Greg Brady Absolutely Rips TSN Radio & TV On Air


Sorry, this is too good to not write about….

Greg Brady went to town just after 2pm est on Rogers Fan 590.

I have to assume someone or someones were accusing Brady of being a Rogers Shill becuase he unloaded on Bell/TSN radio and TSN tv …

Here is basically the rant:

“Airing a conference call is terrible radio
My blood isn’t boiling over this- I’ve been rarely called a rogers shill
I’ve never been told what to say- I’ve never been told to be more positive
There’s a lot of people right now, when people want to talk about schilling a product , and I don’t mean Curt Schilling
There’s a lot of people out there who draw a paycheck from Bell who are destroying Rogers right now
Lets ask about their objectivity in this matter
When they’ve been dummied in TV ratings in the last several months to a year when they are the second most matched network
Never mind in radio where they’ve been a hot pail of garbage for the half decade they have been on the air
I mean you’d be better off sending a carrier pigeon in 2015 to get a message out
So be really careful before you say someone is a Rogers shill- ask first, is that a bell employee saying that
There are some great people over there
I have a lot of friends over there
But I have a lot of friends over here too
Everyone has a boss
You don’t have to agree with our boss
We’ve never been told what to say
That won’t change”

Have to wonder what his “friends over there” think after this rant….

The link is on and can be found at the 2pm slot.

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