Tuesday Toronto Sports Media Musings

By TSM @yysportsmedia

Pretty brutal day today in the world of media here in Canada.

I’m not going to give you the play by play of who got terminated by Bell Media, James Bradshaw did a great recap in his article today:

Some of the more high-profile staff who were ousted this week include CTV News Ottawa co-anchor Carol Anne Meehan and sports reporter Carolyn Waldo; CTV News Channel anchor Amanda Blitz; CTV News Vancouver reporter Peter Grainger; TSN reporter Sheri Forde; CFRB-Newstalk 1010 personality Mike Toth; and TSN Radio senior producer Todd Hayes and co-host David Bastl.

Yet many of the cuts targeted staff behind the scenes, including veteran CTV assignment editor Dave Biro. Camera and truck operators, sound technicians, finance staff, receptionists and producers all lost jobs this week.

The second worst job in the world in my opinion is having to tell someone that their services are no longer needed at their place of work. (the first is being a dr. and having to tell someone they have a terminal disease).

The vast majority of those let go today are the “unsung” heroes at Bell. They are the ones working behind the scenes ensuring that the place runs smoothly. In most cases I’m told that they were long standing employees too.

Let’s all hope they find work soon.

The Off The Record news is quite shocking and telling, again to me.

Having a talent like Landsberg doing spot duty with online segments and news features is a huge waste of talent and money.

Michael should be on TSN radio 1050.

Beginning, middle and end.

Pulling David Bastl from the morning show and leaving Richards alone is a clear sign to me that the end of that show is near.

From where I am sitting, having a one man morning show where the ratings are blips to begin with is as much a sign of surrender then anything else.

I can tell you this, not one person that I know would have said “if you want to fix the morning show get rid of David Bastl.”

I think it will take some time to figure out what all of this means.

For now it means that too many good people are looking for work.


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