Media Takes On David Price Leaving Blue Jays; Next Edition of Ask The MSM Ray Ferraro

By TSM @yyzsportsmedia

Happy Wednesday!

Once again the Rogers Sports media vs the world issue is front and centre as David Price has cashed in his chimps for the arch rival Boston Red Sox.

What do you think of the coverage so far???

Blair, Grange and Griffin have been the best in writing so far IMHO

I’ve been laid up dealing with 3 wisdom teeth being pulled so I haven’t been listening to the radio.

A reader tells me that Stephen Brunt in the 10 AM hour on Thursday November 26 had some interesting comments about McCown and his news breaking predictions, it happens at about the 12:30 mark of that hour. Did anyone else catch it????

So, the feedback to our last edition of ask the msm has been off the charts positive! Thanks again to Elliotte Friedman for taking part.

Next up is Ray Ferraro so stay tuned for the post to send in your questions.

Happy hump day.

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December 2, 2015 3:01 pm

Brunt quipped he thought all the news broken on the station happened between 4 and 7.

Blair gave it a chuckle and an “oh boy,” iirc.

Rob J
Rob J
December 2, 2015 3:17 pm

Doesn’t sound like a shot at Bob, just that 4-7 is when stuff happens, like the Price signing.

Brian Gerstein (Raptors Devotee)
December 2, 2015 4:29 pm

The coverage RE: Price is all over the map. All the way from the sky is falling/Rogers is being cheap i.e. Gareth Wheeler, to the other end of the spectrum in Dirk Hayhurst, who was concerned about the length of the contract and Price blowing his arm out, to Jonah Keri who says the Jays will be just fine without him.

My feelings are that if the Jays wanted to give them a better chance to win now, i.e. 2016 then of course Price would be huge to have in their starting line-up, but 7 years is nuts for a 30 year old IMO whose arm strength has already decreased 2-3 M.P.H. and is a power pitcher. Price on a 3-year contract I am all for that, but that was never going to be an option. In fact, Price himself has an opt-out clause after 3 years with the Red Sox, which I would be blown away on if he would take advantage of that at 33 years old.

If Price had gone to the NL and not to a divisional rival, and one who spends freely, the media’s reaction would have been far more tame by those who are upset about it, as that was a complaint they had. The Jays had no control over that, Price was free to sign anywhere, so I don’t get that, as that is just the luck of the draw, so just deal with it.

Bottom line for me, I went to 5 games in September and a playoff game, and was totally into the Jays run, and of course want to see it continue into 2016, which in baseball is always a huge question mark, as this sport can be very unpredictable year to year. The Jays got career seasons out of pretty much their whole roster except for Hutchison, so we will have to see how the season plays out. The starting rotation should be fine as long as the run support is there, but I would like to see a bit more depth, and have the bullpen solidified as well.

William D
William D
December 2, 2015 8:59 pm

Bottom Line is Rogers communications from day one of ownership was never going to put itself among the top three payrolls in baseball, for any one or two highly talented players as labbats did back then only to have it all come crashing down regardless of the world series wins. There are money hungry shareholders(which is very strange ownership for a baseball team) that love their business to always be on an sharp incline, and everyone knows the jays are not always on an incline.

Matty Zero
December 2, 2015 9:58 pm

I’m with Devotee here, though I may have gone to 5 years, with the opt-out after 2 years. I realize people say, ‘Hey, it’s not my money,’ but the Jays will need some of that cash to hopefully lock up Donaldson, one of either JB or EE, and the other young arms.

Keri is right. one player, even as good as Price, will not derail that lineup. They will just have to get some value and shore up the pen, and find another starter. Maybe even from within, be it Sanchez or Osuna. That will cost way less than 31 mil a year.

December 3, 2015 12:41 am

The Rogers guide to winning over fans:

1. Chase away AA
2. Dramatically raise ticket prices
3. Refuse to even offer Price a contract

Ergo, they’ve destroyed much of the goodwill they’ve built up. Corporate geniuses over there at Rogers. I have a bad, bad feeling about this ShapEYEro fellow. With Shapiro, we now have a president who talks of “diversifying risk” in the rotation instead of committing all that $ to one pitcher. What the hell is that bs? In a year where Bautista and EE’s contracts are up he wants to play it safe instead of going all in? “Diversifying risk” got him really, really far in Cleveland.

If I ran into Shapiro on the street I’d ask him, “How do you think bringing in three #3 pitchers instead of an ace worked for the Red Sox last year?” Ben Cherington decided to hoard #3 pitchers last off-season and brought in Wade Miley, Rick Porcello, and Justin Masterson to “rebuild” the rotation after losing out on bringing John Lester back and failing to go after a different ace. IT WAS A DISASTER. Ironically, the Jays are now making the EXACT SAME mistake while losing Price to the RED SOX who signed him to FIX last off-season’s blunder.

JA Happ, Jesse Chavez, and Marco Estrada are all veterans who pitched WAY better than their career averages last season. They’re all prime regression candidates and this is a disaster waiting to happen. Thanks ShapEYEro.

December 3, 2015 7:17 am

I guess todays talking point will be the Morosi story that had AA stayed as GM, they at least would have offered Price somehing.

December 3, 2015 8:20 am


And last year’s big free agent signing was Max Scherzer who led the Nationals to……. There is no tried and true formula for success, so there probably isn’t the need for being down on a team that still has the best offense in baseball.

The Morosi article may as well be titled “What maybe might have happened in an alternate universe”. What is the point in speculating on what the guy who is no longer the GM might have done, other than preying on an already seething fan base.

Poker Guy
Poker Guy
December 3, 2015 9:20 am

Re: Coverage of Price TSNR vs. 590
I fully expected 590 to be apologists and shills, but to my surprise it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. TSNR (as Brian Gerstein pointed out) Wheeler calling the Jays cheap, have been as critical as I expected, and perhaps rightly so.
I am disappointed that the Jays did not at least attempt to make a cursory offer to Price, even though he may not have wanted to come back at all.
By signing Happ,and Chavez, it feels like 2013-14 all over again. Until this year, AA was all about signing guys that the team had control over, and building the farm team, etc. Shapiro may be AA 2.0 We’ll see. If the Jays are not contenders next season, I am sure one of Baustista and/or Encarnacion will be dealt, to help with the “future” of the team.
Excuse if that happens, but I seen that picture before.

December 3, 2015 12:57 pm

I get not wanting to sign Price at 31 mil a year for 7 years. Nearly every huge free agent contract like this starts looking rough after a year or two. I can respect that decision.

But what I can’t respect is if Rogers keeps payroll the same as last year or lowers it.

3 months of sellouts, country wide enthusiasm, 4 million people watching the games. How do you not double down on that? How do you not capitalize on that and keep the buzz going? How do you not reward the fans for their passion (and the money they’re spending)?

THEN factor in that Rogers is raising ticket prices!

Totally absent, idiotic ownership.

December 3, 2015 2:46 pm

As far as the COVERAGE of the event, I think Jeff Blair had it best. He’s the most knowledgeable baseball reporter out there and as TSM has put, his coverage of the event, taking a ‘the sky isn’t falling’ look at things makes a ton of logical sense. As others have said, deals like that very rarely work out.

Buster Only had a nice take on his MLB podcast, he wasn’t a fan of the deal either.

December 3, 2015 3:50 pm

Perception. It’s all perception.
If price signs that deal with Bluejays, we as fans are ecstatic and pumped! Nobody other than hipster cynics would even point out that in 7 years he’d be making too much. No, instead we would legit be talking World Series. Who cares about 7 years from now or the $$$, Rogers proved to us they are committed to at least trying to win! Instead, today we are talking about cheap owners taking the cheap route to success (re: being lucky).
They should have at least offered a contract and put the onus on Price turning it down. At least then the perception would be that the owner cares about winning.

Chef Mike in Burlington
December 3, 2015 5:22 pm

7 years and $31M for a 30 year old guy is nuts. As much fun as it is banging on Rogers for their usual cheap ass ways, that deal would be a disaster, just like the last 4 years of every other shitty monster deal usually is…

Every team, including this one, has lots of other needs and $31M/yr tied up in one guy, regardless of skill, handcuffs you for years.

Fans hate that Rogers runs this team like profit centre, not like a fan who wants a winner maybe would, but this was the best baseball decision too…

December 3, 2015 11:06 pm

@Chef Mike

I would argue that the Price deal will be exactly as regretful as the Justin Verlander deal looks right now. There aren’t to many 30 year old pitchers that get better entering their mid 30s.

Kipling Birchmont
Kipling Birchmont
December 4, 2015 2:43 am

Does the owner of the Toronto baseball team have any clue?
The 2016 Blue Jays calendar has David Price on the cover and pics
of Reyes and Norris inside.–david-price-appears-on-the-cover-of-the-20

December 4, 2015 6:25 am

Kudos to Marty York for calling Price a fraud and a bum while also ripping Rogers as bandits for not signing him.

Looking forward to the Ferraro feature. Smart guy.

William D
William D
December 4, 2015 11:24 am

Guys we have to remember that the contract tendered to Price reflects the fact that Price has had no Tommy John and no time on the disabled list and oh ya has been the leagues most dominate lefty and top three pitchers for how many years now. Rogers not even budging on making an offer was ridiculous as oppose to smart as some would call it.

December 4, 2015 12:30 pm


There has never been a 7 year deal thats been a good one….I get your unabashed hate for ROgers but looking at this using facts and logic, it just doesn’t make sense

‘The Dodgers got two fabulous seasons from Brown right out of the chute (31-15, 2.80 ERA, 68 starts, 154 ERA-Plus). But then came those final five seasons, in which he made more than 22 starts just once and spent the final two years of both his contract and career with the Yankees. And we’d still rank this as the best of all of these deals.’

December 4, 2015 12:30 pm

And to add, you just described Barry Zito pre his 7 year deal…

William D
William D
December 4, 2015 1:32 pm


You seem to be going off on a tangent as usual and simply looking for reason to rant about people hating Rogers(Which is simply tiresome), I could care less about the lack of success of seven year deals, do we know for a fact that it was term with Price as oppose to dollars? I don’t know the ins and outs of the deal, The fact of the matter is, Jays media will always boast about the fact that they are a top ten payroll, yet one of the best pitchers in baseball is available and they don’t even make an offer, this seems like the Carlos Delgado scenario when Richardi was here, you have one of the best hitters in baseball going to free agency and the Jays don’t even budge to make him an offer, So this is not the first for this organization. The thing to look at is this, Is this not the year that will see your best two hitters and two of the leagues best two hitters test the free agent market?
I guess you love those optics, not to mention the logic you always speak of. I’d say the damage control since Alex’s departure is really going well not hiring Tony Lacava for whatever reason and not tendering Price and offer. Wouldn’t you say that Rogers/Shapiro have a good handle of PR.

December 4, 2015 2:19 pm

@WIlliam, lets not troll….

There has never been a 7 year contract that’s worked out, as a matter of fact, every single one of them have been financial disasters. Does it sound like a good thing to sign up for something this is doomed from the start? I don’t see how it makes sense, but have at it.

The evidence is damning.

William D
William D
December 4, 2015 4:05 pm


lets forget the 7 year thing as I been trying to say over and over, the jays made no offer, NONE, NOTTA, not a cent, and apparently this is a byproduct of the fact that Anthopolous was not there. Reports surfaced a couple of days ago that Alex would have at least made an offer, why because Alex understands how to handle the media and fans. All I am saying is that the optics of making a guy that propelled you into the playoffs, no offer is horrible, and as I’ve mentioned before this is not the first time the Jays have had greatness and just let it go without any fight. End of story. You can keep beating the seven year horse but I’m done.

December 4, 2015 5:14 pm

Good to see: few are hammering on Rogers about all this more than Blundell and Bobcat – even including TSN voices. They each have different takes, and I’m not bringing it up to discuss their opinions – just that they are hammering their employer. Blair not so much. Brady & Walker not so much either. For Bobcat it is nothing new. For Blundell it is a good way for him to draw in new listeners and solidify his current listenership which I’m sure is part of his motivation – though it is testament to the fact that he believes he is solid in his morning position.

December 4, 2015 6:29 pm

Anyone quoting Marty York should not be allowed to comment.

Rob J
Rob J
December 4, 2015 7:17 pm

@billyjoe, etc
Marty York’s been right about so many things Jays related, including the departure of AA> No one takes more abuse on twitter but at the end of the day, the Jays have won exactly the number of World Series has he has predicted. When you say the exact opposite things as the homers at Rogers, you will be right a LOT.

December 4, 2015 7:59 pm


Thats fine that you want to throw it out, and im sure if the Jays could throw the 7 year deal out as well, but its the most relevant aspect of this debate. There literally has been no player signed to a deal of that length that has had 3/4 years of success. Every single one of those deals have been awful. (see the list above). If it was a 5 year deal at that money I’m the first one that lines up and agrees it was awful that they didn’t sign him, the history of those deals arn’t great, but not nearly as bad as 7 year deals, but that was never an option.

Thank you for not trolling this time.

Fine to take Rogers to task, no issues there, but he’s so nuclear and out there that no legitimate news source will touch him, in an environment that encourages stupid pot shots to both sides. The fact that no one is willing to touch him shows what he’s thought of, I honestly worry about his mental stability sometimes.

Anyone who suggests that Bobcat takes it easy on Rogers needs to listen to that 2 hour block. Its a shame that him and Blair couldn’t have had an inspired debate without Reid trying to power talk over them. I still don”t understand what Ken Reid does…

Mike V
Mike V
December 4, 2015 8:17 pm

Rob j, Marty York has been right about nothing. Absolutely nothing. End of discussion.

The reason he takes abuse is that he’s a terrible ex-journalist. And going by his public persona, he’s an even worse person who actively brings it on himself.

Rob J
Rob J
December 4, 2015 8:28 pm

Greinke just signed with Arizona. Guess LA and SF don’t want to win

December 4, 2015 10:55 pm

I quoted Marty because he is crazy. I am oddly fascinated with guys like him, Dowbiggin, and Dan Russell in Vancouver who have combined irrelevance with obliviousness. It’s wild.

December 5, 2015 6:30 am

‘Greinke just signed with Arizona. Guess LA and SF don’t want to win’

Ha! Guess not lol.

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