May Radio Ratings & This Week in Bad Twitter

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May Sports Radio Ratings


Jonah has dug up the ratings for both stations. We are trying to find out how much turnover there has been in the PPMs used to generate these numbers over the last few months, as well as the current number of PPMs being worn by sports radio listeners in the key demos. Those are closely guarded secrets for the time being and absent that info it’s hard to know whether the changes we see reflect anything more than random chance.


Here is how things shaped up in May. All numbers are Males 25-54. April ’16 number in brackets.


  • Dean Blundell & Co: 6.8 [6.5]
  • Naylor & Landsberg: 1.2 [0.5]


  • The Jeff Blair Show: 10.8 [9.7]
  • Cauz & (variable): 0.4 [0.1]


  • Hockey Central: 5.0 [4.7]
  • Leafs Lunch: 1.0 [0.6]


  • The Andrew Walker Show: 5.3 [5.8]
  • The Mike Richards Show: 0.8 [0.7]


  • PTS: 8.0 [7.3]
  • Overdrive: 2.5 [2.4]


  • FAN 590 7-11pm: 9.0 [9.2]
  • TSN 1050 7-11pm: 2.8 [0.8]


We are prepping a full report on the state of the radio line-ups so we will omit serious analysis at this time. Basically, no major improvements for TSN but some feeble signs that some of the new shows are catching on. The FAN continues its dominance but, oddly, the big audience tuning in for Jays games at night seems to be skipping Dean Blundell‘s show in the morning and then tuning back in for Jeff Blair. Given how much we know about radio inertia this data is hard to understand.


This Week in Bad Twitter


Can’t recall a week with this much nonsense on Twitter. Here’s a quick recap of some the stuff without which off we would have better been.


The Twitter gremlins claim another victim in Damien Cox. I have no idea what the context is for this tweet and neither do any of you. Damien’s account is now on lockdown while he seeks out guidance from Steve Simmons and Nick Kypreos on how you come back from accidentally tweeting an embarassing DM.



Next we have Ben Ennis vs David Langford. Not sure who to cheer for here since the argument seems to go off the rails pretty quickly.



Here’s another bad one. Ken Campbell with an “unconfirmed” BREAKING NEWS tweet. I would have thought since James Mirtle‘s Montador mistake people would be extra careful about death. I mean, how hard would it be to wait until it is confirmed before tweeting about it? Very hard apparently.



Next up is Mike Richards expressing his displeasure about the a bill proposing gender inclusive language for the Canadian national anthem. I have no idea what this has to do with fighting a world war, but Mike sees a connection. Or rather he saw a connection until issuing a “sorry you were offended” tweet and deleting the original.



Let’s end on an uplifting note. Apparently Sid Seixeiro was away. Apparently he’s back. Glad to see the lads are thriving on TV.




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