Blue Jays, Yankees, Maple Leafs & New TV Season… Oh My

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Happy Monday!!

So, when you are done watching the Blue Jays and Yankees, finished whatever coverage there is of Maple Leafs exhibition Hockey, and you are done with Monday Night Football it’s the first night of the Fall 2015 TV season!!

So, I ask you, what shows are you going to be watching????

Here’s a good report on what to watch tonight:


Gotham- I am a BIG fan of this show.
Scorpion- Like this show too

I may watch Life in Pieces and Minority Report

Yes, I do not sleep.


interesting email from a reader:

“There is a a seminar happening this Thursday: Concussion Syndrome & Young Athletes with Dr. Joe Congeni.

We are extremely lucky in managing to book Dr Congeni who is one of the worlds leading experts in Concussion Syndrome, during his short trip to Canada.

This seminar is perfect for coaches, athletic therapists, trainers and anyone dealing with athletes.

We’d love it if you would be able to share this event on your website, or within your network. And, please get in touch if you want to know anything more about the seminar.

People can register their seats and find out more here

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