • comment-avatar

    I like Shi. A good and balanced reporter in a land of cheerleaders.

  • comment-avatar

    Shi is very good a real pro.
    Has McCown thanked Walsh on air yet either by calling in or before holidays? Caught Walsh on the very end seems like a really smart guy.

  • comment-avatar

    McCowan did seem a little flustered about the fact that Tim and Sid would be in his timeslot on the TV side.

  • comment-avatar

    No doubt that Bob is pissed. He saw the writing on the wall like a lot of us did when they announced T&S’s new show opposite his. And now they have his producer too. Tick tock, Bob…

  • comment-avatar

    @Curt: ‘Tick tock Bob’?? With the highest ratings by far on either allsports station, bringing in huge revenue, with no heir apparent in place? Bob can obviously stay as long as he wants. Producers come and go and Walsh was there 9 years.

  • comment-avatar

    All things end eventually. You don’t think there is anything to T&S essentially competing with Bob in the same time slot with his old producer? If Bob is still seen as the top guy in the top show in the country then why would Walsh leave? Better question: Why would Rogers seemingly provoke McCown this way?

    Anyway, sorry for the hi-jack, TSM.

  • comment-avatar


    You make a good point about the ratings of PTS, however I don’t think there has been a massive dropoff in listeners when Bob is not hosting, its possible there is no dropoff, and so if PTS ratings does not hinge on Bobs presents and is soley now successful based on it’s long tradition(which appears to be the case) then one would think Bob’s days are numbered, especially with Pelly and Beeston gone.

  • comment-avatar

    I’d be curious if there was a stastical difference between bob/no bob shows and brunt/no brunt shows?

    Does the average listener care enough to turn off when ken reid is on, as people here do (or claim to do)?

  • comment-avatar

    I noticed that the producer Walsh seemed reticent to give Bob any kudos prior to signing off the air on his last show as producer. Bob seemed the same way leading up to his departure. Walsh went out of his way to mention others when prompted by Brunt et al. Maybe he said something about McCown and I missed it? Just seemed odd though.

  • comment-avatar

    Great interview with Shi. I did find the mention of Halladay as the easiest player to cover surprising/strange, even with Shi himself suggesting it was an unorthodox pick. The impression given over the years was the Halladay came across off as a prick (both to teammates and the media).

    As for McCown, I don’t see any reason why the Fan would ever let him go for as long as he wants to work. Sure, pitting Tim & Sid against him is odd, and they are likely the new face of the Fan. But McCown is still a ratings king, and the second he were to leave the Fan, I’m sure TSN would offer him a boatload. It’s best the Fan keeps him away from the competition.

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    I think Bob is way past his time and appeal in sports talk radio. I don’t think any sports talk station would hire Bob for a role similar to the one he has now let alone offer him boatloads of money. I’m not sure that there is evidence to support that Bob is the one carrying the strong ratings for pts as oppose to the strength of pts and it’s history.

  • comment-avatar

    Wow!!!!! this is interesting and never before heard on pts, Bob is absolutely giving it to the York Region police and the municipal government for the bear that was shot and killed in Newmarket, He referred to the police as incompetent boobs. Bobs rant spilled over into his first guest Bruce Boudreau where for about five minutes he tried to bait Bruce into ranting as well however Bruce made it clear that he did not want to get in any trouble by going off topic. Arash had to put an end to the bear rant. Wow very heart warming from a guy with a giant size ego, however would almost think Bob was given some incentive by Animal activists.

  • comment-avatar

    @ Neil- i too heard the bear rant last evening, could barely make it to Boudreau’s intro and then had to flip channels- totally unlistenable (again).
    I keep trying to come back to PTS hoping to hear something decent, but it is painful. McCown is so past his expiry date.
    Flipped to WGR Buffalo, and once again the guys did not disappoint- solid NFL/Bills talk/Sabres/NHL playoff/draft talk, with some laughs and decent callers mixed in.

    re Shi Davidi- thanks TSM for sharing the conversation. i enjoy Shi’s work as an avid BJ/MLB fan. can only hope that Shi sticks to his journalistic moral compass and avoids the homerism/coolaid approach that many of his Rogers colleagues cannot avoid. Interesting contrast that Jerry has been so outspoken about the Reyes/defence thing over the past 24-48 hrs. i suppose he gets alot more rope, but is he heading towards a Wilner-esque talking to, and benching if he keeps it up?
    seems Rogers goes to the wall to control the messaging in either case…

  • comment-avatar

    “Interesting contrast that Jerry has been so outspoken about the Reyes/defence thing over the past 24-48 hrs.”

    Are you referring to Jerry Howarth? I heard Zaun ripping Reyes on PTS yesterday, but haven’t heard Howarth. Where did he make his comments?

  • comment-avatar

    Jerry Howarth was on the fan this morning (Tuesday) during the 7am hour.

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  • comment-avatar

    Oh well, at least they have him on a bargain $22 mil for the next three years. I hear that Hechavarria kid is doing okay…

  • comment-avatar

    The one thing I don’t understand about ol Jer’s rant was about Reyes always being injured in April, like it’s a conspiracy. He eluded to it a few times, almost as if he didn’t believe he was really hurt. A cracked rib and a badly sprained ankle which literally bent backwards a few years ago are not injuries I would expect a player to play through in April.

    I also find it funny when Zaun cherry calls out players after watching replays. Had Reyes not been the third out at third and had beaten the tag at second in Minnesota, good ol Zauny would have praised Reyes for his leadership and hustle and how he plays the game the right way.

    I also found it funny when Zaun questioned why Bautista wasn’t playing the field, noting all the injuries he played through and all the cortisone shots he endured in his career. I’m not sure if he was calling Bautista a pussy or trying to make excuses for why he was little more than a career back-up catcher. I would have to say that playing through shoulder tears and cortisone shots were a lot easier to deal with when Zaun played. Unfortunately for Bautista, he gets tested for the things that many players used during Zauny’s time to help deal with their wear and tear.

  • comment-avatar


    Zaun and Jerry weren’t the only ones that were sceptical of Bautista’s injury given that there was no structural damage. Stephen Brunt was all over it last week classifying it as “Very Strange” Jeff Blair has been all over it as well.
    I respect your point. I also respect the “jays owned” media for trying to be objective and holding Bautista to account. I have never seen a situation quite like it where a player pretty much hi-jacks a team with an injury and in terms of what they can do lineup wise, yet that player won’t go on the DL. I think Jays fans have to be somewhat objective. I support Jerry on this as he has been the biggest Jay supporter, that is where he gets his cheques. I totally respect what Zaun says because he balances out the excuse makers and apologists.

  • comment-avatar

    Even though it was a little over the top, I don’t disagree with everything Jerry said. If the Jays had a better option at shortstop it would be foolish for the Jays not to move him to left field, but they can’t do it in season. I just don’t understand why Jerry kept going back to Reyes’ injury woes in April the way he did.

    Bautista never went on the DL and remained productive. Had it been Josh Donaldson or Russ Martin, many people would applaud them for their leadership and toughness and playing the game the right way. Could he have sucked it up and played.. Probably. If it was August or September I would hope and assume that he would suck it up. To risk further injury in May, especially when he’s still having productive at bats as a dh doesn’t make sense, for him or the team.

  • comment-avatar

    I’m not sure I just want Bautista in the lineup just for walks and hitting singles, it’s productive but not Bautista productive. Bautista post medication was not hitting homeruns and not driving in runs or making outstanding defensive plays, he was simply getting on base and DHing. There is no question he is at his best,helping the team, and earning his pay when he is hitting homeruns,driving in runs and making great plays in the outfield. The team is so offensively gifted at the plate it would not suffer greatly if Bautista were on the DL. In terms of Reyes I think everyone is simply fed up with the injuries and now he’s been a nightmare on D. The tab for this guy is not cheap. Jeffery Loria the owner in Florida right now is look like a genius years later.

  • comment-avatar

    Boudreau on PTS pretty much admitted he was outcoached by Q in game 7, especially that the Hawks were able to get favourable matchups despite last change. Very defensive about his 1-6 game 7 record too. Bob Murray’s comments also indicted Bruce in that the Ducks were not prepared vs chicago.

  • comment-avatar

    I am not a big baseball fan but I hear Shi Davidi on radio quite often and he always comes across as impressive and a true pro………..there have been quite a few sports people who have recently moved from Canadian Press to bigger and better things (Davidi, Pierre LeBrun, Chris Johnston, etc)

    The changes in Jerry Howarth’s comments over the years have been interesting………..for many years he made very few critical comments about Blue Jay players…………then he would only be critical about players once they had left the team………..now he seems to be comfortable criticizing current Jays players

  • comment-avatar

    I think Zaun should stay away from bragging about what shots he took during his playing career considering he’s been linked to steroid allegations before. He’s denied it of course but, still, he has to know that this narrative will come up if he talks about injecting anything in his body. His integrity and the validity of his viewpoint will always be questioned when he brings this topic up.

    Speaking of which, in his rant re: Reyes, when asked by Bob what he would do if he was Reyes’ manager, Zaun said he’d call him into his office and ask if he had any personal issues going on and if not read him the riot act. Bob’s next question should have been “Do you think Gibbons will do this?” or something to that effect but, of course, as Gibbons is a friend of Bob’s, Bob changed the topic.

  • comment-avatar

    Does anyone know if McCown is friends with Bruce Boudreau?

  • comment-avatar

    In other news, the battle between TSN and Sportsnet has officially reached the silly stage:


  • comment-avatar

    @Darren: You mean “Gabby”? LOL

  • comment-avatar

    @Mike S

    Good call, this ratings thing is just silly. Both of these networks are going to have there ego’s stepped on shortly by the emergence of cord cutters, TSN and Sportsnet are far from the only ways to consume sports in Canada.

  • comment-avatar
    Mullah_Kintyre6 years ago

    Yet again grampa technophobe McCown, today accompanied by guest Fred Gaudelli, expresses a thought something along the lines of ‘Who wants to watch streaming? I want to watch on my big TV screen, not some little phone or iPad screen!’
    Could someone please just explain to him that it’s not that difficult to watch streaming on pretty much any TV made in the last 10 to 15 years with HDMI inputs, or that many TVs today are already internet devices on their own? Have you heard of this new-fangled thing called Netflix, Bob?

  • comment-avatar

    Interesting take by Dirk Hayhurst on Jerry Howarth’s rant

  • comment-avatar
  • comment-avatar

    LMAO @ Kurt, yep, he’d be the one, what a Moron. Like yes Bob, EVERYONE knows you played Ball Hockey with Gabby 40 God Damn years ago, let it go!!!! And yes, this tech TV stuff is really not going anywhere Bob, have ya ever heard of a Smart TV? He really needs to retire his ass.

  • comment-avatar

    Bob at the end of the program today confirmed that he heard rumblings that John Gibbons would be fired tomorrow. Not sure Bob would have even brought it up with Joe Sidall if the rumour didn’t have teeth.

  • comment-avatar

    @ Mike S
    I’m not sure how Spirtsnet can claim to be Canada’s Number 1 Sports Brand when they try to pass off a TV simulcast as their radio coverage for the Stanley Cup playoffs.
    They can’t be making that claim with a straight face when they pull a disgraceful stunt like that.
    The fact they have no shame on the matter clearly demonstrate Scott Moore and his ilk lack the integrity to be in charge of a lemonade stand, let alone something of this magnitude. I don’t choose sides between Sportsnet and TSN because neither one cares about the viewer more than themselves and this just clinches it. If the NHL doesn’t want their product consumed as a second-rate event, they should be having a chat with their corporate partners. Shame on both of them.

  • comment-avatar

    They just said on 1050 that Mike Richards will not be on the morning show for the next several weeks because of health reasons…………apparently Matt Cauz will be moving to that show until Richards comes back

    Get well soon Mr. Richards

  • comment-avatar

    Just heard Richards is off until September as well, health reasons as pointed out. Hope he gets well.

  • comment-avatar

    @Bobby G

    Your right about sportsnet broadcast integrity it’s pretty non existant. TSN exhibits this same type of nonsense when covering raptor games on radio. Sports coverage in Canada has gone to the wolves which have torn it to shreds, more sportsnet than TSN. I’ve very much come to appreciate satellite radio and out of market TV coverage for everything sports.

  • comment-avatar

    So Bob just opened the show with I don’t know what you’d call it. He basically said that what he said about Gibbons being fired last night was 100% correct and that had the Jays not won 3 of 4 against the Nats he’d be gone, so basically, he bought himself some time, lol, if I were Gibbons and Siddel, I’d be pissed for him even bringing the subject up, what do ya’s think Bob’s record on breaking news would be overall in his career? LOL

  • comment-avatar

    My God, why do I put myself through the aggravation of watching this total douchebag McCown try and talk current sports. Now he is yapping about how this NBA Finals garner no interest for him. Hasn’t he always claimed to be a “Basketball Guy”? Like, other than being a contrarian, why would any supposed Basketball fan NOT look forward and enjoy this final? Are Lebron & Curry really that much of a turnoff? Too much skill? Too much offense?

  • comment-avatar

    Oh man, you have to tune out. Someone here once described him as Abe Simpson, and that is so bang on. I really think he’s trying to get packaged out. He has no interest in sports (besides the ones that his buddies are affiliated with), no interest in his show, and no interest in his audience. And this has been a fact for years. Now that it seems T&S are being groomed (openly) for PTS in a couple of years (if not sooner) Bob is totally mailing it in – more than before. I mean, “I’m a basketball guy, but I have no interest in the NBA Final…” LOL!

    I go back to the Jim Hunt days (RIP) when Bob truly was great. But now, ironically, Bob has morphed into Shaky.

  • comment-avatar

    @ Curt, I hear ya on having to tune out. I compare it to smoking, lol. Which ironically enough, he was basically bragging about doing today, talking about how it was the norm in locker rooms 20 years ago, just doesn’t know how to STFU.

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    Andrew Stoeten, as always, does a great write up about the Jerry Howarth/Jose Reyes situation. Recently, Jerry seems to pick on one player each year or so (Bautista’s and his attitude towards umps a couple of years ago; RA Dickey’s apparent contribution to clubhouse discord last year; Reyes and his “streetball” this year). Seems like Howarth may need to be put out to pasture.


  • comment-avatar

    This Bob-bashing based on misrepresenting what he said (e.g. The Gibbons rumoor) is ridiculous. Last night in 2 hours, he covered FIFA, sports media, NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, harness racing, and the possible Penguins sale. NO other sports talk show in North America does that with 6 guests. When he doesn’t watch a game he admits it, unlike many other hosts who then try to fake their expertise.

  • comment-avatar

    …speaking of out to pasture, McCowan is less than useless when it comes to breaking news (remember Sundin was for sure going to the New York Rangers?). Plus, if he referred to taking 3 of 4 from the Nationals, he is especially out to lunch as they only played 3 games against Washington. Sheesh…I now listen much more to TSN Drive than PTS since Bob is clearly mailing it in.

  • comment-avatar


  • comment-avatar

    Steve Phillips adds an interesting take on the Jerry Howarth comments about Jose Reyes. Interesting for the degree that he rips (rightly so) on Howarth and his asinine comments, as well as for the fact that he helped draft Reyes for the Mets: