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by mike in boston


TSM and I are busy working on a big post on the current state of the radio line-ups as we head into the September 6th start of the Fall season. Here’s a topic to discuss on a lazy Sunday. Add your thoughts on this or anything else below.



What are the ethics of journalists publishing on Twitter what is clearly intended to be private correspondence?


The point of posting this person’s email was to make fun of it. Presumably if the person knew that this might happen he/she would not have sent it. No one likes to be publicly mocked, even if it is in an anonymous manner. We’ve seen this topic before, when Awful Announcing published Curt Schilling’s emails. This is, in my opinion, not like a letter to the editor where there is an established expectation that it could be published. This is direct correspondence with the author. For me, that is different and there is a reasonable expectation privacy unless you’re making threats. 


I get a lot of emails in response to the things I write. I am always happy to read them, especially when they come from people in the industry. (p.s. email me!) Some of them are hilariously off-base but I would never dream of posting them here (with the name deleted, of course) for readers to mock. Now, I’m just some guy in his mum’s basement and not a respected journalist like Daniel Dale so perhaps different rules apply if you have 44k followers. However, one might have hoped that journalists — especially print ones — would be the guardians of the highest standards of ethics for the profession. 


(p.s. follow me on Twitter. I have more followers than TSN1050 PD Jeff MacDonald, but fewer than FAN590 PD Dave Cadeau. Help me fix that). 


Over to you: mountain out of a molehill or more evidence that the current state of journalism is a far cry from the ethically pristine days of yore? Somewhere in the middle?



until next time,

mike (not really in boston)





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