Changes Coming To TSN 1050?

by TSM

Details are a little tight right now but here is what my sources are telling me changes are coming to TSN 1050.


i don’t have the final details, and I don’t know when it will happen but here’s the gist of what I am hearing:

Mornings with David Naylor and Michael Landsberg

Afternoon drive with Bryan Hayes and current Leafs Lunch members like  Jeff O’Neil

Hayes current slot filled by Mike Richards

I haven’t heard whether Leafs lunch remains 12-2

I haven’t heard what’s happening with mid morning show


I will give you my more thoughts and more when I have some time this evening and as I hear more however I will say, at a glance I like the changes.  Mornings are a good upgrade vs. Fan 590 and the drive improves as well vs. McCown.




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