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Well, things have quieted down a little bit since Rogers hit the panic button with their NHL changes.  That hasn't stopped other things in the media business being bantered around.

With no new concrete stories to comment on yet per se I took to the Twiterverse in hopes of fielding topical requests.  I've tried to address those that I found interesting below.

As the Blue Jays have risen and put together a hell of a streak the media attention has grown.  I follow most games via twitter and I am seeing what I saw last season.  Sports personalities from all outlets following along and commenting.  Many of you have noted that the "umpriring" last week and the Michael Saunders All Star campaign have been more pom pom, cheerleading "coverage" from our media than the usual.  The most common battle cry is that it is the Rogers media who seems to be "pom pomming" the most.

Sorry folks, I disagree.

Perhaps the Rogers affiliated folks whom you listen to or watch are being more vocal these days, but I think that Blue Jays drumming has been wide spread.  Those furious with the calls last week were not just Rogers media types.  The get Saunders to the All Star Game campaign was wide spread too.

I will say that I agree with those of you who are questioning whether the campaigning (by all media types) is crossing from the land of objective media coverage to  cheering; the question is does it matter and do we care?

I have written this many times, I, and I am only speaking for myself, do NOT have a problem with those in the media "cheering on".

I am sorry to those who are deeply offended by this, I don't have a problem with it.

During Friday's tennis triumph, Milos Raonic was being cheered on by those in the media I follow on twitter who were tweeting about the match.  There is no question about that.  Call me crazy, but I truly believe that one can be a fan and yet maintain objectivity in the manner in which they cover the game.  I do.

I come back to it all the time, but seeing Barry Davis arm pump when Jose hit the homer in the playoffs last year is not only fine by me, it's what I expect.  

Long long ago I worked for a minor league professional hockey team.  One of the players on the team, a former Maple Leaf once told me that he really didn't love the game and that to him it was a job.  At that time I remember thinking to myself what a sad commentary that was; So many of us would kill to have the career this gus had and to him it was only a job.  While being a sportscaster may not have the glory (or the salary) of being an athlete, while admittedly idealistic I'd like to think that those who do it in part for the love of the game. I know, I know everything after a while becomes a grind.  I would really like to think that still when a member of the media walks in to an arena or stadium to cover the game they have the same excited feeling that they did when they were a wide eyed kid going to watch.  So, if they cheer along for the home team or their team, I am more than okay with that. 

Back in the day, I would write about and comment on just about anything or anyone in the sports world from a media perspective.  Like all things in life, people come and go, some on their own others get pushed.  Some go quietly, others no so much.  There are a handful of characters who used to play rather significant roles in the Toronto sports media world who are otherwise irrelvant these days except for their presence on social media or their own websites.  I wont mention names for the point I am making is that the onyl way these types of people have any relevancy at all is if people retweet or comment about them in the first place.  The poeple I am speaking about specifically I do not follow on any social media platform nor do I read their websites.  Many of you email, text or post their stuff asking me why I don't comment on them directly.  The answer to me is simple, these folks are saying things, in my opinion for the sole purpose of getting a reaction.  Anyone who comments, retweets or posts their "work" are giving them the audience they desire.  So when one of them went on a rant this week about the awful killings I only knew about it because some of you pointed them out.  My advice is if they bother you don't follow them or listen to them.  I am not going to talk about them here as I am not interested in them or their opinions.

Many of you asked MIB and or I to do a review/preview of the Toronto Sports radio scene.  "Who should go and who they should go after" was one request.  An other was a look at the upcoming media members in the face of an aging current list of prominent characters.  Mike and I will be doing the radio thing as promised very soon so standby for that.  The aging roster issue in my opinion is a fascinating topic.  I think it's a huge problem today and the lack of bench talent across the industry is something that should be concerning to those who are in the business.  I will write on this topic in greater detail soon as it is something I have spent quite a bit of time talking to insiders about.

Quick couple of off topic hits:

I saw Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates.  It won't win any awards, but man oh man is it funny. A real throwback comedy.

I am a huge fan of the TV show Tyrant; at least the first couple of seasons.  The new season premiere this week sucked.  Hope it's not a sign of things to come.

I know the why but I still find it infuriating that when I am in the United States I can't access my sportsnet online coverage of Blue Jays games.  Yes, I know about VPN's, yes I can buy a MLB package…. I get it.  I still don't like it.

The latest season of Orange is the New Black, 4 episodes in? Yawn.

Am I the only one who finds that the Globe and Mail having a paywall keeps me away from the site as opposed to making me think about buying a pass?

Not a knock, but it's been about 4 months since I last listened to the Fan morning show.  To quote REM, and I feel fine.

Still no word on when I can buy my new Leafs jersey.  Like the old saying, no time like the future!

Dear Twitter: I get the blocking of users from people "talking to people" directly – blocking people from seeing other people's tweets is dumb.  

Finally, on the random thoughts piece, if you are looking to shed a few pounds, I've been following Ideal Protein since January 4.  Down 48 lbs and feeling great.

Lastly a little bit of house keeping:

I love that people come to this site and treat it as their own.  I take great pride in all the comments that get posted here and am truly grateful for those who take the time to read and comment.  Beginning, middle and end.

However, I ( and MIM too whom I will take the liberty of typing on his behalf) are not going to accept the personal attacks one way or the other.  It's really simple folks, if you have an opinion, you are more than welcome to share it.  I, or we don't care if you are right, if we like the comment or even agree with it.  What we won't tolerate any more is the very small group of folks who do nothing more than say things to push the buttons of others OR simply bash other folks on the site.

If you don't agree, that's fine.  We welcome debate and disagreement.  There is no reason to make it personal and to attack others.  If you do the comment will be deleted.

Beginning, middle and end.


Happy day.




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