Toronto Sports Media Talking Stanley Cup

Toronto Sports Media Talking Stanley Cup


I had the chance to talk with Marcia MacMillian from CTV News this morning about last night’s Stanley Cup Final game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks. You can watch that video here

On a different note, Mike Richards reported this am that he is going to be taking a leave from his morning show duties for health reasons until September.

I am sure everyone here wishes Mike nothing but good health.

Matthew Cauz will be filling in while Richards is away and we wish Matt good luck too!

I’ve now been at this blog for about 8 years and I can tell you that I wrestled with whether or not to write something about Mike’s health for about a month. In the end I feel that I made the right decision not to write about it. What I do, I do for fun and your enjoyment. Someone’s health is their own business and their own story to tell.

Happy Thursday!




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    Steph 2 years

    Then why mention here that you’ve known about it for a month?

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    rob j 2 years

    Same thing as when talking about Heby’s suspension with Toronto Mike. Dropping half a bombshell

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    (Another) Andrew 2 years

    Someone’s health is their own business and their own story to tell.

    This reminds me of when William Houston used his short lived blog to tell us about the late Jim Kelly’s illness. It was all rather unsavoury. You did the right thing holding back.

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    Sorry Steph and Rob, I don’t understand either of your points.

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    koko b. ware 2 years

    I am boycotting and letting others know that I really dislike Spence Diamonds.

    1. They have that stupid yell at the conclusion of their ad. What says classy better than a yahoo yelling? Note to station managers: I change the station just to avoid that annoying yell.

    2. Spence also used the national anthem to promote their store. Not illegal, of course, but really bad etiquette.

    Will shop anywhere but Spence!

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    I think their points are if you made the decision to not write about his illness a month ago then why tell us today that you’ve known for a month? Looking for an “atta-boy” for making the right (only) decision?

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    No, Darren:

    The point was to share my thought process on a sensitive subject.

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    Well, my point would be, some things are better off left unsaid.

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    mario 2 years

    I totally agree with TSM, I myself wouldn’t want someone telling the world my health issues. It’s only a story that one person should be telling. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him.

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    Mullah_Kintyre 2 years

    For the second day in row a guest being interviewed inexplicably went along with McCown’s bizarrely incorrect assumption that streaming can only be watched on a small screen (smartphone, iPad) and not on a big screen TV.
    Has someone at Rogers told McCown to perpetuate a false notion that people need to keep paying for cable TV service if they want to watch something on a TV screen?

    Aren’t there many millions of people who have been watching streaming on their TVs in the last few years?
    Has it really been all that difficult for people to understand over the last ten years that an HDMI cable can easily and simply connect a laptop to a TV, or notice in more recent years that there’s been Smart TVs and set-top streaming boxes? Even though there was little or no video available at the time, weren’t there people already using their TVs for dial-up internet back in about 1996 with those WebTV boxes and remote keyboards?

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    Kamlesh 2 years

    For the love of…

    Imagine the reaction in the US if an American broadcaster took a picture like this with the NFL, NBA or MLB trophies.

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    Steph 2 years

    Maybe I’m splitting hairs and am not trying to attack you. It just seemed to be an odd comment regarding a very logical decision. Writing in a public forum about someone else’s health when they haven’t announced anything would be pretty low thing to do. I would hope you didn’t wrestle with the decision for too long. Anyways, I don’t know the whole story and didn’t know since I rarely listen to Richards. I hope he’s OK. I enjoy this blog very much BTW, a must read.

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    Sam in Scarb 2 years

    Well it’s 2015..
    I am soo sick of reading and hearing
    “Some sources say” or “A GM was overheard to say” or
    “Close friends have said”
    If TSM has info then spill it on Richards OR say nothing at all..
    SOO Soo sick of the media teasers..

    As just a regular BlowJoe….First thing to think is TSN is reloading for a September grand push…

    Pull Richards from mornings cause he just seen Dr.Summeroff
    Really,spill the goods (if any or say nothing)

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    Alex 2 years

    I can certainly believe Bob doesnt know about Roku or Apple TV. Maybe those guys who installed his giant TV can explain it to him.

    Not shocking, but i bet the suits loved hearirng Bob say he did not watch game 1 of the stanley cup final.

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    @ Alex & @ Mullah_Kintyre, the things that come out of this guys mouth that have anything to do with technology or current day sports is simply astonishing. My thought exactly when he admitted that he didn’t watch Game 1 of the SCF, like seriously, you host the highest rated sports talk show in North America and are admitting this? And then to talk about how he has no interest in this years NBA Finals, but yet brag everytime there is a conversation on Basketball about being a “Hoops Guy” is just laughable. I (pathetically) have tried to get through on a couple different Mondays/Fridays to tell him exactly what I think of this, but have never gotten anything but a busy signal, not that I’d be given the time of day but wanted to give it a whirl.

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    dogpounder 2 years

    Hey TSM.

    Nice exposure! Can’t help but find it mildly strange that a Bell property reached out to the “blogosphere” for analysis.

    Happy to see this great site exposed but just interesting to see.

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    dogpounder 2 years

    Bob also called a Gibby firing today, yesterday, according to multiple sources.

    Then talked about not watching the game but then analyzed how the series should go from here.

    Hello again, Dave Naylor.

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    The Londoner 2 years

    Say what you will about Bob McCown, today during PTS he said EBIDA. Every time he does that, a degenerate gambler get its wings.

  • comment-avatar
    alex 2 years

    I noticed Ami tweeted about EBIDTA and PTS bungo this afternoon.

    At least bob tried to say it was his wifes birthday and he was checking score on his phone. I guess he wasnt watching it on the rogers app on his rogers phone. 🙂

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    Robert 2 years

    McCown revealed his sources for the Gibbons rumour at the top of the show yesterday: “I didn’t hear it from Beeston or Anthopolous, just a bunch of goofy guys.”

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    Curt 2 years

    The man really is losing it.

  • comment-avatar
    MattX 2 years

    I hate the Spence ads too!

  • comment-avatar
    PBI 2 years

    Did you guys know Bob went to a lot of UNLV games in the late 1980s and early 1990s?

    That’s what makes him a hoops expert.

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    Antonio 2 years

    I’m with you on those Spence commercials. Every time that person (not sure if its male or female) comes on, I have to – and I repeat – have to turn the station.

  • comment-avatar
    Ken 2 years

    Not often I would change a channel for a 30 second spot, but that damned diamond company spot is one that I do in fact do.

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    Nice to see that all 4 guys today on the roundtable today jumped on Bob when he was starting in with his idiotic take on Yahoo acquiring the rights to that one NFL game. He started to say that if you want to watch that game you would have to watch it on your cell phone, all 4 jumped in and told him that here in the 21st century there is a cable that you can connect to your big ass TV that allows you to watch whatever you want on it rather than on your phone or tablet, lol.

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    OMG, and now Bob says the Jays have interest in Alfonso Soriano, ahhhhhh, I think he means Rafel Soriano, the 36 year old former closer who is currently still unsigned, WHAT A FUCKIN IDIOT.

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    And not one of the morons on the roundtable corrected him, just wow, SMH.

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    yaz 2 years

    @mullah – I agree. Bob was speaking to the Yahoo Sports 20 mil purchase of the NFL in London Bills/Jaguars game. ‘I won’t watch it, don’t know how to hook it up.’ Friedman said it was easy to do ( which it is ). Someone at the Fan pls show Bob where the HDMI port is on his laptop and explain to him that watching the Yahoo feed on his TV is about as easy as plugging in a lamp.

    Comments like that may have been mildly funny 10 years ago but now it just dates you. It’s like asking a company what their website address is and they say ‘we don’t have a website’ – you are likely not to ever call them again. Or Burke’s comment ‘I don’t Twitter.’ ( he gave up, now he does ). Just makes you look like an old fool.