Toronto Raptors Media Coverage Begins Again

By Aaron

Hey Everyone,

It’s a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to cover the Toronto Raptors media for this wonderful site.

Just a little about myself. I am a sports junkie and writing enthusiast, with strong and insightful opinions, who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and back it up.

Before Jonah reached out to me I had been a recent contributor to the infamous Raptors blog – Raptors Republic – posting articles whenever I got the opportunity. Writing about sports- and basketball/Raptors in particular – is something that I am very passionate about. That, along with travelling, playing sports and watching American politics.

Before I got into the writing game this year, I had dreams of being a sports agent. I went to Law School in Miami and did a Masters in Sports Administration. Things haven’t quite worked out that way yet (I still hold out hope) but writing about sports is the next best thing for me. I am also currently working for a media company, so the fit couldn’t be more perfect.

I look forward to a great experience writing for this site and contributing to it’s longevity going forward.


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