Toronto Sports Media Friday Roundup


So much to talk about, so little time to talk about it….

A post is coming on the Blue Jays and the coverage.. I promise.

Mike is off this weekend and it’s Little TSM’s Bar Mitzvah so this proud papa is going to be awayavble too…so it will be an open thread tomorrow.

But first…

That’s great, it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes, an aeroplane, and Lenny Bruce is not afraid

Here we go quick hits:

I’m told that Dean Blundell had a very good month in September. His number in the key demo went up over 2 points. He pulled in a just south of 9 share.

On the topic of Blundell, Kayla Harris is no longer on the show. Geroge Who will be handling the updates.

Look for Matt Stairs to join the show next week for a stint…

However, what Blundell gained the rest of the station either gave back or held steady- across the board.

I am told that the Blair show and Baseball central both retreated too…. colour me surprised

Mcccown? Steady at best…..

Speaking of Mccown, how odd that the station did nothing with him on those days when the Blue Jays played in his slot….

Richard Deitsch was on PTS last night, sounds like he is going to co-host for a week. That’s a good get!

Stephen Brunt has been making some interesting comments about PTS when on Blair’s show and Mccown comments on Brunt too….. awkward….

Back to Kayla Harris for one second, could this be a signal that Rogers is going to be a part of what could be the big media layoff that’s rumoured to be coming in the next couple of weeks? I mean, ” I know how to fix the morning show, lets get rid of the woman doing news updates” said no one.

Word on the street is that the knife is being sharpened on the axe across the media business in this country. The numbers being bantered around are, in a word…. Scary.

This is one to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that Little TSM and his friends inform me on a weekly basis of new ways to watch all kinds of content, live sports included without a download, without a tv, without a membership…it’s free and its easy and they are 13!

If the media companies, especially in this country don’t figure it out….. These layoffs will be tiny in comparison to what will be needed.

Ok, that’s all I got today….

Reminder, open thread tomorrow; keep it clean.

Here, by the way is an awesome video on the Blue Jays…

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