Toronto Sports Media Hump Day



Happy hump day!

15 degrees in the GTA today??? While I love it, it just cant be good can it?

So, the Maple Leafs changes their logo, again.  It is what I thought it would be in that it’s a tweak.Darren Dreger said it best this am, “It’s just a Maple Leaf”.

Truth be told, it’s just further admission of years upon years of failure.  If the team is a winner, you don’t mess with logos.

I don’t like or dislike the new logo, it is what it is.

I was at the Bruce Springsteen concert at the ACC last night.  Couple of points:

Show was awesome.  The guy is a machine and he and his band clearly love what they do.

You pay all the money for the show and you leave early?  I don’t get it ACC… More than a handful of fans bolted way before the end…Good to see Stroumboulopoulos and other media types hung in until the bitter end!

So, I hate when a ticket is sold way above face price.  When brokers buy all the inventory ahead of the public, it sucks.  So the ACC had a policy last night that if you pre-ordered tickets you didn’t get a physical ticket; instead you had to present the paying credit card to the ticket taker.  Your card was scanned and a ticket printed.  Sounds easy enough right?


Chaos… Totally bungled by the staff at the ACC.

Someone I was with had the paying credit card, but her id didn’t match the name on the card (no instruction said it had to) and the moron ticket taker tried to refuse her entry… Not smart.

Highlight of the night was when an 89 year old woman got lifted on to the stage to have a birthday dance with The Boss!

It’s Superbowl week!  Is it me or is the hype a lot lower this year than in the past?

I find it funny that Toronto media outlets (what’s left of them) are sending reporters to the game this early.

The Toronto Sun has been kind enough to be dropping off a free print copy of their publication at my house.  I will admit it, I LOVE getting a physical paper.  The other day after a Raptors game, and no Leafs game, the Raptors appeared on page 11 of the sports section even after an 11 game winning streak.  I know, I know, I know…don’t bother telling me it’s a Leafs town.  I can still know it and be disappointed.


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