Changes At Rogers Sportsnet NHL



Pardon the quick hit, but this just broke. For those who follow me on Twitter know I’ve been talking about news for the last couple of days. It’s now official that Gord Cutler Rogers SVP of NHL properties is no longer with the company.

Cutler reported up into Scott Moore (who reports to Rick Brace who in turn report to the big boss).

This is a big deal and the timing of it is quite surprising.

The NHL playoffs are just about to begin, sans Canadian teams and it would seem an odd time to drop the proverbial bomb on a rather nervous team.

By all accounts both on and off air talent are all now looking over the shoulder as we head into the much quieter summer season.

The declining ratings and ad revenue have been well documented. This could be the first of many changes to come to the product before the next season starts.

The question is who will be around then.

More later.


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