Toronto Sports Media Weekend Update

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Happy Blue Jays Saturday!

Mike is taking some time to reflect on a new name for Seen and Heard so I am filling in for today.

Just kidding.

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been hearing and thinking….

You all know I am a big Blue Jays fan. The coverage on the team, the trades, the run has been fantastic and what a great distraction from what was the worst season ever as a Maple Leaf fan.

However, the none stop banter, and i mean non-stop debate on who is going to be in the playoff rotation and playoff roster has been way too overhyped/overplayed.

I am superstitious, I admit it. I remember the year the Jays tanked vs. the Tigers down the stretch. I remember Manny Lee booting the ball.

Having said that, I get it. It is a good topic, it is intriguing, it is an interesting debate.

But guys, it was on, discussed, debated all week on every show I heard. When Jeff Blair opened with asking for calls on who is “your playoff rotation” I couldn’t have flipped the channel faster. The PTS roundtable was basically Bob replaying everything he said on the topic from each show each and every night this week.

The topic has already had it’s 15 minutes of fame and it’s not even ripe yet!

Speaking of Bob, the Shoalts column and my follow up led to more phone calls, emails and texts from media types then any other story I’ve covered on this site.

The two most common themes from what I received as feedback:

1. I was wrong in my comment that Bob will be able to work as long as he wants to. “The Field” if you will strongly believes that it would take Bob having to accept a massive pay cut for Bob to get another gig. The radio business isn’t what it used to be and the money simply won’t be there for a salary like Bob currently gets.

2. Bob may have done himself some real harm as a result of this article. Many insiders viewed this as Bob taking family business to the press. Many opined that it’s one thing for Rogers to deal with Bob’s rants and comments on air, this, they say seemed different.

I think this will be a story that will be fun to watch for the next little while.

Still on McCown, Mark HEBSCHER (yes guy) has a really good article on Bob. You can read it here

Did you happen to get the latest Fan 590 fan listener survey?

These things come from time to time and not that I’ve ever paid any attention to the points rewards you get for filling them out, but this one seemed to have a much bigger reward than normal. I am pretty sure the usual reward is 500 points this one was 10,000.

The topic this time was Dean Blundell and also Blue Jays baseball.

One of the first questions was do you listen to Blundell. Apparently if you selected yes, you got to hear some clips and rate them. If you selected that you don’t listen to him you didn’t get those questions.

Read anything into the fact that the survey was about one show and one show only????


So, if radio is declining, is it perhaps time that we focus our attention a little more on the TV side of things?


If print is declining, is it perhaps time that we focus our attention a little more on the web content side of things?


Coming soon, our annual report card as Mike and look at the various outlets and rate the talent.

Any burning questions for either Mike and I????? We can try to answer those here too.

So, the Leafs are training camp after a very interesting summer. Besides the shipping out of Phil Kessel not much else was moved out (over the summer). Are you tired of hearing the term “the Babcock effect” while talking about the Leafs? As if to suggest that having Babcock is going to turn certain players into the next coming of fill in the superstar name here. In my opinion, Babcock is going to implement a system of accountability, pride and effort. I don’t think that losing games, or the actual end result is really all that important right now. It’s the effort and attitude. Fans going to the ACC, watching on TV etc want to see a team that tries hard and cares almost as much as the fans do. Honestly, if the Leafs end up dead last but actually have a team that gives a crap that will be a significant improvement. All this talk of the Babcock effect, is, in my opinion noise.

Did anyone catch Steve Simmons on the afternoon drive yesterday tell the story of a prospect at Leafs camp last year remark after a few drills that neither Kadri nor Kessel worked very hard in the drills? That’s what I think Babcock and co. will change. Things like salute-gate should not happen under the new regime. If Babcock and Co. accomplish that, this will be a successful year. In my opinion.

Happy weekend!


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