Saturday Toronto Sports Media Mash


Happy Saturday! Not much of a theme today, but rather a bunch of different items to rattle off: First off is the passing of long time ESPN journalist John Saunders: Saunders was as good as they come at the World Wide Leader and from all accounts a super guy. I enjoyed watching him and will miss his coverage. There were countless tributes, none better than the one above in my mind. Oh, and yes he was Canadian. Topic: Mike Johnson has left Rogers NHL hockey:

Not a whole lot of substance around this one. I've heard it was about $. Then I heard it wasn't about money. I've heard he was hard to negotiate with. Then I've heard nothing. Here's what I do know. This is a big loss for Rogers. Johnson is a good analyst who is only getting better. He will be missed on Rogers. Someone will pick him up. Topic: The Toronto Star slashes jobs

Who would thunk that a tablet only version would cost as much as this beast did???? What a disaster. Topic to discuss amongst yourselves, how much longer does the print version of newspapers have???? The answer BTW is not much longer…


Yours truly was on the DSR talking about this site and Toronto vs. Detroit as a sports media market.  It's good fun.  Take a listen.

And yes, the final topic of course is the Elliotte Friedman swimming story. As I've said before I am not watching the Olympics so I will say I didn't see the gaffe and I haven't watched it only. I've seen all the commentary and I've read all about it on Twitter. The best thing you can read about it, in my opinion is from south of the border and via Michael Rosenberg which you can find here.


Others have written about it, but here's my two seconds worth.  It's very refreshing for someone who screws up to accept responsibility.  Elliotte has done that.  I have not seen any criticism myself and I can say it's unwarranted.  He made a mistake, and he's accepted responsibility for it so move along. Elliotte won't be the first to mess up and he won't be the last either.  He may be the last to screw up and admit it that's for sure.



Finally, late breaking as I write this: The DSR folks bring this story:

What does this have to do with us???? Well, I wonder if the former PD for WDFN the Fan in Detroit is returning to Detroit. Inquiring minds want to know if this could mean the return of one Greg Brady to the D after being shown the door at Rogers. Hmmmmmmm it's only a short stint down the 401, or could Brady pull a Mccown and broadcast for Detroit in Toronto??????? Time will tell sports fans Happy weekend. TSM

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