Gifts To The Toronto Sports Media

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By TSM @yyzsportsmedia

Happy Holidays to one and all!!!

In the spirit of giving I thought it would make sense to hand out some holiday gifts to those in the games we cover:

* To those who lost jobs at Bell, Telus, Rogers or CHCH, our gift to you is a job doing what you love soon!
* To Jeff Blair, better ratings, we can only guess what’s going on there, but the show is better than the ratings suggest
* To TSN 1050 PD Jeff McDonald, a healthy lineup
* To Greg Brady and Andrew Walker, either your own shows, or a meaningful time slot
* To all the hockey insiders, more deals during the year, and given how few there have been this year a record setting deadline day
* To Dirk Hayhurst, a regular sports gig
* To Jeff Marek, a more prominent role in the Toronto Sports media scene
* Michael Traikos, Scott Stinson, Eric Koreen, John Lott and the rest of the writers at The National Post: a broader reader base
* To Bruce Arthur, Richard Griffin, Dave Feschuk, Doug Smith and the rest of the writers at The Toronto Star: a sports section without Rosie in it, at least not this Rosie.
* To Bob Elliott, Steve Simmons, Steve Buffery, Lance Hornby, Terry Koshan, Ryan Wolstat, an online website without a ridiculous paywall
* To David Shoalts: a few more exclusives with Bob McCown
* James Mirtle: a team with more upside to cover
* Catahl Kelly: More colleagues to reduce the amount of effort it apparently takes
* The TSN 1050 lineup: a bigger audience
* To Tony Ambrogio: more on air time
* Dave Cadeau: anther Blue Jays season like last season
* Bob McCown: a better array of part time hosts and a makeup session with Stephen Brunt
* Dean Blundell: a real co-host or more time with the likes of John Paul Morosi
* To the hosts of the “news” shows on TSN, Sportsnet and the Score: younger audiences tuning in
* Nelson Millman : a lineup featuring Stellick and Landry, Hogan and Toth, Howard Berger and Norm Rumak
* Howard Berger: a tax attorney & a job in the business
* Mike Wilner: one night to go off on your callers without any repercussions.
* Shi Davidi: recognition on a bigger world stage for the work you do.
* Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph: 5 year passes to leaf road games
* Dan Shulman: More time at home now that you are back (in part) where you belong)
* Matt Devlin, Eric Smith, Paul Jones, Jack Armstrong: a bigger audience year round
* John Paul Morosi and Richard Deitsch, more plan trips north for longer periods, we love when you are on the air.
* To the ladies in the sports business, congrats for where you are, and many, many more opportunities in the marketplace for you and those who follow you! We want our first female radio host in Toronto!
* Our readers: First our thanks for coming back, your loyalty and participating. Then, more content and more respect in the comments
* TO MIB: a huge thanks for picking up the slack, for the awesome weekly articles and the odd coffee too.
To all in the industry, especially those who agree to engage in interviews, provide feedback ad engage us as frequently as you do, we thank you! We wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season with friends and family.


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