Media Takes On David Price Leaving Blue Jays; Next Edition of Ask The MSM Ray Ferraro

By TSM @yyzsportsmedia

Happy Wednesday!

Once again the Rogers Sports media vs the world issue is front and centre as David Price has cashed in his chimps for the arch rival Boston Red Sox.

What do you think of the coverage so far???

Blair, Grange and Griffin have been the best in writing so far IMHO

I’ve been laid up dealing with 3 wisdom teeth being pulled so I haven’t been listening to the radio.

A reader tells me that Stephen Brunt in the 10 AM hour on Thursday November 26 had some interesting comments about McCown and his news breaking predictions, it happens at about the 12:30 mark of that hour. Did anyone else catch it????

So, the feedback to our last edition of ask the msm has been off the charts positive! Thanks again to Elliotte Friedman for taking part.

Next up is Ray Ferraro so stay tuned for the post to send in your questions.

Happy hump day.

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