TSN 1050 New Lineup Confirmed: Andi Petrillo New Host Leafs Lunch

TSN 1050 New Lineup Confirmed: Andi Petrillo New Host Leafs Lunch

by TSM


It’s been a few weeks since we told you that TSN 1050 was finally going to shuffle the lineup to one where perhaps it could compete with the incumbent Fan 590.  Not much has been said or written said, however we are told the details are now final and the lineup will be officially unveiled tomorrow( Thursday).  The details, you will see are fairly consistent with our initial post, except that Leafs Lunch has a new host, Andi Petrillo!  This is awesome news.  Andi becomes the first female to host her own show in sports radio in Canada. This is so long overdue and such a great feat.  It could not have happened to a better person too.


Here’s the lineup:

    5:30 to 9 a.m. : David Naylor & Michael Landsberg (Naylor & Landsberg in the morning)

9:00 to 12 p.m.: Game Day With Matt Cauz

12:00 to 1pm:  Leafs Lunch With Andi Petrillo

1:00 to 4pm: Mike Richards

4:00 to 7pm: Bryan Hayes, Jamie McLennan, and Jeff O’Neill (Overdrive with Hayes, Noodles & The O’dog)


Here are a couple of things I’ve learned:

The morning show will feature regulars  including Bruce Arthur, Steve Simmons, Steve Phillips and Jack Armstrong.

Gareth Wheeler will remain in the co-host seat with Cauz.

Leafs Lunch will feature rotating co-hosts in Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger, with regular contributions from Dave Poulin and  Craig Button.

Richards already left the morning show for treatments he announced on Thursday, however he is expected to be in the new slot on Monday.

OverDrive will be more than just a hockey show as the guys discuss the issues of the day, which will obviously include hockey.

We’ll have more later, but this is the lineup I am told TSN will announce tomorrow.

For the first time since inception, TSN 1050 has a formidable lineup against The Fan 590.  That doesn’t mean they win the ratings game, it does however mean that people have legitimate options in all time slots.

A very good day for sports fans in the GTA.

More post announcement.




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    Rob J 5 years ago

    Overdrive will be overrun in the ratings by PTS

  • comment-avatar

    Have you heard if Farraro will still be a regular with Hayes? Hope so, his insight is second to none IMHO

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    I’d love for you to elaborate on why you think it’s so great, TSM. 9-12 is still a joke with Wheeler. The one show that worked for TSNR, according to most here, and I agree with them, was Leafs Lunch. They’ve screwed that up by moving them. I could care less what they do mid-afternoon.

    But, but…you’re putting puck heads in the PM drive slot? And you think it will work? I’m sure it’ll be a blast when they’re talking hockey, but they may as well let callers co-host with Hayes when they’re talking about any other sport. I like the idea of being young, and completely different than PTS. TSNR just managed to do it in a way which will fail, yet again.

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    Not a fan. I’m stilk pissed Bastl is gone. Wheeler still sucks. That morning show will be brutal. And sorry I’m not intrested in a show hosted by andi petrilo. And Leafs luch was great as is. Still don’t buy that trio can talk other sports

  • comment-avatar
    Sztrongbad 5 years ago

    this really sucks ….. Leafs lunch 12-2 was my religion …….

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    Rob J 5 years ago

    With no Canadian teams in the playoffs, the TSM better start brushing up on their Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, and Nashville Predators rosters. Nah, they’ll just talk Leafs still.

  • comment-avatar
    Peter Ballantine 5 years ago

    @Not That Chris stop repeating idiotic takes from Bob McClown from 100 years ago. We live in Canada. Hockey is the #1 sport. That’s like calling all Americans “football heads”. Yes, it’s the biggest sport in America. Seriously, it sounds insanely dumb!

    I can totally see Leafs Lunch dominating McClown in the all important younger demo. Hopefully Bob is gone after this year. Beyond dumb person who apparently has stopped watching hockey back in ’93. His go to line is to bring up the Gilmour era Leafs. Okay yeah, let’s forget the much more successful Sundin era when they made the playoffs every year and were cup contenders. Just amazing.

    LOL @ having Dreger on as a co-host and poor Bob-o now having to sit in for a whole show.

    BTW, amazing how that moron Andy McNamara still has a job with TSN. He hosts the analytics show yet he doesn’t understand a thing about them and doesn’t “believe” in them LOL! Also got destroyed recently online for his absurd “OMG, THE JAYS ARE DOOMED AND WILL FINISH 3RD THIS YEAR!!” talk the other night. Just a terrible clueless goof.

    Dave Poulin!!!??? Are you kidding? The same idiot responsible for the Dion, Kessel and Clarkson contract!!!? He created such a terrible Clarkson contract that you couldn’t even buy him out because of the bonuses. Wow, why would TSN employ him? Amazing how everyone in the biz are dinner buddies. He should be run out of town for setting the Leafs back 10 years with his buddies Burke/Nonis and Carlyle! Just wow.

  • comment-avatar
    mario 5 years ago

    Finally 1050 have made changes, other than Leafs lunch getting a new host and congratulations to Andi Petrillo. Looks like there just moving the chairs around,not sure how this will complete with the Fan. Moving the old Leafs lunch crew to up against PTS is interesting just hope they know more than hockey or it’s game over for 1050.

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    Looks like TSN is going all in against the PTS machine Is it risky? Yes, but with the machine leaking oil without a real co-host, and the top dog mailing it in more often than not, I can see why they are putting their best up against the Fan. Not saying it will work, but should be interesting to see what happens.

  • comment-avatar

    What about Mikey, who will listen to Mike in the wasteland of 1-4 and how long will that last?

  • comment-avatar
    steph 5 years ago

    Awesome about and I, she was great on hnic. I still think Landsberg would have been a good drive guy but am happy with the options I now have. I just can’t listen to John Shannon and Bob McCown, literally I make it about 5 seconds when they’re on. I go 1050 or CBC Radio. I also hope they grab berger or alter for leafs stuff.

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    Cirroc 5 years ago

    I really hope that in a year we are here discussing what a success the TSNradio shuffling turned out to be. I like Petrillo and the other gents fine, but I doubt I will tune in to the new Leafs Lunch, just as I doubt I will have time to listen to Hayes, Noodles and ODog in their new slot. For shame.

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    peacefulposter 5 years ago

    I really like Andi Petrillo. However, the three boys had an excellent dynamic which couldn’t be denied. Introducing a girl into the mix will clearly change the dynamic. I’m not necessarily saying for the worse. Just different.

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    Holy shit that drive time show is dead in the water. McCown will slaughter it.

  • comment-avatar
    Mbone 5 years ago

    Wow! I REALLY like Andi Petrillo but taking the guys off of Leafs Lunch is a really risky move.
    And PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Cruz is seriously bad enough on his own but to keep Wherler AND Cauz is UNLISTENABLE!! At 9am I change the channel to listen to another idiot in Jeff Blair on the Fan. Then back to Leafs Lunch. Seriously, Cauz and Wherler are UNLISTENABLE!!! Naylor also seems to struggle speaking at times. I love TSN and really do prefer it over all Sportsmet stations but you really need to get better hosts. We don’t care about these guys trying to be funny (like Cauz thinks he is- and by the way he is NOT) we want credible sports people. Not more guys trying so hard to have personality a la Tim & Sid, another two that should NOT be on the air! Come on man! Who is making these decisions???

  • comment-avatar
    Jacob 5 years ago

    So TSNR is doubling down on hockey? Yawn. Wake me up when they try to take some type of risk.

  • comment-avatar
    Wayne 5 years ago

    What a tough crowd this is. Nothing but bashing sports radio, TSNR finally makes a major change and negativity. Yes Leafs Lunch is a great show and I think Andi will do a great job, she has superb co-hosts to support her. PTS now has a formetable challenger. Hayes is great, Odog although rough around the edges is one of the hardest working radio guys out there trying to learn his craft! I do hope Ferrao continues in some capacity, Leafs lunch would be my choice.
    So save your bashing until there is proof this is not working! We all know PTS is on its last legs with poor cohorts and Bob not always on his A game (although when he is no one is close to his skill). It will be more curious to see how Sportsnet responds! Perhaps they will give Bob better cohorts etc, so a win win for listeners.
    So stop critizing, embraces the changes! Everyone has been bashing sports radio, and now with changes you continue to bash! Stop listening if you’re that upset. I’m very excited about these changes. We now have a solid alternative to The Fan!

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    I’m glad we now have an option again in the mornings. Blundell and Richards were pretty much equally awful. If Naylor and Landsberg can just deliver a show without immaturity and gimmicks, they’ll have me as a listener.

    Congrats and good luck to Andi. Going to be impossible to replicate the dynamic of the old Leafs lunch, but she has it in her to steer the show in a positive/different direction. Not too fond of the rotating co-hosts however. One of the major knocks I’ve had about TSN is they force all their hockey guys on us at all times of the day. Leafs Lunch has the makings of being too manufactured and plasticky as opposed to being organic like it was before.

    I think it’s big news that McLellan is indeed joining the drive home show. Until they prove otherwise, it’s a concern what O’Neill and McLellan can deliver on non-hockey talk. I really hope the show is not 90% hockey.

  • comment-avatar
    @chunkylover69 5 years ago

    This is going to be interesting to see how O’dog and Noodles adapt to having to cover more than just hockey. O’dog can’t really talk intelligently about other sports but at least he follows them as a casual fan. Noodles doesn’t even know or recognize any the iconic names in NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. (and seems to take pride in his single minded focus on hockey). Especially in this terrible Leafs year, gonna be tough for them to cover 3 hrs. I do understand why TSN made made the move though. Hayes is UNDENIABLY their biggest (and perhaps only) radio star. The wanted him in the prime time slot but at the same time didn’t want to break up the chemistry he has w/ O’dog and Noodles

  • comment-avatar

    I’m sorry I know I am repetitive. But I’m still really trying to understand. How is Wheeler still on the air? How does he survive both cuts and a line up change?

    He is the absolute worst radio host on any station in the entire city, sports or otherwize.

    Does he pay TSN to be on the air? Or does he have naked pics of Jeff MacDonald? Really I want to know. How is Bastl still unemployed and Wheeler still on the air.

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  • comment-avatar
    Mark R 5 years ago

    I hope they give Andi the extension to 2 hours in the coming months or that her run for an hour is based on her availability. She keeps it straight hockey and is a great host.

  • comment-avatar

    @Art Jeff MacDonald is the Michel Therrien of sports radio and Wheeler is his David Desharnais. You are not the crazy one MacDonald is.

  • comment-avatar
    Poker Guy 5 years ago

    We’ll have to see how it goes. When Andi was hosting LL while Hayes was off, it was more of a hockey show, and not as Leaf-centric, which I think is okay.

    If she will be having rotating hockey insiders as co-hosts, then I’m sure it will be more of a NHL at large show, rather than 60 minutes of Leaf banter. It wouldn’t shock me, if that show is renamed something else down the road.

    As for the rest of the line up, it will be interesting to see how the three amigos do in evening primetime. Make no mistake about it, LL is a great show, and those three are phenomenal together, talking Leafs, hockey, and general topics. However, let’s see O’Dog’s and Noodles’ take on baseball, football, basketball, in season. My guess is Hayes is going to do the heavy lifing here when insiders come on to discuss sports, which are unrelated to hockey.

    I’ve already stated my thoughts on Cauz and Wheeler, no need to rehash.

    Mike Richards in the 1-4 dead zone. For his type of show, and what he brings, this slot may be best suited for him.

    Finally, the Landsberg-Naylor show should work, because those two, should work well together, and off each other. We’ve got high energy in Landsberg, and a low key approach by Naylor, yes the high-low show. The show should be more of a traditional morning show, as compared to Richards’ show, which tried to incorporate characters, and other comedy bits. Something tells me, this will be more informative, than funny.

  • comment-avatar

    Good on TSN for giving Andi Petrillo a chance – I hope it works out. That said ”Leafs Lunch’ with Hayes and O’Neill was the best program on TSN radio. I really hope it works out for them in the drive home slot and they can talk about other sports with the same insight and humour. Finally, while change is good, I am not sure how this is a formidable lineup. It’s the same people shifted all around.

  • comment-avatar
    Steve Jones 5 years ago

    Well this isn’t going to go well. Basically they are, as the old saying goes, shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic. They have moved the snoozer from drive to mornings. Which won’t wake people up. They added Landsberg who is a complete wild card in terms of a regular five day a week radio host. They left the weakest link intact in mid mornings. They took their best show, one that is a one trick pony, and moved it into drive where it just can’t compete with McCowen. And they moved the morning guy into a dead zone in the day where his salary is way out of wack with the day part. And given he didn’t build audience in the morning I shudder to think what his numbers will be in afternoons.

    I predict the next change, if the stations survives, will be the PD.

  • comment-avatar
    jackbee 5 years ago

    I will miss Leafs Luc and the 3 amigos who I usually watched vs. Hockey Central at noon. Somebody please tell me what’s so good about Andi Petrillo’s broadcasting skills. CBC TV did not think she could cut mustard with the big boys, so how in heck will she be able to handle being host of 1 hr midday show.

    The times I’ve seen her fill on Leafs Lunch she seemed very passive in hoer hosting and talking duties, and not a strong personality. She know her hockey, but without some emotion it will be killed in ratings by Hockey Central just on merit.

    Noodles has stated at times he doesn’t know much outside of hockey so it will be up to O’Neill, who I really like, to help out Hayes in non hockey talk.

    Cauz this morning reinforced why he is such a bad broadcaster. He told Pierre McGuire reasons that Canadian based NH teams doing so poorly, was pressure of playing in Canadian market. McGuire shot him down quickly plus on Cauz’s follow up question. It took Mark Rowe, whoever he is, to get acknowledgment from McGuire when pointing out 2nd firing of coaches in Flint of OHL.

    I liked Richards by himself in the morning vs. nitwits and company on SPORTSNET 590. He should clean up on Andrew Walker who survived moving form morning to afternoon with Brady, and will be lapped up by Richard’s show, who has personality and humour compared to Walker.

    As for Tim and Sid — remember their show was reduced to 2 hours vs. 3 on radio,, so their duration clock is ticking away in terms of their viability as broadcasters people would want to listen to.

  • comment-avatar
    Mike V 5 years ago

    I’m also confused by the characterization of this lineup as “formidable”. It’s re-shuffling deck chairs with one new noon-time host and a permanent co-host for Naylor, who doesn’t strike me as a good fit for mornings. And for all the talk about how great the LL guys are, it’s important to remember they did just a 1.9 in the fall ratings book losing badly to 590. Now they’re being moved to a prominent slot where they will have to talk about much more than Leafs while up against a show that has been impervious to terrible co-hosts and Bob not giving a f for years. It could easily backfire.

    All in all, this will probably just keep TSNR floating along in the 1-3 zone for another 18 months until the next re-shuffle.

  • comment-avatar

    Like the move of “Leafs Lunch” move to the 4-7 prime slot if this come to fruition.

  • comment-avatar
    Ken L 5 years ago

    All good things must come to an end. Leafs Lunch is the best show on TSN Radio, and while I’m sure Andi and her co-hosts will do a fine job with Leafs Lunch it won’t be the same.

    OverDrive will hopefully be a solid show but McLennan will stick out like a sore thumb at first. He’s usually the first to admit that he doesn’t follow any sports outside of hockey, so unless the show is going to have a major hockey tilt it’ll be interesting to see how he adapts.

  • comment-avatar
    Trevor 5 years ago

    This ruins my routine.


    Leafs Lunch is fantastic the way it is and now TSN wants to kill it. O don’t get it.

  • comment-avatar
    Mullah_Kintyre 5 years ago

    The idea of of attracting “a younger demo” to sports talk radio is delusional wishful thinking. Younger people don’t confine themselves to the older media, and neither do a lot of us middle-aged people anymore.
    No one is saying hockey isn’t still the biggest sport in Canada (or even the GTA), but I think anyone who’s lived in Toronto for the last 20 years (including those running MLSE) know it’s relative popularity is slowly decreasing and other sports slowly rising as Toronto’s demographics change. A large percentage of the population came here from somewhere else (and by now I would hope it doesn’t need to be explained that hockey is not the most popular sport in any of the other approximately 200 countries in the world, and is a very obscure oddity in the vast majority of them).

  • comment-avatar
    Feed bag Freddie 5 years ago

    This just ruined my day .

  • comment-avatar
    The Meatriarchy 5 years ago

    I’ve thought for a long time that Hayes is the only guy who can compete with McCowan. So I am not surprised this happened.

    I would have preferred that they moved them to mornings since I don’t really listen to the evening drive shows. I loved Leafs Lunch it was part of my lunch time ritual.

    Petrillo is a nice person but she is too much of a straight “broadcaster” and doesn’t have the same feel as hayes and the boys had. She sounds stiff and formal and when she tries to relax it sounds forced.

    Caus and Wheeler are unlistenable.

    Naylor is bland but Landsberg will give some energy to the show. It will still be leagues ahead of Blundell.

    Richards at his worst (and his shtick is very stale right now) is much better than Brady and Walker (whose entire show sounds like a bunch of pre-recorded “takes”)

    BTW am I the only one who can’t tell Brady/Walker/Blundell apart? They sound alike to me.

    The Fan made a blunder by moving Tim and Sid to TV. They work much better as a radio show.

  • comment-avatar

    Hayes just said that Ray Ferraro will be appearing on their new show…………..he will be on pretty much everyday, usually at 5 PM or so

  • comment-avatar
    peacefulposter 5 years ago

    Please disregard my comment above. I didn’t realize that the three Leaf Lunch boys would remain intact, just changing time slots. So Andi Petrillo will be on her own (so to speak) at noon. Good luck to her and to the 3 boys, respectively. Looking forward to both shows.

  • comment-avatar

    @Wayne – you wrote: “So save your bashing until there is proof this is not working!”

    With all due respect, I think 5 years of watching it ‘not work’ is plenty enough proof that it isn’t working.

  • comment-avatar

    Andi Petrillo was extremely good when she filled in at Leafs Lunch. Strong personality, strong voice and could certainly get the best out of the others.

    Andi didn’t fall of the broadcasting turnip truck. She’s now considered to be a veteran from her days at Rogers TV as the Sports Anchor in York, to Leafs TV, to CBC where, in my opinion, she was under utlilized to her current stuff with Sirius/TSN and now TSN1050.

    I think Hayes/O Dog/Noodles will be fine. Their banter with Ray Ferraro is really, really good. Even Ray the curmudgeon channels his inner sense of humour I think they will gain on The Fan, but Bob, like him or not, remains King. Same with the new morning show. Landsberg/Naylor will make some incrementental gains in the AM drive slot. Whether it’s sustainable, remains to be seen.

    Here’s a little trivia for you. Going back to around 2004-2005, I was part of the on- air crew for the Newmarket Hurricanes. How’s this for a line-up?

    Host- Andi Petrillo
    Play by Play – Dave Cadeau
    Colour Commentator- Me – Steve Clark

    Talk about which of those names doesn’t belong Holy Cow!

  • comment-avatar
    Sam In Scarb 5 years ago

    @ Art.. Wheeler is part of a select group

    Four people who could not utter another single word about sports publicly and be missed by absolutely no one.

  • comment-avatar

    Biggest change is mornings as we will now have a legitimate option with two guys capable of talking serious sports. Love that move. Landsberg has been in the thick of everything for a very long time and he did a lot of show prep for a half hour show for years. That accumulated knowledge really comes through on radio. Loved him when he sat in for a half hour a week with Macko and Cauz. Should put a dent in Blundell who I only listen to when an insider is on and even then is barely listenable.

    Going to miss Leafs Lunch. I am surprised they kept Noodles given that he calls so many games – he’ll likely be absent or on the phone often, which affects the synergy of the show. Sure Andi Petrillo is nice but nothing really exciting about her having her own show. Just another dead hour like HCN. The cast of HCN is so often away I don’t see the point. It’s just a mess. Not sure how you can even call it a show. They should have put Walker Noon – 4 so it had continuity – he could still have the same regulars on when they’re available.

    The Leafs Lunch vibe I don’t see carrying over to 4-7. The new show won’t be all hockey. I hope it works – it is definitely better than Naylor and whichever writer happens to show up any given day. Maybe get Ferraro to do traffic and weather.

    Surprised Wheeler survived. Just does not work. Of Richards, Walker and Cauz, Cauz would be the best on his own for 3 hours.

  • comment-avatar
    Cirroc 5 years ago

    @Sam in Scarb I like the way you think.

  • comment-avatar

    […] like a tremendous choice to host a show on the Leafs. Moreover, throw in that the show will have an exceptional lineup of rotating co-hosts (Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger), and this looks even better for hockey fans. Thus, […]

  • comment-avatar
    Denial 5 years ago

    I’m not sure this is going to work (all those who care don’t raise your hand…ha…see what I did there? Hello? Is this thing on? NOW BATTING…FOR PEDRO BORBON…MANY MOTA).

    Cauz is unbearable without Mackowycz, who ably served as the lighthouse that kept the show from hitting the Fryin’ Duchman (arrrrr come for the fish, stay for the freak). All Cauz does now is romp around like a defense attorney and use his guests as straight men. Wheeler doesn’t provide the life-saving highway divider that Cauz needs. The show will go in places that shows shouldn’t go…oh the humanity…

    Andi Petrillo seems very nice, and her only ‘problem’ is that she has too much emotional intelligence. Pitted against the chorus of hockey ‘insiders’ will do nothing but expose them (all except for Arthur) as being very ordinary. They don’t describe, they analyze. When ‘sports guys’ get on the radio and do this it’s harder to notice. But Petrillo is a trained professional and she will have to do a lot of heavy lifting and overcompensating. I hope she does well, though. And really, Hockey Central at Noon has been unlistenable for years, so the bar is pretty low.

    I’m not some fancy big city broadcast executives (*slaps suspenders, causes injury but soldiers on*), but to me this whole thing is about trying to slay PTS when it does appear to be vulnerable. Guests aside, listening to McCowan and Shannon go back and forth about their favorite Starbucks drink for like TEN MINUTES has to be a charter violation. Hayes & Co are very good and are configured well. Hayes is the informed, self deprecating everyman who wisely understands that his talent to hit 8th in this lineup and be a good all-around player. He doesn’t try and hit home runs or carry the mail. Being excellent at being good is a definite skill. O’Neil is kind of McCowan-lite. McLenan is smart and is far and away the best goalie (IMO of course) in broadcasting. Most of them are insufferable. And Ferraro is great as well, especially when he reminds O’Neil that he (O’Neil) could have been a Hall of Famer if his work ethic matched his talent level. Sweeeeet, sweeeet radio.

    My only hope is that Hayes & Co completely forget that they are doing drive time and, basically, hold the fortunes of many careers in their hands (or I suppose their throats). As long as they continue doing what they do from 12-3 then it’ll be great. But if they start feeling the pressure and try and live up to the new spotlight, I think they’ll pull a David Clarkson and it’ll be downhill fast.

    I do hope it works though because next to Jeff Blair, there is nobody on PTS that I can handle listening to anymore. Wouldn’t it be great if TSN traded for him? Maybe a lottery protected first rounder and Mike RIchards?

  • comment-avatar

    Considering Hayes didn’t make much a dent against The Fan in the afternoon, I doubt they’ll be much competition to McCown. I feel like it’ll be too hockey heavy for my tastes, but seems like others enjoy the show. I find Hayes pretty dry to be honest.

    I think Cauz/Wheeler is a pretty bad show, and Richards seems to be on borrowed time, so I’m not expecting much from those. But, I think Landsberg/Naylor could absolutely give Blundell a run for his money. We’ll see how it sounds, but I could see that being the first time TSN Radio puts out a show that is clearly superior to the offering at The Fan.

  • comment-avatar

    I’ve said this before, but The Fan has really taken a step back from Brady/Walker, Blair, Tim/Sid, PTS. They’ve really allowed an opening for TSN.

  • comment-avatar
    Mississauga Mike 5 years ago

    Really sorry to see this for Richards sake,1-4 yikes. Now there is nothing to listen to in the morning. The Fan has sucked forever and Landsberg is a joke so TSN has screwed this up. feel sorry for Naylor being stuck with Landsberg.

  • comment-avatar
    Denial 5 years ago

    @Daniel — I hope you’re right about the morning show with Landsberg/Naylor. I like Naylor but he can be Ron McLeanish at times, who can be Kermit the Froggish at times, who can be Steve Paikin at times.

    Landsberg along with Jeff Blair are the two Toronto sports media personalities who I couldn’t handle listening to at one point, but now look forward to listening to.

    But I don’t know if 3 hours of Landsberg every morning exceeds the recommended dosage. I think it does. My sense is that he’s great as a special guest, because he’s not a typical sports wonk. But I think he may not know how to pick his spots in a 3 hour show, and it’s just going to be too intense — i.e. everything becomes a debate, everything becomes a one-up contest (i.e. the actual content and audience become secondary in a race to see who’s the most insightful — so basically, PTS and Hockey Central at Noon).

    I do think/hope that this is going to end the Blundell experiment that should have ended about 2 weeks after the experiment began.

    James Duthie would probably be an amazing host. Wonder if he’d ever consider it.

  • comment-avatar
    Denial 5 years ago

    @Wayne: I agree that PTS is on its last legs, but am amazed at how long that’s been going on. In some ways (and I had a paradox machine it would be blowing up now) PTS has become a lot like The Leafs, coasting primarily on nothing but a lack of legitimate competition. Not to digress, but I’ve always felt that this is the fundamental, viceral and very apt fear that MLSE has about an expansion hockey team in Toronto: it will generate so much goodwill by merely existing that, literally overnight, hundreds of thousands of people will realize how much they like hockey, and how much they hate the Leafs.

    But back to PTS — I poke in from time to time to see how horrid it has become, and it never ceases to disappoint my disappointment. It’s actually starting to devolve into a kind of weird…mafia thing…with Don McCowan rambling like Inspector Luger from Barney Miller (“old Brownie and Foster”), and the cronies telling him how great and witty he is, because they’re afraid of ending up buried beneath the 30 yard line at BMO field.

    I swear the other day he and Shannon were going on about eating in some Chinese restaurant, and it was so self indulgent that it was arguably a form of violence.

  • comment-avatar
    Chris 5 years ago

    I like the changes… Ever since Tim & Sid left radio, Leafs Lunch (& the odd PTS round-table) is the only sports talk show I listen too.

    I respect Bob for not wanting to “pander” by flooding his show with hockey talk but I’m just not that much of a baseball fan. For me, I want in depth talk about the Leafs, the NHL and then just the top story about the other sports. So if that happens on Overdrive, I’ll probably be a faithful listener.

    Also, considering TSNR is not that concerned with making podcasts of their shows available with any consistency,4-7 fits my lifestyle a little better for listening live.

    So for me, the changes mean I’ll probably be listening to TSNR a lot more. Can’t say I’ll love the morning show but I’ll certainly give it a try.

  • comment-avatar
    Antonio 5 years ago

    TSN is throwing their most successful show at PTS. Bob will still win, despite his ‘dont give a shit attitude.’ It will garner more listeners than Naylor did but nevertheless, it will fall short of PTS.

    As for the morning, The Fan will continue to destroy TSN as Landsberg is not the answer. He’s not reliable (will be off too often) and his creditability has taken a huge hit over the years. They would have been much better off hiring Brady for that slot – at least they would have had a shot at Blundell.

  • comment-avatar

    Now 1-4PM on both stations will be one guy trying to carry an entire show so will likely be rough. I like Hayes but tuned him out 2-4. Too much of a drone. After Bastil got canned, Richards had some half-twits in there, may as well bring students in from Humber to get school credit. You need another credible voice to keep to dialog MOVING….. advancing arguments, not one guy playing pong in his own head.

    Try listening to Hayes do 15 minutes on some NFL playoff game with no guest and no callers? #SleepingPill. MacDonald likely wanted Richards from Noon-4 and Richards told him to F himself, not a god damn chance am I doing an extra half hour for the same money especially after MacDonald slew footed Richards with the Bastil firing.

  • comment-avatar

    It would be funny if 590 was so unconcerned about the new competition to PTS that they booked Reid to co host next week.

  • comment-avatar
    Rob in Aurora 5 years ago

    Wheeler is just so extremely unlikable. He calls people he’s never met “buddy” and “pal”…Someone needs to straighten him out – it is cloying and disingenuous and really pretentious. He is an embarrassment to the station. He was being used as a nighttime host and for soccer. That is fine for him. Someone needs to do it.

    Worst of all, Bob Mackowicz has apparently been let go. There is never any mention of him at all any more. Whheeler was treated as a place holder in the fall, leading to Christmas and “Bob will be back soon” was mentioned more than once. So I can only assume they have agreed on a parting of the ways somehow. Perhaps there is a non-compete keeping him off the air (similar to what Greg Brady has) – but I highly doubt that. His participation with Cauz made that a pretty good show. Wheeler is killing not only that time slot, but in effect he’s killing Cauz’s career. (I hope Cauz is realizes that). It is such bad radio – And when Cauz is away and Wheeler goes solo, it is beyond cringeworthy.

  • comment-avatar
    Cirroc 5 years ago

    @Rob in Aurora. You really hit the nail on the head about Wheeler. He is, for lack of a better word, a wiener. He’s not really a guy’s guy, so he tries to play up how “smart” he is and is indeed very pretentious. I could only imagine him in a room with Jonas Siegel, the king of the nerd squad. Put them both in a spaceship along with Reid, Seixero, Cabbie, Kypper and send them to the big radio station on the moon.

  • comment-avatar
    Rob J 5 years ago

    Love the irony of ‘Denial’ calling others insufferable

  • comment-avatar
    Antonio 5 years ago

    @Rob J
    Instead of constantly insulting other commenters, how about you give an honest opinion? Do you fear scorn from the others here? Go ahead, have confidence that what you write won’t be complete garbage.

  • comment-avatar
    Chris 5 years ago

    If this was Facebook I’d be posting a picture of Kevin Hart eating popcorn right now…

  • comment-avatar

    Maybe the ratings are less than 0.9 from 9-12 on TSN 1050 and they just don’t care who is on. Wheeler by himself I agree is the worst.

    Looks like McKenzie got bounced, it’ll be Ferraro at Five on Overdrive which is an upgrade. McKenzie puts people to sleep. Still, without a comparable signal, if McCown retires in a year, Wheeler by himself on the Fan 4-7 could probably get better ratings than Overdrive.

  • comment-avatar
    Chris 5 years ago

    The Cauz/Wheeler combo is probably the least listenable duo in radio. They are two cocky guys who fail to entertain. While Wheeler’s voice is unbearable, his takes and opinions are usually baffling, annoying or both.

    Cauz seems to think himself as clever, and some sort of comedian. Both couldn’t be further from the truth. Hearing him fill in for Mike Richards today had me turn the dial instantly. He is that bad.

    My thought as to why TSN is keeping the two guys is that it is a dead time, and they are probably a cheap, cheap option.

  • comment-avatar
    Denial 5 years ago

    @Rob J: All you need is love. Way to go champ! A few more gold star days like today and we’ll go to McDonalds. WOuld you like that? Would you like some McDonalds, Rob J?

    @Antonio: He’s probably beyond repair, but I like your style.

    @Chris: I thought that Cauz was OK when Mackowicz was there, as the latter could reign him in.

  • comment-avatar

    Big yawn, the more things change, the more they stay the same. TSNR still sucks and Sportsnet 590 is not much better. This just makes me miss Brunt on PTS even more.

  • comment-avatar

    I like Cauz if he’s used right. He is wasted with Wheeler. Wheeler is garbage everyone knows it. Nobody could have a good show with them as their cohost he’s brutal.

    But Cauz has some good qaulities. He’s high energy and does a good job wngaging listeners. He’s a likeable yet at the same time a pest. He’s your nerdy friend that gets under your skin and love every minute of it.

    What you need is a part

  • comment-avatar

    Sorry got cut off

    What he needs is a partner who has a oppisite personality. Somebody who will be as annoyed with his nerdy stuff as we are and take shots ar him. Someone to say the things to him we want to say.

    It’s been mentioned here before but David Bastl would be a perfect fit.

    I really enjoyed there brief time togther last year.

  • comment-avatar
    Rob J 5 years ago

    I remember Wheeler from his Cogeco days in Bul-Oak…as he took calls from high school students about the upcoming local football games I never once thought ‘this dude needs a much bigger platform’.

  • comment-avatar
    Stephen 5 years ago

    I’m part of that demographic that both stations are targeting, male, 18-54.

    Neither morning “show” interested me. Neither host appealed to me.

    So I moved over to 1150 for Mike & Mike.

    I didn’t have time for Naylor in the PM drive, and I was never an OTR fan
    because of Landsburg, teaming them up does nothing for me.

    I’ll stay with 1150 for my morning commute.

    I tried listening to Blair, I even tried again with Brunt, but he is hard to listen to. Good writers don’t necessarily make good radio hosts, Brunt the notable exception.

    Blair knows his baseball, has good baseball guests, I be back periodically.

    Macko & Cauz was ok. They were an odd couple, and it worked for me.
    I could, and often did listen.
    When Macko left, I lost interest.
    No idea what Wheeler’s “specialty” is, but his opinions, delivery and presence
    prevent me from even checking in.

    Hello Dan Patrick at 1150, I’m already there by virtue of M&M.

    Leafs Lunch was a lock.
    Especially with Ferraro, Button always a close 2nd.
    Enjoyed Petrillo as guest host.
    I’ll continue with LL 12-1 during my mid day commuting.

    Was never a regular Hayes Solo listener.
    My main issue with Hays is he has so much too say, but it was meaningless.
    For a guy who talks a lot, he really has nothing to say.

    I hated Greg Brady.
    So I wouldn’t listen, no matter which time slot he was in.
    Hate to see anyone lose their job, but Brady was hired to be fired.
    Brady was who he was, he created his on air personality.
    Hated his voice, his faux outrage, his rants & tangents reminded me of those a 13 year old girl would have. My apologies to 13 yr old girls.

    The listeners were not there for Mike Richards in the am drive, not sure why MacDonald would think listeners will be there for this type of “schtick” 1-4. Richards probably paid very well, can’t imagine a “seasoned” radio vet would accept a demotion to 1-4 long term, so I suspect TSN mgmt willing to wait for him to land another morning show somewhere else – cheaper than a buy out – this is a business decision. The buy out is probably not too far down the road.

    Andrew Walker I like. Make a point of listening when he went solo.
    He’s gotten stronger, and has developed his skills as a solid
    interviewer. Good questions, knowledgeable and he is improving in making
    his point early, and letting his guests speak. Good variety of topics.
    Everything that Hayes isn’t, Walker has in spades.

    I’ll tune into the Andrew Walker Show.

    Any time slot with listener calls’ is a dial changer for me.

    It’s the PTS guest list that I will drop in on.
    … Ryan, Deitsch, Morosi, Hill, Boone, Perkins, etc.
    Guest hosts continue to push me away.
    Bob’s irrelevant.
    The Friday Roundtable has lost is luster, a regular dose of
    Shannon, Reed, Grange, Cox, just doesn’t cut it.

    I’ll give Hayes, O’Neil & MacLennon some time.
    Obviously they click during hockey talk, but let’s hear them on other issues,
    and there are other issues.

  • comment-avatar
    Marcus 5 years ago

    @Chris, I loved the Kevin Hart comment.

  • comment-avatar
    Chris 5 years ago

    Ha ha, thanks! Talking about posting a meme is way more effective than actually doing it, IMO

  • comment-avatar
    Mpdman 5 years ago

    Leafs Lunch was fantastic (other than when Noodles droned on about nuthin). Hayes and Odog are gold. I hope they finally dethrone the narcissist on 590.

    Petrillo was terrible as guest host – how many times did we need to hear she digs the geeno beats up in Woordbridge? That slot is now dead.

  • comment-avatar

    So I decided to give the new TSN 1050 morning show a shot. Wow it’s worse than i had imagined.

    Naylor is dull I knew that would be the case. he pretty much sounds the same as he did on the drive show. not a fit for mornings.

    Landsberg is annoying. I knew that would be the case too.

    but as a combo, yikes it’s bad. I listened for a good 30 mins and i didn’t hear much sports talk at all. A bunch of talk about what makes a good interview. Naylor listing the new line up about 100 times. not much of anything that mattered.

    I’m sorry I just can’t continue with this garbage. Morning radio is supposed to be fun. to get you going. To make you less depressed about heading into work. These guys nearly put me to sleep. Say what you will about Richards but God I could really use a Peyton Manning impression right now.

    I really hope the fan dumps Blundell or at least gives him a great cohost like Dave Bastl. I need an alternative to the snore fest on 1050.

  • comment-avatar

    Boooo! Leafs lunch was great the way it was. Won’t be listening to new Leafs lunch line up, should NOT have done this. Bye Bye Leafs Lunch! 🙁

  • comment-avatar
    Cybergy 5 years ago

    I loved the 3 guys in Leafs Lunch, when it was at lunch. I listened faithfully every day and if I couldn’t, I caught up on what I missed on the PVR that night because most days it was on.

    In the 4-7 slot I have less time, not a big commuter so I have a challenge making time to tune in to the show. Can I catch it on the PVR? No, because TSN is running the same f-ing curling show on 3 different channels. Does anyone know what that is?? I don’t even seen Overdrive listed on my PVR all week, but from what I hear it will only be the last hour they put on TV, IF it shows up at all.

    I’m afraid I will be tuning in less, and less…

  • comment-avatar
    denial 5 years ago

    I want Overdrive to succeed, but I braced for impact listening today and it was warranted. There is inane conversation, and then there is self-aware inane conversation. The former is great, the latter is sad.

    Leafs Lunch allowed them to wrap around the Leafs (or another hockey team or hockey in general). But with overdrive, they are just out there drifting.

    Hayes, O’Neil and McLennan seem like nice guys, but they aren’t first liners — but they are being forced to play first line minutes. They are the Tyler Bozak of Toronto Sports Radio. Great on the second line on a good team. Putting them on drive time is an indictment of TSN radio, but these guys will pay the price.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if behind the scenes the 3 of them groaned rather than celebrated this move. They were near perfect on Leafs Lunch. Very different audience and mindset in drive time. Today listening to them go on for 10 minutes about running out of gas was just (this one’s for you Rob J) insufferable. But hearing the same thing at noon when the weight of the working world hadn’t yet crushed my spirit is just fine.

    Maybe that’s why MCowan, when he’s on, is totally untouchable in drive time — because he’s cynical, and caustic, edgy, miserable, angry…just like pretty much everyone on the 401 or Gardiner.

    And seriously, how many times are they going to remind us that “Gerry’s Percentages” isn’t going anywhere? Yeah, we know it’s a popular bit, but come on, mentioning it 5 times a day just highlights that there’s not much else worth exporting to the new slot.

  • comment-avatar
    Rob J 5 years ago

    Thanks for the shout-out…sorry you didn’t have a better experience with the new TSN lineup, which is simply a rearranging of the old lineup and by logic should be just as bad, just at different times in the day.

  • comment-avatar
    Denial 5 years ago

    @Rob J: Not really — individuals/teams can be put in positions to succeed or fail. Actually, that’s the fundamental definition of management. Or at least it’s supposed to be.

    You can take a show that works very well between 12-2, move it to 4-7, and it can sink. People are not the same every day of the week, or throughout the day. There have been SO many studies on this that it’s axiomatic.

    If you doubt this, ask your boss for a raise on Monday morning at, say, 10:30am. Or try to hold a staff meeting on Friday at 3:30pm (I hope your affairs are in order).

    Joe’s point about what he expects from a morning show is another example, and I agree with him. It should be something on the fun side, and by that I mean it should actually be funny. Not frat boy funny (which isn’t funny), but funny funny.

  • comment-avatar
    Rob J 5 years ago

    My instinct says this lineup will do worse, but time will tell. Their big issue is that the signal is DOA outside of downtown. If TSNR could get on FM, it would do more for their ratings than just shuffling the deck chairs. Look at the improvement when the FAN went from 1430 to 590, a station people actually could hear!

  • comment-avatar
    Ron Crowley 5 years ago

    I LOVE ANDI P!!! BUT … having said that, unless the boys of Leafs Lunch wanted to disban which I will say in my defence I plead ignorance right now, I do not know why the change and have not been able to find why? I have been a DEDICATED Leafs Lunch follower and admitedly mused at Odawg in the beginning as he was very “green” but I give him full props he stayed with it and along with noodles (Jamie McClennan and Bryan Hayes) these guys were the “avergae fan”. So I won’t go on further in case the boys said time to move on but if not SHAME ON TSN if the show wasn’t selling get new sales people, not new talent.
    After listening to Andi fill in a few times when Bryan when him and his new wife had a baby I thought that they should add Andi as a forth, not clean house. Good luck boys wherever you are.

  • comment-avatar
    Cybergy 5 years ago

    I pick up the broadcast in Whitby, but I had to get a decent AM antenna. Mostly I listen online.

    I seldom miss the lunch show and I liked what I caught of it last night. In the old time slot I could listen while I worked, but now that’s it’s on after work (for me) I just don’t see me listening very often, if at all. If it doesn’t air on TV it will completely fall by the wayside for me.

  • comment-avatar
    Cybergy 5 years ago

    For those same reasons, I suspect I will definitely catch Andi’s show at noon, on a regular basis.

  • comment-avatar

    So far, I am very impressed with the morning show on TSN 1050. Naylor and Landsberg are very entertaining. They are complemented very well with the usual lineup of TSN guests and experts. I love hearing the arguments surrounding the day to day sports issues and the varied opinions and commentary. This show will do very well over the long haul. Mike Richards in the afternoon is great too. He doesn’t have to rush as much with guests and has time to get the good questions out.

  • comment-avatar

    I can’t say I agree with you Neal on the morning show. I’m not a fan..

    but I am intrested in what you said about Richards in the afternoon.

    I was a fan of his show in the morning (more so before Bastl got cut) I haven’t been able to listen to him in the afternoon because I am at work.

    I’m curious to hear what I have been missing. maybe I need to bring a small radio in for my desk.

  • comment-avatar

    TSNR just ruined the whole line-up. Leafs Lunch 12-2 with boys was fine where it was at. Suitcase (O’Neill) and Leaky (McLellan) have no clue about anything but hockey, Spare Tire (Hayes) is just a tag along wannabe. I tried to listen to Petrillo and the gang at noon..that lasted all but 5 minutes. So thanks for the laughs, I’m out !!

  • comment-avatar
    Randy 5 years ago

    Awesome News? How? Someone from Sportsnet must be secretly programming for TSN. Leafs Lunch was great, now very painful causing my switch to Sportsnet. How is Andi Petrillo employed? I wonder as well about Overdrive as Noodles knows absolutely nothing about anything but hockey. Too bad because Leafs Lunch was a fun show. TSN has sure lost a lot of ground in Tor sports market in past 3-4 years. Good luck

  • comment-avatar

    Hate that i lost Leafs Lunch. Used to listen religiously. Don’t get to hear the boys anymore because i don’t listen to radio that late in the day. Has anybody found out who Wheeler is related to at TSN that keeps him on the air? Certainly the ratings for that time slot have tanked. I also used to be a big fan of Macko and Cauz. Completely unlistenable now with Wheeler. TSN is tanking just like the Leafs.

  • comment-avatar
    Randy 5 years ago

    Fully agree with you on Wheeler and to me only thing worse is Andi Petrillo on Leafs Lunch. I have given up on TSN, sad as they used to be the best.

  • comment-avatar
    Don Carter 5 years ago

    Bring back the boys!! I can’t stand one more show with Andi Petrillo. PLEASE…I AM BEGGING YOU!!

  • comment-avatar
    Randy Alexander 5 years ago

    Leafs lunch is a joke now, what a shame. The concept of 3 guys talking leafs is gone, the Overdrive thing is not the same. Now we get them out of their element, no one wants to hear Noddles views on NFL or MLB, he just doesn’t follow closely, Good guy.No offense intended. It’s like hearing Andi Petrillo’s hockey views in her singsong voice. How fast can you chg the dial.

  • comment-avatar
    William Sherratt 4 years ago

    Excellent point(s)