Canada’s Favourite Sports Bob


Trying something new here on a quiet summer midweek afternoon

Who is Toronto’s Favourite Sports Media Bob:


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    Cole, mckenzie, bobcat, elliott

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    yaz 1 year

    5th Bob McKenzie 4th Bob Elliott 3rd Bob McCown 2nd Bob Cole 1st Bob Bruton

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    Bingo Bango Bongo 1 year

    Seriously? Bob Cajun, Bob Zyerunkle, Bob Berrann and Bob Infrapples.

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    1 – Cole, 2 – McKenzie, 3 – McCown, 4 – Elliot

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    Curtis 1 year

    Comment Deleted

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    Mullet 1 year


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    Sam In Scarb 1 year

    Bob Loblaw

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    1. Bob Cole
    2. Bob McKenzie
    3. Bob McCowan
    4. Bob Elliot

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    Bob McKenzie in a landslide.
    (followed by Cole, McCowan, Elliot…in that order)

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    Huz 1 year

    Bob McKenzie and Bob Cole.

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    Johnnyc 1 year

    Bob Weeks…concise ; on point;

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    JeffG 1 year

    Bob Mackowycz in the mix? What ever happened to him.

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    Moe Howard 1 year


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    Warren 1 year

    McCown edging Mckenzie.

    Cole a very, very distant 4th. Iconic voice, great history, wonderful ‘moments in time’. But I was done 4 years ago: no preparation, sneaks in from Nfld. on game day to get a couple of quotes, and that’s all that passes for preparation. Mis-pronounciations galore. It’s an indictment on Canada’s inventory of play-by-play talent that Bob Cole is still going in his mid-eighties. Enough already.

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    Paul Gillett 1 year


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    Derker 1 year

    Listening to Bob Cole is like listening to someone have a stroke and a heart attack at once.

    How he’s even allowed near a microphone anymore defies logic.

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    MontfromLondonOnt 1 year

    Yesterdays last two hours of PTS was wonderful radio –
    It is segments like that make McCown my #1 Bob-

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    1. Bob McKenzie
    2. Bob McCown
    3. Bob Cole – higher 10 years ago
    4. Bob Elliot – not on radio, though

    3,712. Bob Dylan in concert.

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    Sam 1 year

    I saw Mont’s comment above and didn’t know whether it was sarcastic or not. Against all instincts, as it was a Shannon/Cox edition, I did listen on podcast.

    I would recommend it – everyone stayed on track and there was some good analysis. A pleasant surprise – hope it continues.

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    Drumanchor 1 year

    Just a quick change of subject, if that is alright.

    In the “I’m glad this is an anonymous post” category…

    1) I liked the Olympics.

    2) Except for one or two albums, and bless Gord Downie, I don’t like The Tragically Hip. Thanks for sharing that Peter Mansbridge digs them – nothing cooler than that.

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    Doug 1 year

    Did anyone catch Ron MacLean’s intro to the Hip concert? He was in Rio of course and it was classic MacLean, which reminded me why I have come to dislike him. A fast paced mish mash of who was standing next to him, morphing into Kingston and Don Cherry, with a seemingly abrupt turn to hockey and Jayna Hefford. It was mind numbingly bizarre. Even my wife asked me what the heck is he talking about.

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    steve 1 year

    Typical CBC…
    I’m not a fan of the hip… actually, preferred the Northern Pikes. But I regress, wouldn’t it have made perfect sense to have Strombo. instead of Ron MacLean?

    Just saying…

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    Island Chris 1 year

    @steve – – I thought the same thing too! About Strombo anyway… Would have been nice to see him get back on TV and be right in his wheel house. He could have introduced them from the stage which might have made a better intro.

    I get what they were trying to do but it was obvious that the athletes had nothing to contribute when it came to talking about the hip which is probably why MacLean spent more time talking to them about being from Kingston than he did the band. It felt more like that old disco dance party show on TVO.

    “What’s your name and what school do you goto? Here’s the beegees.”

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    Marny 1 year

    McCowan totally last