David Shoalts Tweets Radio Ratings & What’s Happening In The D?

By TSM @yyzsportsmedia

Happy Hump Day!!


Yes, David Shoalts published via twitter today the Fall Toronto sports radio ratings.

Usual caveats:

The ratings system sucks
Those who control the ratings refuse to make them public (likely at the request of the stations themselves)

One major surprise in the results tweeted by Shoalts, that is that Jeff Blair’s numbers were the lowest on the Fan 590.
The rest?

Here are some highlights:

The “excuses”, according to Shoalts? The Blue Jays run and the fact that both Mike Richards and Bob Mackowyz were on health leaves.

I’ll say that the Jays were the death blow, the health issues certainly didn’t help but……

Mike Richards over the summer until the end of November ranged from a 1.0 to a 1.22 – ouch

Over at the Fan?

So Dean had a 6.4 in April, dropped to a 5.73 June through August and then rose with the Jays to a 7.86. The Blue Jays bump 7.86 is Dean’s best # ever, however it’s lower than Brady and Walker pulled in 2014 (nice work Don).

One has to wonder where The Blue Jays audience went. The Fan had an astronomical 11.3 share for Jays games and that eroded down to a 7.8 the next am, which, according to Shoalts wasn’t as pronounced when Brady and Walker were around. WOW

As I mentioned above, I don’t get this:

However Blair’s numbers jumped with Baseball Central to a 5.5

Leafs Lunch, according to Shoalts ended up at a 1.9 in September.

Brady and Walker (with some Jays games) pulled in decent numbers (5.75 summer & 7.2 Fall) vs Bryan Hayes (.97 & 1.48 for same periods)

PTS and McCown? 6.69 Summer and 11.9 in the fall vs. 7 share in 2014! Wholly Jays bump Batman!

And Naylor :1.3 and 1.65

Lastly, the night time numbers for the Jays on the Fan were stellar: 7.7 and 11.3

Have to love Shoalts taking some shots at some “Talent”

So there you have it….


From 1994-1997 I lived in the suburbs of Detroit. Sports radio was very in vogue at the time, Dan Patrick, The Fabulous Sports Babe and Detroit had a new Sports Radio station, WDFN the Fan 1130. Add to that a regional sports network PASS, three daily newspapers and a bevy of sports news folks on TeeVee.

As I’ve told you on many of occasions before, part of the inspiration for this site came from The Detroit Sports Rag. At the time I think it was more of a message board but the commentary was hilarious and accurate. It was also pretty filthy (in a good way). I loved that the writers (and audience) had no issues calling out any of the local MSM (before there was an MSM) for saying or writing something stupid.

When I moved to Toronto early in 2005, I was surprised that there was nothing like it here and several months later this site was born.

Well, the DSR is still going in various formats and on December 31st they wrote an expose on one of the Detroit MSM who has allegedly been caught plagiarizing!:

A DSR investigation has revealed that Drew Sharp, longtime writer for the Freep, has been caught plagiarizing a November 20 article written by David Harns of iSportsWeb. The article in question detailed Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook’s relationship with Miranda McCoy, an Ohio woman who developed a fondness for the MSU football team after suffering major injuries in an automobile accident. McCoy, now a quadriplegic, shared her story with Harns in a detailed account.

A few weeks later, on December 4th, Sharp also told the story of Miranda McCoy and Connor Cook in his Freep column. The similarities between Sharp’s article and the Harns piece are striking, and with good reason. Drew Sharp stole the Harns story and presented it as his own.

Jeff and the guys at the DSR do an excellent job detailing the allegations of theft in their column. It’s well worth the read and there are a few updates too. It’s a story worth following. It immediately brought back memories to me of the time Mitch Albom wrote a story about a game he wasn’t at.

Lastly, did you catch Doug MacLean on the fan morning show this am? He was on for a solid 15-20 minutes and he brought his A game. He gave the Toronto Maple Leaf brass plenty of kudos, calling the fact that they have been unable to trade only Phil Kessel from last years team at this point the lone negative.

Equally as good was Mike and Mike yesterday am with Ryan Clark of the Washington RedSkins. Both are worth listening to.


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