Dan Shulman Returns Toronto Sports Media Open Thread

By TSM @yyzsportsmedia

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The week that started with the Bell layoffs ended with the return of Dan Shulman, as it was announced that Shulman will be joining the Sportsnet Blue Jays broadcast team for some 30 games this up coming season.

This is fantastic news for Blue Jays fans.

Not only is Dan a Toronto guy who got his start at The Fan 590, but he’s amongst the best broadcasters in North America. Shulman is currently the voice of ESPN Sunday night baseball in addition to NCAA college basektball.

The only folks who were none too pleased about this were the folks at Bell and more specifically TSN radio who have lost the ability to have Shulman on their airwaves.

At a time when not too much seems to be going Bell’s way this certainly doesn’t help.

This is quite the coupe for Sportsnet.

Buck Martinez frequently takes time off during the season and his slot has been filled nicely by Matt Devlin in the past. That role, I presume will now be filled by Shulman.

So, it’s been a few days since the moves at Bell, what do you think of what’s left?

Richards is now flying solo. Is the show better? Worse? The same???

Word is that Dean Blundell will have yet another guest co-host this week. Do you like the roving co-hosts?

Michael Landsberg (I am not dead yet) and his OTR will be brushed off TV at the end of the year in it’s current format. Will you miss it????

Lastly, what do you think of the return of Danny Boy????

The 20 questions segment with Elliotte Friedman will run later in the week!

Happy weekend!


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