Anniversary, Free Agent Day, Canada Day, Open Thread


Happy Canada Day!

The year was 2008, and it was this final week of June when I launched as a means to cure my own frustration for the lack of balance in the Toronto Sports Media world.

Some seven years later here I remain. I’ve come out of the basement on occasion and met face to face with several of you. Some who have stuck around since the beginning and other newcomers.

To each and all I say thank you.

This is a passion for me and for reasons quite frankly I can’t explain or understand.

I don’t want to speak for Mike (in Boston) but I think he would echo that sentiment. We both just enjoy writing about this stuff for no real apparent reason.

I’ve tried several things over the years and have arrived at one conclusion; stick to covering those that cover the games we love. So, while we work on new things and YES the return of the podcasts, they will remain focused on the coverage of the games. There are literally 100’s of awesome sources for you to get your daily news from, we’re here to comment on those who provide it.

The best part of this website has been the comments. From time to time they have gotten nasty and personal and I don’t like it. So, I am reminding you that this is a place to talk about those who talk about the games. If you want to bash each other go elsewhere. For those of you who simply post repeatedly that you hate TSN or Rogers, seriously, go elsewhere.

This is not the place to keep dumping on the same guys or each other day in and day out. We will be removing those posts from now on. If those who keep posting them don’t subside you will be blocked. I’ve never had to do that but am I ready and willing!

Let me be clear. I have no problem with challenging people’s opinions. I do that all the time. Just don’t make it personal.

Ok, off the soapbox. The sun is kind of shinning and it’s free agent day in the NBA and NHL. The Jays are playing the red sox and my kids are at camp!

Once again, thanks for visiting, whether you have been here for 7 years or 7 seconds I appreciate it. Happy Canada day to one and all and be excellent to each other!

Have at it!!

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