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Happy Saturday!


It’s funny, everyone tells me that they don’t listen to sports radio, that the medium is dead, yet no topic garners more energy on this site, my twitter feed, my texts and my emails.

With TSN announcing their new lineup effective Monday, I’ve heard from people in the business who I haven’t heard from in some cases in over a year.

Nothing draws out emotion and opinion like sports radio seems to.

Mike and I will volley up our opinions on week 1 on the new TSN 1050 lineup.

So, some random thoughts from me on a Saturday morning when the thermometer is sitting around 10 degrees and the sun is shinning.

  • Non sports related issue, if you don’t have a Sonos system in your house you are missing out! Great technology and I can attest that days that include music in my life are indeed happier days.
  • The Academy awards are one week away, I’ve seen most of the nominated films, so far, I have two favorites: The Reverant and Spotlight.  What the best you’ve seen all year; if you have only one to watch this week, which would it be?
  • Notice traffic in TO was light this week?  University reading week the cause????
  • On various days this week I picked up physical copies of the local papers in town; on those days I felt smarter.  No, it’s not the medium per se picking up a newspaper forces me to read cover to cover and i can read a single paper in 15-20 minutes (thank you law school).  While I read tons of articles and papers online, it’s still not the same. What’s the last physical paper you picked up & the one website you visit each and every day for information (besides this one)?
  • 7 days before the NHL trade deadline and I wonder where the buzz is.  Did the Dion deal kill the energy in this town?  Did you happen to catch Doug MacLean destroy Bryan Murray on the Dion deal this week???  Here’s a thought, was the PK rumour a media interest creation in a relatively quiet period.
  • I know you don’t trade for the sake of trading but consider this: After NHL deadline day the Maple Leafs become completely irrelevant until the draft and the free agent period.  Truth be told, the NHL in this market becomes irrelevant until then too.  (How’d you like to be Rogers with a Canadian content less NHL playoffs this year?) With the Blue Jays opening spring training the focus will turn to baseball.  As a talking head said to me, there just isn’t a ton to talk about until the games actually begin.  So, did the Raptors, miss the boat on an opportunity to capture the countries imagination as the Jays did last fall??? I’m told there was no David Price available in the NBA, however I wonder if they bow out early again will they regret not making a move. Raptors fans, educate me.
  • The Buds are whipping Bernier out agin tonight; how do you spell showcase?
  • Phone rings, “do you want Leafs tickets tonight?” the voice asks.  “Free” I’m told.  “Ummmmm, no thanks”.  This happen to you too?
  • By the way, I am not down on the Leafs.  This is the best season I think they’ve had since Pat Quinn coached the team.  I just can’t bring myself to get motivated to go.
  • All the major publications are predicting the Jays are in the 10-15 range of top teams in baseball.  If that’s where they finish the angst in this town that AA left will be nothing compared to the feeling if they finish out of the race.
  • Ive been watching more of the nightly sports shows on both TSN and Sportsnet these days.  For my money, they’re on par with what ESPN puts out there.  I was in Seattle last weekend and man has ESPN become boring and predictable.  There’s better and fresher talent here in Canada.
  • Challenge to both the Fan 590 and TSN 1050 start developing young talent.  Like now.
  • Andrew Walker now of the Andrew Walker show starts this week.  While it’s in the graveyard slot of 1-4, I’m interested to hear what he has up planned.  What would you do in that slot if you were flying solo????? 
  • Lastly, for all those who knock Apple, I can tell you I’ve been trying out the Apple Watch for some time now and I love it.  No, I don’t do anything special with it, but for texting, calls and emails especially when I am in the car it’s great.  For breaking news and notifications when I am in meetings it’s awesome.  Everything else? Yawn.
  • Happy Saturday!


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