Toronto Sports Media Roundup


Happy Friday!

Some random thoughts on a Friday morning:

The sports media “event” of the week had to be new Blue Jays pres Mark Shapiro appearing on PTS with Bob Mccwon. My two cents, despite whatever he may do as a CEO, Shapiro came across as unlikeable. Maybe you don’t care. Maybe it doesn’t matter. To me, Shapiro continues to fail to connect with the fans. That simple.

I am be alone on the island but I don’t care where the Jays play their spring training games. I’d like them to have a killer facility, but where? I don’t care.

When Greg Brady went on vacation, Bob McCown appeared on the Brady and Walker show. With Dean Blundell away this week, Bob McCown appeared on the morning show. Coincidence? Hmmmmmmmmm

Speaking of the morning show, I may have bee wrong when I said the problem with the sports radio market in Toronto right now is that there is no bench, no one in the minors. Ben Ennis was a refreshing change on the Fan all week. I’d like to see him continue to get chances to host in the meaningful time slots.

Toronto Mike does a very cool regular podcast with various Toronto personalities. If you have over an hour to kill Mike Richards stepped into Toronto Mike’s basement this week (literally) and Richards was unplugged. Richards went after some big names in the session and came across as confident (if not cocky) and a firm believer in his format of radio. Among those who Richards went after: Pat Marsden, John Derringer, Nelson Millman, Pat Marsden plus his current bosses at Bell, his former bosses at Rogers.

He tells an interesting tale of how he was being represented by JP Barry and had to decide beween an offer to do mornings at the Fan or TSN and in my opinion at least in part blamed Barry for endning up at TSN.

He was pretty defensive f his former co-host David Bastil which was nice to hear.

Again, it’s over an hour, so it’s an investment of time, but if you are into this stuff, it’s an interesting listen.

Still with Richards, did you happen to catch him this am? He reached into his closet and brought out his Vijay Singh Indian voice over bit. I’ll admit that I heard him start down that path and immediately flipped the station. A few minutes later, just before Dregger made his daily appearance he read a tweet from a listener who tweeted that Singh is from Fiji and that Richards had the wrong accent!

Richards response? ” Really? I think this show isn’t for you”.

I didn’t conduct a poll, however, I’d bet that given the ratings, the show isn’t for most people….. (Mike states that the station is achieving it’s sales targets despite this on his podcast with Toronto Mike).

Finally, I’m happy to report that since TSN 1150 came on the air I have not listened to one caller segment on any sports radio. The benefits of choice!

Have a great weekend!

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