Greg Brady Absolutely Rips TSN Radio & TV On Air

Greg Brady Absolutely Rips TSN Radio & TV On Air


Sorry, this is too good to not write about….

Greg Brady went to town just after 2pm est on Rogers Fan 590.

I have to assume someone or someones were accusing Brady of being a Rogers Shill becuase he unloaded on Bell/TSN radio and TSN tv …

Here is basically the rant:

“Airing a conference call is terrible radio
My blood isn’t boiling over this- I’ve been rarely called a rogers shill
I’ve never been told what to say- I’ve never been told to be more positive
There’s a lot of people right now, when people want to talk about schilling a product , and I don’t mean Curt Schilling
There’s a lot of people out there who draw a paycheck from Bell who are destroying Rogers right now
Lets ask about their objectivity in this matter
When they’ve been dummied in TV ratings in the last several months to a year when they are the second most matched network
Never mind in radio where they’ve been a hot pail of garbage for the half decade they have been on the air
I mean you’d be better off sending a carrier pigeon in 2015 to get a message out
So be really careful before you say someone is a Rogers shill- ask first, is that a bell employee saying that
There are some great people over there
I have a lot of friends over there
But I have a lot of friends over here too
Everyone has a boss
You don’t have to agree with our boss
We’ve never been told what to say
That won’t change”

Have to wonder what his “friends over there” think after this rant….

The link is on and can be found at the 2pm slot.


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    Consider the source.

    No credability. No likability.

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    Me thinks the Brady doth protest too much

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    Never attack a lower target. It appears to make them relevant and legitimate.

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    A conference call would be better radio than Brady & Walker any day…especially given the subject matter.

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    Also…Brady must forget that it took Sportsnet 17 years to finally overtake TSN in the TV ratings department….so maybe radio needs a bit longer leash before slamming TSN’s efforts?

    Brady does work for a station that employs Dean Blundell after all, so he should probably temper his criticism of TSN a fair bit.

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    I think he destroyed his credibility much more than TSN. What a pant load of steaming shite that show was. If you think its a bad move, it’s because your an idiot fan or work for Bell. Just the most ridiculous three hours of radio in a long, long time.

    Those words will come back to bite him at some point.

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    Of all the people on the Fan, ill give Brady credit, he always goes after Wilner for being overly positive, he went after Sid for being a knob about being overly negative on the Jays. I get where he comes from. Not like hes wrong about TSN Radio or Bell people taking shots at Rogers.

    The Rogers/Bell shots at each other are very tiresome however, the only ones who care are the handful of posters who keep ripping both company’s on here and the people who engage on twitter (Shultz/Cox/Arthur). I dont think that 99 percent of those who listen could care at all….

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    ManiacWithMop5 years ago

    I prefer listening to TSN radio over Fan590. I was a die hard Fan590 listener for well over a decade. Don Kollins has destroyed that station. It’s people like Brady who make the Fan hard to tune into. I don’t enjoy Tim and Sid. I can’t stand the idiot in the morning Blundell.

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    Makes him sound more like a shill in light of the shots being taken at the parent company today. Perhaps Greg took it upon himself to try and deflect some of the heat from Rogers today with this rant?

    As much as they also take shots at TSN I could never see McCowan and/or Tim&Sid going this far. It’s low, bush league and downright petty and comes across as someone trying to suck up to the bosses.

    I hope Brady wakes up tomorrow and has the common sense to issue some sort of apology for his rant. Even a half hearted “I got caught up in the heat of the moment” would work.

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    Hmm Greg. No kudos to Rick when he reported on the lawsuit against the CFL????

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    Joe Fresh5 years ago

    Brady completely burning bridges. Brady better hope he collects his pension from Rogers. Dangerous move given the unstable media landscape, no job is safe, especially at Rogers Media.

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    Presumably, Brdy would go back acrossthe border if he left Rogers.

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    I actually flipped over to Leafs Lunch at noon when I realized that Sportsnet/The Fan would not acknowledge that the true fault for the AA mess ultimately lies with Rogers, dating back when they cocked up the initial search for Paul Beeston’s replacement LAST year (it’s why AA made sure that all of his main assitants were given contract extensions into 2016, this past spring).

    The three person panel actually had a good dialogue about the situation, which I found enjoyable. Noodles, as a self-admitted total puckhead, was asking the outsider questions that very casual Jays/sports fans would have, while Hayes was able to provide a good summary of events, what they meant, and why they happened. He and O’Neill came up with some good hockey parallels to tie it all together. Overall, while not ‘baseball expert’ level conversation, it was an enjoyable 20 minutes that they devoted to the Jays.

    I don’t recall them ripping on Rogers, as most of the conversation (as it should) focused specifically on the Jays, AA, and ‘Sha-president’ (O’Neill in particular seems to have a pet peeve with the pronunciation of Shapiro’s name, so they came up with an alternative name.). Good radio by TSN today.

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    William D5 years ago

    I might be an idiot for asking but I’ve heard Bob now refer to the ratings for the Jays across Canada reaching 4 million during the playoff. I get that the Jays are Canada’s team, what I don’t get is when let’s say the Senators or Montreal are the only Canadian teams left in the playoffs and don’t get as much national eyeballs. Why does Canada not embrace one Canadian team in the playoffs in hockey as it does a team that is the only team Canadian team in baseball? Same kind of thing isn’t it? We’re united in baseball however we’re enemies in hockey?

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    Exactly how is Brady a shill? What is he wrong about? Unless someone has a copy of a memo from Rogers corporate saying all on air personalities must defend this move and no other position will be tolerated, I think people making accusations are doing so without proof. That’s not how rational thought works. And if people are taking shots at your credibility without any proof, you’d be offended and want to fire back at those people too. And no, just because Rogers employees are expressing their opinions (which they’re paid to do) and you don’t like or agree with those opinions, it doesn’t give anyone the right to accuse them of being shills and having zero credibility.

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    Sportsnet only beat tsn because they bought more live sports and not because of any original content. Head to head, tsn is still a better product, viewed by more people (sportscentre vs connected that is).

    Also, who the hell is Greg Brady?

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    Absolutely fantastic job by McCown in the AA interview. Why he is where he is.

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    @Mitch Sportsnet Central primetime has higher ratings than Sportscentre prime time.

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    Brady is not a shill. There are lots of people at Sportsnet who are not as hard on Rogers as they should be though. This whole mess is Rogers fault not Shapiro’s or AA’s. I still hate how they say Rogers spent and are a top 10 payroll, but they are hella closer to being 20th then a top 5.

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    well yes, that’s why you get live events, so the spill over continues to your show (you also cheat the ratings system by quickly going to anchors who immediately throw back to live event which then counts towards your shows ratings). Most people are lazy and just leave the channel on where it is. I will never believe for a MOMENT that anybody willingly watches Ken Reid.
    The only true comparison is tradedeadline when both are in a head to head match up and TSN kills them every time.

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    (Another) Andrew5 years ago

    Why does Canada not embrace one Canadian team in the playoffs in hockey as it does a team that is the only team Canadian team in baseball?

    Because the Jays have no Canadian rivals. It’s as simple as that. If the Expos were still around and Vancouver and Calgary had MLB teams the Canadian fans of those teams would see the BJs as rivals whom they regularly cheer against. As it stands now they are “Canada’s team”.

    I have to assume someone or someones were accusing Brady of being a Rogers Shill becuase he unloaded on Bell/TSN radio and TSN tv …

    And I have to assume that person is a prominent employee who works for Bell/TSN as one doesn’t (well, shouldn’t) lose it over anonymous tweets and emails.

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    I’m convinced 90% of the people who post here are TSN employees.

    I have no problem whatsoever with what, Brady said. TSN and it’s employees do nothing but shout “Rogers sucks” when talking about the Blue Jays. It’s like a company mandate since they lost NHL rights. Fine, but be prepared to take a shot back and not be a whiny bitch about it. What he said about TSNR was spot on. They’ve been a complete and abysmal failure in this market.

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    Richard Griffen of the Star took a huge shot at Barry Davis (Sportsnet) on Twitter. Basically saying he is in damage control because he draws a paycheck from Rogers.

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    I do not believe that just because someone works for Rogers this makes them incapable of reporting objectively about anything to do with Rogers. That said, if you take a look at Brady’s Twitter timeline in my opinion he is in full hatchet job mode against AA…tweeting out innuendo that makes AA look bad in this situation. Maybe he really believes it but it looks suspect. I give TSN broadcasters/reporters a pass with any negative comments about Rogers because in this instance it really is Roger’s fault and there is no getting past that. Bruce Arthur and Richard Griffin sure think so. Why can they bash Rogers but because someone works for TSN owned Bell they cannot. Brady cannot say working for Rogers has no bearing on his ability to be objective but in the same breath accuse TSN employees of the same bias he denies.

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    As I hit submit I remember that Arthur and Griffin work for TSN as well as the Star ….. I will say that in this instance the criticism against Rogers is warranted and I think their journalism in this instance is based on the facts of the case and has nothing to do with the fact they work for Bell.

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    Steve Jones5 years ago

    Well this has become interesting. I had no idea when I first reported on this story (LOL) in the AA thread it would become a topic. I thought it was just me being kinda critical of a guy I don’t frankly like. Haven’t since he was in Leafs Lunch on 640. But to the point I looked at Brady’s Twitter. Seems pretty clear he didn’t like AA or he is deflecting for Rogers. How else can you characterize his position that AA was somehow duplicitous in his public statements or that he was the author of his own demise because he wanted to report to Rogers directly. In either event it points to a guy with little to know self awareness. Such is the plight of guys who think they matter.

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    All the haters who basically left McCown for dead professionally all flocked to PTS Thursay to get the real goods on the AA saga. Was he bored? Sad? Angry? Guess not. And you’ll all tune in Monday as well.

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    WouldStaley935 years ago

    Greg Brady is a troll. He was being a shill no matter how he wants to frame it. Immeadietly going on a attack on AA. Almost as if Rick Brace and Edward Rogers were feeding him lines. Taking a shot at his competitors is childish. I don’t like when Bruce Arthur and Steve Simmons of Bell owned TSN take shots on Twitter at Sportsnet 590 The Fan Morning Host Dean Blundell either. It’s cheap. Same with Damien Cox and David Shoalts trolling each other.

    Bottom line Edward Rogers just gave a huge middle finger to the fan base. If anyone read the profile on this man in Toronto Life is evident he is a arrogant mean spirited character with no business sense.

    Who could replace AA? Who would want to work for Rogers?

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    Steve Jones5 years ago

    The McCown interview was well done. He asked all the right questions. Not surprisingly got zero answers. Then at the end he did the cringeworthy, fawning send off. AA was the GM of a baseball club. He had a mediocre 5 year record until August. He rarely, if ever, said anything interesting. To send him off with such gusto was not surprising, it was just typical of the star worship (I’m being
    polite) that Bob is guilty of when it comes to people he likes.

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    Quite frankly, I’m sick of this constant pissing match between Rogers and Bell. I find pretty much everyone on the radio and TV, as well as in the print, have become corporate whores. Heck, Stephen Brunt has sold his soul to the devil. With these two behemoths controlling everything sporting wise in Toronto, the days of objective writing are pretty much dead. Now it’s a bunch of ass-kissing and shilling and toeing the company line. It may sound overdramatic, but these two companies, particularly Rogers based on the fact they also own the Blue Jays, are quickly driving me away from enjoying Toronto sports teams.

    I can’t believe Rogers and Bell swing at each other over the airwaves, on screen and in the print, yet jointly own and control the largest sporting enterprise in the country.

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    The Rogers Bell feud is ridiculous. Going at each other on air is petty and childish, and makes everyone involved taking shots seem less reputable. Besides, they are BOTH 2 of the most hated companies in Canada.

    That being said I think Rogers should be embarrassed that they can outdraw TSN because they now have the biggest live events even though they cant cover any of it nearly as well as TSN. Like, Mckenzie, Lebrun, and Dreger or Kypreos, Cox, and Mcclean, or Healy? Come on, that’s a joke. Not even close. Dan Shulman, or Greg Zaun and Kevin Barker? Seriously its embarrassing. So maybe Brady should keep his mouth shut. He does have a show sandwiched in between Dean Blundell and on a lot of nights Ken Reid. Lost respect for him after this.

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    @Steve Jones
    I completely agree about Mccown interview with AA-
    Not bad until the end when it turned into ‘100 Hubtley
    Street’ – If AA had been in the studio I think there may
    a have been a (Yikes!) group hug-

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    ‘I can’t believe Rogers and Bell swing at each other over the airwaves, on screen and in the print, yet jointly own and control the largest sporting enterprise in the country.’

    Its so mind numbingly stupid its beyond me. The only ones who care about it are the employees, the people who watch/read could not care much less, they just want to be entertained. Everyones so caught up in wanting to acuse each other of bias they forget to put on an entertaining show. If Im TSN i look at my radio rating and worry about that, not what Rogers is doing. If im the FAN I look at how awful our morning show is, not whose saying what on the other side.

    Its all so childish.

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    @Anthony…you win for best comment of the day. C’mon SN and TSN, report on the actual news and stop creating faux news with these ongoing pissing matches about who is more/less biased. It makes all of you look totally unprofessional.

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    It does seem tough, that most of the venom is spewed from SN on-air guys towards TSN .. Back to Kypreos, Cox and now the ever condescending Greg Brady. I wonder why this is the case. Correct me if I am wrong, other than Steve Simmons (TSN contributor), I haven’t seen much being fired the other way. SNET and the Rogers guys are in the drivers seat having all of the live game content and perhaps now even control the TV ratings, so the best thing for them to do is ignore TSN… Why always angry with them, it is like they are desperately seeking approval.

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    Sportsnet is fearful of TSN reorganizing.
    Dreger, McKenzie, Leafs Lunch blow SN out of the water. Once TSN spends a lil cash, itll be closer than most think.

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    Richard Griffen at the top of my head went after Barry Davis. Griffen is employed by TSN. I can think of a few names on either side, im sure if we where to look at it it would be fairly equal, maybe Rogers has more on their side, I don’t pay alot of attention to it.

    Im always surprised by the pro-TSN attitude that this site leads to considering the Radio ratings that are out here, but its not like either side of the debate is producing amazing radio these days. Same guests on the same segments on both stations saying the same thing over and over again, there’s no motivation to listen.

    Its frustrating that we can’t have THAT discussion on here, the interesting, intelligent debate about how things could be better, what works on Radio/TV versus what doesn’t, but the same people continue to post the same things about Rogers/TSN bias.

    Its tiresome on here, its tiresome in the media and on twitter. No one cares.

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    @ Anthony

    I didn’t see the Griffin post until after I wrote my comment. You are right though, too much mud throwing from both sides.

    I disagree that this is a very pro-TSN message board, I tend to think it is more of an anti-Rogers group. Reason being, in my opinion, is that they are the most listened to radio station, so people have more opinions about the FAN .. I imagine if more people actually paid attention to TSN Radio, they’d have legitimate complaints as well.

    In TV, Rogers bought up the NHL and shook the boat significantly. Change always is looked at skeptically, especially when it comes to something that big in Canada. I won’t argue if it is better or worse than it was before, but if people aren’t happy, they will voice their opinion more than those who like it.

    As somebody mentioned before, Rogers’ sports media properties are the most consumed, and therefore there is much more to say about them.

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    ;I disagree that this is a very pro-TSN message board, I tend to think it is more of an anti-Rogers group. Reason being, in my opinion, is that they are the most listened to radio station, so people have more opinions about the FAN .. I imagine if more people actually paid attention to TSN Radio, they’d have legitimate complaints as well.’

    You’re probably right. I Just can’t comprehend why people keep listing to something they seem to hate? If you don’t like it move on, life’s to short.

    My whole issue is that instead of actually talking about the issues on both sides of the dial, we simply throw mud on here (usually instigated by the same poster). I just wish instead of the silly ‘ROGERS IS AWFUL AND BIAS @#$@#@#!!!” posts, we’d move forward to more intelligent conversation on here.

    How can it be better? How can TSN be relevant?

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    Enrico Peluso5 years ago

    He fails to mention how bad the hockey ratings have been on sportsnet and cbc. I personally will not watch the crap that sportsnet has to offer when the people that really know something about hockey are on the other network. I was excited about sportsnet because I thought competition would be great for us viewers but the people they have working for them are horrible. I do listen to sports radio as well and I,m not listening to these useless people that are on sportsnet. Just my opinion

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    I just wish Brady’s “brand manager” would get him to talk slower….he’s hard to listen to. I couldn’t believe it when I heard him attacking TSN on the show. Why would you even go there? THAT’S bad radio Brady!

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    Enrico Peluso5 years ago

    With regards to Mccown, he at one time was amazing but now he spends most of his time telling us who he went to dinner with, who was at the party he was at, his tv screen etc etc. Popularity went to his head and I do not listen to him anymore. Too Bad

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    To be fair, Rogers has tried to make Ken Reid a star for years and just got rid of the most popular man in Canada and hiring a penny-pincher. We wouldn’t hate Rogers if they made good decisions. And let’s not get into the hockey decisions lately, like essentially getting rid of Ron Maclean. Seriously, they make their beds.
    Plus, let’s not forget how much fun it is to make fun of an evil corporation. We are just minions who can never have any real authorities, so we use these forums to collectively vent our frustration.

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    It is sort of a superficial thought but Greg Brady’s laugh and his love for the city of Detroit is nauseating and reminds me why I detest that man.

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    Alex said he never asked Rogers for anything.
    Not term, not money, not even the autonomy that people keep talking about.

    On PTS when Bob said that after talking with several people (he said rogers people, but I think he also said other people) a source said that the negotiation was on Monday and that alex said no then and that over the week till Wednesday they were still talking (rogers) trying to get Alex to change his position.
    When this came up Alex was going around the timeline Bob McCowan set out because Alex said are you sure about the info, and wanted to know who the source was (even though I think Alex voice sounded like he might know some of these sources because it’s the same people he talks to and works with or for so I think AA has a good idea of who these leakers are and who in the media they leak to because in fact AA has the same incestuous relationship with corp and media even if he likes not to enter the fray or whatever. You can’t live in this city in the position he has and not in some way be touched by the media. It’s a Toronto/big city small group of same people in the same circles thing—“small market theatre,” said Gareth Wheeler. I personally was going to say big city with small market thought which always goes back to the whole tdot as mini NY thing). Then AA in his own words described what took place as sparsely as possible.

    This morning Gareth Wheeler said that AA ran a masterclass PR. It’s not wrong. While AA was doing all the interviews and the call and anything else coming out of his mouth (words) that I was consuming I thought “I can’t wait to hear from the horse’s mouth…He keeps repeating himself…I know you’re a private person Alex and you don’t want to burn anyone or anything but really “It’a not the right fit” is your explanation of this debacle? Please it hurts AA, your truth hurts stop stabbing us in the back in the heart with your words.”

    So really we learned nothing like most people said but actually if you’re a long time Toronto sports fan and you’ve gone through several higher ups and their press conferences, firings, even players and also corps releasing statements, you kinda get what Alex is saying between the lines. You don’t have to be clairvoyant. I mean even Dave Hodge (please listen to his comments on TSN this morning Coz/Wheeler) said you don’t even have to be close to the team to figure out the tentacles (as McCowan said) of this story. Because it’s not hard. It all requires common sense, understanding, empathy, history etc…

    Lots of people talking about AA but Arden Zwelling yesterday on one of the shows (too many talk shows) talked about how Alex has made bold moves, without money, some with money whatever and what informs the guy like who he is and moves him as a human being (so for all the people who want to understand AA’s behavior I think Arden gives a good primer and history).

    I was making the points Cathal Kelley was in his article(please read it because as Wheeler also said AA doesn’t need to talk, although AA did lol, because the media and other people—leakers—are talking for Alex) because you actually got to hear from AA’s own mouth (not just was said in a casual but maybe perceptively purposeful conversation) when he basically said the same things in the convo on PTS and other interviews yesterday afternoon/evening.

    Also the point about the “offer non offer” (wheeler) in the Edward Rogers statement about the contract. If anyone heard Alex this week you’ll know that Alex said maybe twice about how the contract was put in the public and that it didn’t come from him because that’s not how he operates. This also goes back to when Alex questioned/commented to Bob McCowan about his source about the rogers dealing and timeline (people theorize it’s Beeston because of his and Bob’s friendship, but I think McCowan knows more than one person at rogers or knows people who are very close with rogers people).

    Despite what Alex said (because AA intent with all of this talking was to provide cover for the organization (rogers, bluejays, etc…staff) and also for the incoming newbie (because AA was also a newbie at one time) and as Wheeler pointed out about the PR masterclass maybe AA’s intent was also cover from himself because if anyone heard from what he was saying yesterday and all this week Alex was already out the door and trying to sell himself or keep himself “marketable” for his next job) he was not happy with rogers.

    Alex’s unhappiness with rogers is in his “not the right fit” comments because (when did it not become the right fit and who changed to not make it the right fit. There are only so many people who can create work environments and if alex managed his team and they never leaked stuff about alex to the press or slung at him, what changes recently happened to change the work environment and make it not the right fit. In fact people can ask how alex himself changed in this time period to not make the work environment he operated not the right fit). So people can blame shapiro (lol really? My personal opinion is that he is the fall guy cover to do what is a typically Toronto screwface/job cannibalization before the whole PR spinning occurs), and yes he is a part of the story because he was invited into the story but really the creators of the story are actually the people who have had the longest relationships (or lack thereof) in the story so this is where history is important and people can read up about AA, the ownership, the chain of command as AA called it yesterday on PTS saying he’s a “change of command guy”. So you know that AA works within an order and with a process. (There are many long time Toronto media people, good/bad, that will provide you with history about rogers and it’s employees and also baseball operations. The thing I find fascinating about all of this is MLB’s relationship with Rogers and also with the team) but he’s (Shapiro) not the main guy (even though Rogers officially made him “their” guy in typical suites fashion). The guys in this story are actually the people who have been here the longest, ROGERS, AA, and Beeston (even Gibby, and other long time Blue Jays players/employees).

    Anyone who has lived in this city knows/has heard about how all of these things go down, there’s right and wrong ways but there’s actually lots of Toronto experience about people in powerful positions in this city and how they left their jobs in this city. This whole rogers saga/debacle is nothing new. It might be the newest chapter in the story but it’s not the end.

    So based on everything I have consumed, this probably goes back to the chain of command and management structure of the blue Jays. As per AAs own words, AA said “He’s never dealt with rogers” “I got to really know Ed Rogers this week” other things AA has said about this company that he deals with Paul Beeston (he deals with rogers via paul beeston) and Beeston deals with Rogers. He said he didn’t want to have contract talks until after the season. He said they would have meetings here and there but that it wasn’t about contract (his). He said Mondays meeting was like a post season tie down of the entire year and restart of what to do for the upcoming season. He said they (rogers) wanted to talk to him about contracts so they pretty much entered into those talks (remember Alex does this sans lawyer) and he said no to their offer. Alex said that he never made any requests. I mean if you’re a human being in a job negotiation you have to have some expectations. But when you think about Alex’s no, and his unequival no throughout the week and how he didn’t change from his position, you kinda have to think that all of these things were set into motion some time ago.

    And this is were that whole Paul Beeston incident becomes relevant. As alex pointed out 2x this week plus the 3rd time in the PTS convo, AA never put his contract talks into the public realm, in fact he didn’t divulge any numbers or terms. AA said many times it’s not about money. So people rightly think this is really about power. Paul Beeston was done in via a screw job of ineptitude from higher ups at rogers. Doing a reach around to fire a long time organization cog who has relationships with people at rogers, who didn’t have the balls to in his face fire Paul Beeston, but to pussy foot and go around and through people beeston knows to try and get rid of a guy who has worked for the company for so long my brain fries at the thought because I’m too young and I will never experience working for a company as long as PB did. So here’s the mistake and it opens AA’s eyes that he’s also on the chopping block and that he a long time person also in the org is expendable. So when PTS asks AA about how long he had thought about his future and his no response I think AA gave the answer he could. I mean if you’re an employee of a company like Rogers and you see them behave in this nature (nothing new for Toronto companies), what would you think? Why would you think you’re infallible? I mean these are common sense things and understandable, even some of the things Rogers did is understandable. You don’t have to be a fan to not have an opinion or to love or hate. Really it’s business in the end and some people get shived.

    Respect is only for those who take it.

    (someone can post alex’s response to the question if he had thought about his future before Monday’s meeting. I think his response was like it comes up from time to time but it wasn’t his main focus)

    When PTS asked him about his anger about the PB situation, AA provided info about what was going on in the BJ’s (not rogers) at that time, about his staff calling him asking him what’s going on, about what Paul Beeston told him, etc…AA’s comments are insightful because he’s recollecting the story and not in the moment and at first I thought he’s trying to gloss over this and not answer the question about the ‘anger’ part of the question, but it was as diplomatic and cleansed a comment and typical AA as it gets, and also you can always hear the emotion in his voice so based on his words you can tell how wrong he thought it was but you can also tell that Paul Beeston himself who has dealt with rogers forever and isn’t phased is the one who helped AA to get around/away from the situation.

    When asked about Gibby AA says he’s reached out to Gibby even yesterday and talked to him several times in the week (and if you see gibby’s response in the papers about how they texted and how he’s keeping away from the public/hoopla/fire or w/e) you can see how close AA is with his people and the respect he has for people he trusts. I think that all these people (especially if you have listened to Gibby pre/post games about media stories about operations and that type how gibby always says stuff like somethings always going on in the media they’re always saying I’m, beeston, x player is gone then we’re back and how gibbys always like you can’t take the reports too seriously), I think these rogers employees understand that rogers operates within the media through sources/leaks.

    So everyone who says the writing was on the wall are right and it’s all enforced by AA’s own words in interviews and things he has done in the last couple of months. Rogers made a decision to fire people this year (things that should have happened last season), but couldn’t. They wanted to get rid of paul beeston and hire someone to do his job but actually they were looking to get rid of AA because AA is not their guy. They wanted to address some of the faults/criticism they’ve had for long time and strengthen the company so they got a baseball guy who is also a suite who can deal with renovation or w/e corp stuff is needed at Rogers BlueJ’s Center because apparently he did the same in Cleveland.
    So really they wanted a 2 four (actually a sweep if you factor in gibby) and I think their intent was to strengthen the bj’s media platform and maybe tie in rogers new platform initiatives/plans into the bluejays. I am not a technical person so I’m missing words but a rogers guy said this on a cbc story last week (which I will get to) but basically rogers wanted more input into the bluejays and their operations and based on the way they were currently structured they didn’t have the in they needed with AA because what happened was AA was keeping the lines of chain of command being his way instead of the rogers way. The set up was wrong (for rogers not for AA). It didn’t benefit rogers because rogers didn’t get the say they may have wanted into maybe things that were happening with players. So I think the way AA structured things, maybe directly or indirectly was an annoyance for people at rogers especially maybe it came to their leverage and their brand. I think that maybe they didn’t have the control of AA that they wanted/needed and it might actually stem from that. This is why I think this is all actually a personal power internal issue which Shapiro might be involved in but that it’s not really about him. It’s about respect. Maybe with AA not reporting directly to rogers maybe there’s a slight in respect there especially when they might want something to happen and AA is not for it? And the other way it’s about respect is about the loss of power for a long time organization person to then put it on to a newbie (I’m not sure if long time org people is best way to describe AA or PB but I don’t know a better way to get what I’m saying across). It’s about respect when you put out a mandate and your employee meets it or exceeds it and still gets shafted. It’s understandable that they couldn’t change the newbies new contract/offer but it’s also typical Toronto thing to give lots of cozy powers to incoming savior types who say they will do x, y, z and then end up being burned out of the city. Rogers wanted a guy in their sports org reporting to them and there were 2 people in the way of that intent. One was an old timer who they had long time relationship with and one was an up and comer but also company established guy who from his mouth to the media said he didn’t interact with rogers.
    In the contract negotiations with Shapiro to get him to come here Rogers promised him things that tipped the balance from him. He’s someone who there’s reports about him making comments about how he wasn’t so fulfilled in Cleveland because he wanted to get back to having GM powers and Rogers gave him that. This all happened last year through negotiations and up to the signing and announcement this year. So Shapiro is someone who has had almost a year relationship with the higher ups at rogers, whereas the actual guy who’s employed by rogers isn’t having contract talks, no contract extension, there’s media reports about his being fired and all this stuff. But the guy in the organization who has relationships with rogers (however tenuous it might be based on the chain of command structure AA in his own words described) is the one on the outside looking in, who is not being schmoozed by the higher-ups at rogers to get back (because they were going to sack him). So when the deadline comes and AA gets Beeston to inform rogers about moves, and AA gets clearance/money to make moves, even though AA is the one on the rocks. The whole situation is like a movie script. It can’t be that this actually happened, but it did. It’s really a story about organization structure. So they basically promised this new guy Alex’s job, and changed AA’s job description explicit or not. So AA is seeing what’s going on around him and I’m just saying that he’s very smart. He had to know that things weren’t right. But still he went on and did his job or what he thought maybe his employer wanted, because he had been here for a long time and the same outcome every year was to make it to the WS and win. I mean that intent never changed. Maybe it wasn’t feasible every year but like I think one of the Jays player said in an interview to Wilner, they (the players) go to spring training and they go through the season every year to win the world series (I think it was a Jose interview but I think other players, JD, Stroshow,, Pillar, Revere, one of the Marcos, etc…have made the same point about the baseball season and what fuels the players/team).

    Some people think that rogers didn’t want a winning team. I never believed that because I always believed in the argument bobcat made for years that winning/success breeds more money and if there’s something companies understand it’s money. [About the money business side if Shapiro also points to rogers that he can use small budgets and create sustained progress/success, isn’t that a boost for rogers which cuts down on the amount of money rogers has to spend?] But on PTS many times over the years the point has been made that rogers is a big business that doesn’t look at the sports side as a central thing but more as a side thing because it doesn’t provide the most money for the company. That the sports side is actually a vehicle that allows rogers a platform control to disseminate it’s brand outwards.
    Last week I was listening to the radio and I heard on cbc at 5:30 and on their 6 oclock news segments a business wrap about the bluejays year post season, post trade deadline. The business side of this story, how it brought profits to downtown core (more than the pan am games it was said in the report by an agency that tracks credit transactions, abm access, and other things), interviews with bar owners, fans, new fans, bays street suites, and the best of all the story was about rogers so they had to get rogers people for the story. Someone from rogers said on the show when asked about the teams success and the benefits it brought to everything else, the stadium being full, increase in tv profits for rogers. The guy said it was amazing, it brought in several millions for rogers. It’s what they want going forward to build on this success. When he was asked about if the success this year with rogers allowing AA to spend money is what rogers going to do for the future the guy was noncommital. Then when asked about the overall picture about how rogers is a big successful company making so much money every quarter every year, and about the overall importance of the blue jays in the bigger picture the rogers guy said, the success this year and the fan support is wonderful but that rogers is a big company with many responsibilities and many (what’s the word) segments of the business and that the blue jays is only one part/a small part of the overall business.
    I mean the guy didn’t lie. He said the right things. The best part of the news piece was the roar of the fans from skydome. But the rogers guys comment stuck with me after the fact and as I said on the radio I still think about it. Not all the time but I’m trying to break down the whole thought. I am not a bell or rogers shill. I have thanked and prayed for rogers. Out in the storm this week a rogers employee was working in my area and I thought man rogers employees are the best hardworking people. We were rogers customers when I was little but then we switched to American company and had bad experience and we’ve been long time bell customers before switching to rogers again last year. So I have nothing against rogers unlike how I have personally been affected as a long time bell customer (good/bad). I don’t hate rogers.
    But as I was making the point about on the brady walker show yesterday is that this whole thing is about rogers. It’s about how rogers operates. It’s about rogers optics. It’s about rogers timing (as dave hodge put it this morning the timing was not good). It’s about these people at rogers and it’s also then since they were/are rogers employees then about AA and Shapiro.

    Rogers can’t go back on what they said/did with Shapiro because in many ways that optics and reality will be worse for business than losing AA. But losing AA is bad optics for the fans (and not just for fans but also to future employees that if you do a good job you are expendable), but then again we fans are selfish (Dave Hodge said this, but I’ve always agreed with it especially when it conflicts come up about ethics about abuses (rape, domestic violence) cases, players health and my need to be entertained, about racism-sexism in media industry I support like the film/music industry, in personal safety when it comes to the celebrity news I come across or personally consume). It’s how this sports entertainment relationship works. You entertain me no matter what and I as a fan give you oodles of money (even till I’m broke) to support your and your bosses exorbitant salaries because I’m just a simple minded fan without a brain who can compromise my personal ethics in the need for a high. It’s not really appealing but it’s the truth. FANS ARE SELFISH. I’m not sure if it’s totally a bad thing. We need selfish and people with egos around. I can’t imagine living in a sacrosanct sterilized world.

    Thank you AA. Thank you Rogers. Thank you Paul Beeston. Thank you Blue Jays. Thank you Toronto Sports media (we love to hate but what would we do without you all).

    In the end it’s all entertaining. The long suffering losing. The winning. It’s all life. Shit happens.

    (I would like to apologize to Brady if what I said caused a tipping point/meltdown because that was never my intent. I never called him a shill. I was consuming a lot of media (different orgs, stations, different tweets from NA media people) yesterday and even in the fan comments/tweets I didn’t come across the word shill a lot but a lot of talk about rogers and peoples anger about rogers (maybe brady was being attacked online but I didn’t know because I don’t follow him). In fact when I woke up yesterday and heard the news about AA I wasn’t even angry or surprised but shrugged and said to be expected, gave a typical Toronto meh shrug. I listen to the fan590 and also to other stations. I always forget that the fan is owned by rogers. As a long time listener I have always just forgotten some of the big 4/big 3 companies that own just about everything because I’ve never bought into conspiracies and blaming employees about what their corp does. I wasn’t hearing about the rogers point on the radio aside from maybe the tsn guys most (but other stations were also talking about the rogers connection) and I always forget that they’re owned by bell or rogers. I mean I don’t care. I don’t care about bell rogers rivalry so I don’t know about the internal political stuff between the organizations. So I wasn’t hearing about the rogers connection on the show and if I did it was muted. Brady kept saying he didn’t understand the anger, and I just kept thinking to myself is this person living or from Toronto? Has he never experienced the way Toronto businesses operate? Why does he keep saying that he doesn’t understand why the fans are angry when the Toronto sports fans who became/joined the bluejays long time suffering fans (I’m talking about the young people who never got to experience the dome being raised the team coming here the team starting out the team winning, etc, who only have recent history of the blue jays and only have modern day blue jays heroes who we got to see play who can probably still come back to the league) not the old timer blue jays fans who have stood by our side regaling us of blue jays lore of what was, who have lived through years of corps screwing things up. Us younger fans who have to look at the maple leafs last post season as a beacon of hope, at the raptors recent exists as a beacon of hope, or to other league teams like argos, the Toronto rock, even the marlies as highlights of success. So this lack of understanding of the emotions that Toronto sports fans have been on the past few months and that it’s only been a week to come down and post mortem the whole thing in remembrance, and for his to just keep saying he didn’t understand the fan anger just had me shaking my head, until I felt I had to call in and talk about how I felt this was a rogers thing. I didn’t know that by putting the focus on rogers I was someone denigrating /devaluing brady at his job or whatever. I mean I don’t know why people feel they need to defend the organizations they work for but hey if you feel you’re loyal to a corp then that’s your thing. Maybe it’s the way of my generation where it’s not that we don’t have loyalty to brands, jobs, politics, we just move if something doesn’t suite. It’s not that we’re not easily manipulated, it’s that we’re aware there’s manipulation and some don’t care. It’s a different ethos/perspective. I didn’t understand that by putting a whole pile of steaming poop at rogers door that I was saying all rogers employees are to blame. If all rogers employees were to blame I would definitely need more information about the internal dealings inside rogers and how it operates instead of based on what past employees of rogers have said over the years in public or check in with family members or family friends who might work at rogers. I mean I can’t remember everything and I don’t want to and especially about a company I don’t really care about unlike how I have vast opinions about Bell. So yeah sorry Brady for disrespecting you by interrupting and yelling. I felt you were being kinda condescending to me, because I thought you weren’t even hearing my point about rogers and it made me angry. After I listened more to the show and other shows on the station and flipped the dial, then I realized that oh I forgot the fan is a rogers property. So yeah. I’m crazy is the end all be all.)

    Bottom line is that the fit changed for AA, the environment and the circumstances changed for Rogers and AA and it’s because Alex built the team to win (changed the rogers game), and that rogers was already planning to fire him, that rogers had to come back with sweetened offers to try and sway AA’s decision. The only thing Shapiro did was take a job. And maybe make comments about a gm’s way before the gm was out of the door but really making a valid point about not being given optimal work conditions for the future of his job, which is another laughable situation because as a president/gm he understands that the farm and scouts system is built not for a team to be in perpetual building mode and that there comes times that players are acquired and used to make big trades to set in motion a playoff run (almost as if AA is also not from the same ethos of develop players first, perpetual building mode school of thought that he Mark Shapiro is from). The hypocrisy is hilarious. The situation unfortunate. The entertainment from rogers and the Toronto corps in their relationship with Toronto sports fans, endless torture & eternally hopeful.

    It’s not AA vs Shapiro. It’s always been and will always be about Rogers. I don’t understand why some people think it’s not about Rogers. They own the team. They bring in the people. They pay for these people. They control these people. They can fire these people. It’s their team, their say. It’s their brand. It’s their stadium. It’s their programs and initiatives. It’s their employees that interview their employees. Lol. It’s all rogers all the way down in the entertainment media sphere in the city. People who don’t understand the connection need to just open their eyes.

    Once again I feel the need to point out how I actually dislike Bell. I am not a rogers or bell chill. I am a Torontonian. I like and participate in sports. I am a long time sports fan.

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    ‘To be fair, Rogers has tried to make Ken Reid a star for years and just got rid of the most popular man in Canada and hiring a penny-pincher. We wouldn’t hate Rogers if they made good decisions. ‘

    Lets also remember that Alex was being pushed out by the common fan 6 months ago. Its not like he’s been loved for ever, he had a great 6 months. I was on board with him staying (love his asset collection/management style) but its not like there was a ground swell of support for him a year ago.

    Regarding Shapiro, ill let that one play out, but as Andrew Stoeten suggests (one of the better independent guys out there IMO) Cleveland has a ton of young talent and seems to be one of the places that teams to go for GMs. I think he’s given alot of rope.

    ‘Plus, let’s not forget how much fun it is to make fun of an evil corporation. We are just minions who can never have any real authorities, so we use these forums to collectively vent our frustration.’

    I guess so and your right, just wish it wasn’t every day, every post, its tiring. But your not one of the guys who do that from what I remember.

    Imaging that, civil and honest discourse on here, it is possible 🙂

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    Speaking of, arguably the biggest roundtable in a while and its Reid and Shannon on the roundtable. No baseball guest.

    A bad week continues for Rogers employees, with PTS producers just trailing Shapiro for worst move of the week. 😉

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    I will admit, my Rogers phone services was much better than Bell’s. So, Rogers is very good in that department 🙂

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    William D5 years ago


    Will there be any comment that you post that does not in some way try to defend Rogers or complain about other commenters. I’m not here to tell people how to comment or what to say but I’ve noticed that everyone that has a not so sunshine opinion on Rogers you are there to object. I know you mention time and time again that the negativity towards Rogers on here gets tiresome and repetitive but I find that you are complaining about the exact same thing that you are doing and your complaining about other commenter/s gets tiresome. If you are so stressed out about the number of objective opinions about Rogers, why bother to continue to post a defensive comment every time or continue to read the comments. There are a number of other media blogs on the world wide web save yourself the stress.

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    Keith Murdoch5 years ago

    What was going on with that PTS roundtable? Why did they waste any time on the Leafs? TFC just ended their playoffs and Raptors started their new season, and they talk about the Leafs? This was not the week to bring on a hockey centric guy like Eric Francis.

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    Broadcaster5 years ago

    I work in Radio in Toronto as an on air personality. I don’t draw a salary from the big two, but anyone who is on the air in this town is being very careful in how they call this one. I’d love to talk about how Edward Rogers royally screwed this team for the past year, but I may need to cash a cheque with his last name on it one day… Don’t fool yourself into thinking anyone is covering this AA F-up with full integrity. Here is what needs to be said, and everyone is scared to say it…

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    Dogpounder5 years ago

    Did anyone hear the creepy Rovell segment talking about his “date” with Kate Upton when she was 17? That was some bizarre shit, from all parties involved in the conversation.

    I look forward to Deitsch co-hosting next week. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely he’ll be there for a Rovell segment. Would be epic.

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    Will there be any comment that you post that does not in some way try to defend Rogers or complain about other commenters.

    Sure, heres one a few posts up! 🙂

    ‘If im the FAN I look at how awful our morning show is, not whose saying what on the other side.’

    Your right, I have not said how bad the FAN’s morning show is (ops, I just did). I haven’t said how Tim and Sid isn’t for me (I actually did), I haven’t gone after the previous Program Director for ripping the station apart (I actually did), I haven’t called Ken Reid the worst personality in Toronto (I actually did)

    Appologies, but I tend to be sarcastic sometimes. The only person who I go hard on is ‘Blue Jays Fan’, who had about 6/7 others doing just what I was doing. Also turns out he operates under multiple usernames, pretty fair to go after him over, no?

    ‘mike (in boston) – There’s lots of other topics in this column — women in sports radio, Alter on working for a newspaper vs a radio station, the value of beat reporting, cord-cutting, a JVH comment about entitled youngsters, etc. — and I think readers would enjoy seeing those topics discussed.’

    You right, im the only one who is incredibly tired of the same thing over and over again. When MIB says its time to expand the dialog, its a sign that the topic has been talked to death, just to bad no one seems to respect the poor guy to try to move the dialog along. One day maybe 🙂

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    Dave in Bolton5 years ago

    Brady is a horrible and can go back to Detroit for all I care. Walker carries that show with useless Brady . TSN is far better then shifty SN. TSN is even better at covering the competition property they do it with class and dignity. SN forever 2nd place and they can buy what ever they want it will NEVER be better then TSN

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    “but as Andrew Stoeten suggests (one of the better independent guys out there IMO)”.

    Actually, I found Stoeten’s reaction to this incredibly bizarre and irritating. For a guy who went ape shit on his blog multiple times over AA’s moves (moves that from all sounds of things the incoming guy would never have the fortitude to make) to on a dime turn and say in his podcast “oh well, AA isn’t THAT important to the team” and “if that’s the price you have to pay to get Mark Shipiro then you have to do it” all the while ignoring the questions of why (why is mark Shapiro better than AA? He’s not IMO. Why promise AA’s job responsibilities to someone else at the end of August when the team is in 1st and the fanbase is the most energized in 22 years? Why do we even need an ex-GM to come take over Beeston’s role, why not a business savvy non-baseball guy?) was frustrating to listen to.

    In fact, now I’m not a Rogers conspiracy guy but if I was an exec there and was going to direct my media arm how to change the narrative, Stoeten’s response wouldn’t be all that far off from the blueprint I give them.

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    The companies that own Sportsnet and TSN own all the major sports teams in Toronto. Those companies have a vested interest in the success of the teams that they own. ‘Disinterested third party’ is the definition of objectivity. Therefore, by definition, nobody at TSN or Sportsnet can be objective. Greg Brady’s oft heard defense that ‘nobody is forcing me to shill for the network by beating me with a rubber hose and a phone book’ is impotent. Sportsnet pays his salary and to a large extent controls his destiny. For Brady to believe that dynamic doesn’t influence his commentary is naive.

    And for any fans in Toronto to think for a nanosecond that ownership has zero influence on the commentary of their broadcasters is so fucking naive it is beyond comprehension.

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    Anthony: “Imaging that, civil and honest discourse on here, it is possible :)”

    Yes but only by you. Damn, can you get any more patronizing an condescending?

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    I actually stopped following Stoeten because every tweet and article struck me as a “hey Rogers, hire me!” type post. He defends the team/organization more than most and I just see him as a Wilner Jr.
    Its a shame too, because he could be great.
    And yes, Greg Brady is told annually to be mindful of what he says about the blue jays (they are your colleagues afterall – boss) as do all other SN employees. That’s a fact. Its just too bad none of them seem to be able to be objective. I’m pretty sure you could be a good company guy AND be fairly objective. Instead we get Wilner’s.

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    No condescension at all with Mitch, we don’t agree with many things but he keeps it polite and respectful, which is refreshing, he doesn’t revert to name calling or throwing out the ‘your a shill!!!!’ card, he can actually articulate his points.

    Have a good weekend (I do mean that)

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    When Brady was at 640 with Watters he used to often take shots at 590 and McCown…………that didn’t stop 590 from hiring him and I doubt this rant would stop Bell/TSN from hiring him if he ever wanted to go there, especially since he offered a mea culpa the next day…………Brady referred to his rant as a “cheap shot” and said it was the second time in 18 years that he felt that bad about something he said on the air

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    Brady is a moron. He is misogynist and ill informed politically, socially. His entire narrative revolves around being a dick. His views on #metoo make me wonder how his spouse puts up with him.