Better Late Then Never Saturday Post

Ah yes, that time of year – Olympics.

Curious am I alone in my complete lack of interest in this summer’s Olympics?  Wake me when they are over.  I hope every athlete wins gold…but wow am I bored by the Olympics.

Here, let’s debate this: I believe many athletes use PED’s.  I believe the athletes stay ahead of those who test the athletes.   Therefore I believe that PED’s should be legal in attempt to even out the playing field.  Tell me how wrong I am…


The Blue Jays flip flopped on their decision to send Aaron Sanchez to the bullpen this week.  What did we really learn?

Well, President Mark Shapiro went on the national MLB media circuit telling anyone that would listen that Sanchez was going to the pen.  Gibby said he wasn’t sure and then GM Ross, not to be confused with Ross the intern Atkins said that Sanchez would be staying put….for now….


So what did we learn?


I think we learned exactly why Alex  Anthopoulos decided he couldn’t live in a world where Mark Shapiro is the President.  Shapiro has the keys to the car.  He can do what he wants, and it’s clear he wants to have his hands on the wheel along with Intern, I mean GM Ross.  That’s totally fine.  However, that’s exactly why Alex left.  Beeston wouldn’t be out there making baseball type comments to the national media and Alex clearly didn’t want to work in an environment without baseball autonomy.


What else did we learn?


We learned that once again the Blue Jays get different treatment from the media in Toronto.  If the Leafs flipp flopped like this, every media outliet would have been all over the for flip flopping (irrespective of whether the new decision was the right one).  The Jays plan to send Sanchez to the pen was wildly unpopular with several media types.  Hoewver the decision to suddenly change their mind?  CRICKETS…

Again, do what they want, right or wrong, I don’t care.  I don’t care for the double standard.  It’s not perceived it reality.


The answer to the question of why does it happen is not ROGERS OWNS THE TEAM!  So tell me, why does it happen please.


Lots of rumblings about a certain radio host in Toronto sports looking to take his game south of the border. Hmmmm I wonder if that could happen.  Could we see changes yet again in the Toronto Sports radio world?  Of course we can…it’s been too quiet for several weeks.


Enjoy the Olympics if that’s your thing.  Go Jays!



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