A Change Of Focus

A Change Of Focus



Happy Saturday to one and all!


We've heard your complaints, and I think Mike has fixed the plagued comment system.

Once again, sports radio seems to be the issue of choice here, but let's check in on another format shall we?

Before either of us rate the current newspaper scribes let's discuss some issues and then I'd love to hear your comments:

You know, back in the day my mornings started with Tom Rivers and the morning show on 680 CFTR long before there was sports radio (590 was a news station that my mom listened to, much to my displeasure).

I'd then make my way downstairs, and Erik Thomas would be yapping sports on 680 and I'd yank the sports page from the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star from the kitchen table.

When I got to the Eglinton subway station I'd buy the Toronto Sun and head on the bus to school (in search of Donato's bird)

For the record we are taking late 70's and early to mid 80's here.

The point being, newspapers were the dominant way to get your sports news. (yes around that time I also had Sportsline on Global- YES GUY) but newspapers were the form dujour.

A little while later my eldest brother, away at college told us that one day people would stop reading physical papers and we would be reading them on our computers. My parents and grandparents had a good laugh at that I can tell you.

Meanwhile, fast forward several generations later and the newspaper is going the way of the Edsle.

Sorry to the scribes that tune in here, but I am not telling you anything you don't know, the newspaper business as we knew it is all but dead. Even the hotel chains who used to put out a paper at every door have stopped that, on request only is the norm.

This is not to say there aren't some great reporters out there doing fine work.

The problem is that those who still subscribe to a paper are aging faster than their eyes and the younger kids have 0 interest in physical news.

My son, nearly 14 and all of his peers both in Canada and the USA have no interest. Forget buying, they don't even read them online. Sports news in their world is now delivered via Snaptchat, Instagram or Youtube.

Those of us in the middle? We've been trained on free.

While the brains out there were convinced that free model would replace the subscription model in ad revenue, well….never mind. It has not happened. Save for the New York Times, which still really struggles in digital revenue (compared to the hight of subscriptions) not one outlet has thrived. You can't giveth and then take away.

Addict us with free and good luck charging later.

I still to this day read a ton of online papers (that aren't behind paywalls).

I still get much information from the scribes who write for the electronic dailies. If I am not in a hotel I don't read physical papers.

So, as Toronto sports fans I have questions for you:

Do you read any physical newspapers on a regular basis?

By regular I mean at least 5/7 days per week.

If so, do they get delivered to you? Do you grab them on the subway?

If you pick them up (as opposed to delivery) how loyal to a paper(s) are you?

Did you grow up with a specific paper(s) delivered to your house and you've kept with it, or do you, have you changed?

If you don't subscribe, is there anything the publications could do to get you to subscribe? Is it a money thing? Is there a price that is so low that you'd buy it?

Me? I think the papers have made a huge mistake not following the Texture app model that the magazine industry has built. I would pay $9.99 a month for unlimited access to all the papers digitally. The papers are so busy trying to kill each other they've missed a huge opportunity to join forces and make some money and grow audience.

Each of the Toronto outlets are in various stages of circling the drain. Note all the layoffs/forced retirements of late.

How do you think the transition from current world to tomorrow goes? How long is the runway? Which paper is first to go, which is last?

Now, the guts: Without bashing the obvious writers (Simmons and Cox etc) please share who's work you enjoy reading. I am serious, I don't want the negative (and I will delete the negative posts).

I'm curious who's work (physical or online) you really like and why.

Sun, Star, Globe and Post, who are your favorite sports writers and why?

 I am happy to host a who do you hate the most post at a later date, but I am curious for those who actually do read the scribes, who do you like and why?

Happy Saturday, and may the Blue Jays pull out of this swoon and soon.



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    mario 4 years ago

    Thanks for the read and all the hard work you and MIB put in to this every day. For myself i unlike may others  i am  sure subscribes  to my local paper in the Niagara  area for years , until it just was not worth it anymore only had it home delivered for the local news until i figured out i could get it on line just was not worth the cost. How ever i currently have home delivery subscription  to the Sun mostly to bring to work , read before and lunch at work seeing no internet at my location. The  Sun  sports section is by far the best in my opinion  Steve Simmons is a must read on Sundays, funny though i do not care for him on radio. The other just on line also enjoy Richard Griffin of the Star , David Shoalts of the Globe.

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    Original Mitch 4 years ago

    I subscribe to the Hamilton Spectator but mainly to support the community. Admittedly I don't spend much time reading it. 

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    Adam R 4 years ago

    Hey guys. Thanks for posting everything you do. Always fabulous content. For me…I don't subscribe to any physical papers. When I was a kid my dad religiously picked up the Star and Sun daily. I do have a subscription to the Sun online. It is my go to paper for sports and local Ontario news. I also read the Star next….but their content for sports is pretty subpar. The paper I read the mist is the Daily Mail for world news…they don't have the same level of censorship our media has here. 

    Steve Simmons is my fave sports writer. As the guy above said…Sunday column is the best. Damien Cox would be next for me. Hornby and Traikos are pretty good, and Myrtle also has some great columns. I used to love Cathal Kelly…but really haven't seen an article of his for a while. My main sports medium….Twitter. 

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    I used to be an avid reader of the Globe, Star, and Sun sports sections but that has gone by the wayside the last few years. I'm in my 20's now; go back to 2011 and I'd read all the sports sections (online for free of course). Now? A combination of annoying paywalls (that are still easy to get around), a vastly deteriorating product, and the dramatically increased quality of what's available online has made so that I rarely check sports sections nowadays at all. I still subscribe to James Mirtle's RSS feed and make sure to check Steve Simmons' column every Sunday, but beyond that I look to what's available online. Sportsnet has a great stable of writers (including former MSM stalwarts), TSN is upping its game, and websites like The Ringer, Vice Sports, and Baseball Prospectus put out a far superior product to what you find in the print media. Far, far superior. It's amazing how far the MSM has fallen behind in this regard. I think there's still a place for long-form feature articles and interviews, but the traditional "gamer" is extremely old-fashioned. The MSM is behind the times, and they only have themselves to blame. Beyond the Toronto Sun, there's not a sports section worth picking up in this city anymore.

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    Cirroc 4 years ago

    I too get the Hamilton Spectator but really only read the front section.  Radley is okay in the sports section.  I get the Toronto Sun delivered daily (yearly gift from mother-in-law) and have always enjoyed their sports department.  For someone that has no use for Simmons on tv I actually enjoy his writing and look forward to his "Simmon's Says…" every Sunday.   

    As for online, I tend to lean towards SN website (the only SN leaning I do) mainly for headlines just to see what's going on that day.  

    I'm 35 so I'm not really into the snapchat/instagram scene.  Mainly just poke around online if I have time and see what's in the news that day.

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    I go back to “Brady on the morning” who was replaced by “Landecker has Landed” at CFTR (ahh the AM rock radio days). Both those guys were Americans airlifted in as morning men here (as was Jungle Jay Nelson on CHUM I believe)….so with the dearth of home grown on air talent in sports radio, we can see that we have had to go outside our borders to get good people for decades….Maybe that’s the answer here. Because Michael Landsberg and Dave Naylor and Mike Richards and many others mentioned ad nauseum on this blog just won’t cut it.

    Amway….newspapers, right…. Nope, I got nothin’.. I read Simmons if I want to get pissed off (he’s good at that. But he’s a decent reporter too). Simmons bully’s people in twitter and in his Collins but then whines about the mean spirited tweets he gets. that’s funny stuff right there….

    I will read Bruce Arthur from time to time. I generally read what comes across my twitter feed. Whether it’s a newspaper writer, or a broadcaster writing an on line column, that’s where I get my reading material. Not from the web sites really…

    Oh, I have something about newspaper writers. I like Richard Griffin a lot and I usually like Cathal Kelly’s columns. (He makes some people feel dumb, so they bully him in comments sections) but he’s bright and a “thinker” and I usually get his sometimes oblique pop culture and literary references, so it’s entertaining to me….That’s what I look for. (Bruce Arthur is a bit like that too. But his Twitter feed is annoying, so I don’t follow him).

    This comment will be full of errors as I am keying on a “Note 3”. Not sure what the writer’s excuse is today, but it’s “height” not “Hite” And “Edsel” not whatever it is you wrote

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    Online consumer 4 years ago

    I’m 41 yrs old. Grew up with a daily Star subscription at home. Used to walk to the paperbox down the street with 50 cents for the Sun. It’s how I got my sports news.
    Fast forward….
    Don’t read hardcore print, however read the dailies online several times a day.
    Simmons, Brunt, Cox, Arthur, Shoalts, Perkins, MacKenzie…I enjoy them all.
    Now I enjoy the traditional guys as much as Dividi,Friedman, etc etc.
    I have never “paid” for on-line access to a newspaper and can’t see myself doing it.
    It appears that I am of the majority and part of the problem that is killing credible media.
    I don’t know what the solution is.

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    Not that long ago, credibility among Toronto-based sportswriters was high; today, with reduced newspaper staffs and media types spread over assorted mediums, we have a considerably watered-down market to choose from.

    Of those who still bring it most days, the Star's Richard Griffin ranks highest in my books, which is very ironic given that he is a former baseball PR guy. If Griffin writes it, though, I tend to believe it. I used to include the Globe's Jeff Blair in that same category, but his career has clearly been more focused on radio broadcasting of late and, as a result, he understandably tends to reach more for the low-hanging fruit these days. 

    Of the newer scribes, the Globe's James Mirtle is solid on hockey. Always has an interesting perspective.

    I'm going to give a shoutout to The Sun's Steve Buffery, too. He's never been considered a first-line guy in that paper's sports department, and probably never will, but he has remained refreshingly independent throughout his career. He's not afraid to call BS on anything he deems as such.

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    Mullet 4 years ago

    Ah 680 Tom Rivers… I only heard him in the p.m. “5:10 stupid joke of the day” recording on my ghetto blaster.

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    I'm 44, and I've tried them all in terms of newspaper subscriptions.  Right now I get the Star delivered on the weekends, and rarely have time to read it.  I used to get THe Spectator online, but cancelled that because we get the Spec newspaper free at the school, and I wasn't using it enough.  A few years ago, I paid for Globe exclusive content and dropped that.  I don't what the monetary solution is, but I do you know you get far too much content for free, and article limits can easily be bypassed.  

    As for writers, I never miss Simmons' Sunday column, read and enjoy Arthur depending on the topic and read Blair, Elliot Friedman's 30 thoughts and a variety of others too numerous to mention.   The quick strike article stylings of 30 Thoughts and Simmon's Sunday column seem to be the norm. I love reading long form stuff , when I have the time too. 

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    vegaskev 4 years ago

    I really like the idea of the Texture model for newspapers.  I never subscribed to many magazines but now I read around 15-20 issues a month of different titles because of the Texture app.

    I sure don't pay for access and paywalls deter me everytime.  

    I so appreciate what Deitsch does every week by putting links to his favorite sports (and non-sports) articles that week.  Helps me discover new authors worth reading.

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    Some of my reasons for dropping print media as my main sports of sports information is likely quite different then some other folks here.

    Biggest issue is the sheer physical size of a newspaper, because I only have one hand that I can use to reliably hold things, I usually ended up with the paper laid out on a table, whether it was the Toronto Star or the Toronto Sun (the two newspapers that my father subscribed to when he was alive)

    After I purchased an iPad and found multiple sources of sports news on-line that mimicked the size of a sheet of paper yet had text *&* video of sports news that was happening, nearly as fast as it happened and that was free?  Then the addition of an iPhone and smart watch, I get sports alerts on my wrist instantly.

    There was no going back for me, no matter how "good" the newspapers writers were, it was impossible to ignore my physical reality.



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    Island Chris 4 years ago

    Growing up I used to just get The Sunday Edition of the Toronto Sun.  I read it mainly for the sports * cough * and the sunshine girl * cough *…

    But the sports section was awesome, it was the only place I could find out who was leading the NHL scoring races as well as conference and divisional standings.  I also remember they had box scores from games that took place earlier in the week.  Which was actually genius, I didn't get to see many LA Kings games growing up but I was at able to check the boxscores on Sunday to see how many goals Wayne Gretzky had scored that week.  Plus I really enjoyed the back page column…  Was it always Simmons?  I can't remember…But I looked forward to the "hey whatever became of…" gag each week.

    Today, I get my news pretty much all online from the CBC, HuffPost and Toronto Star.  I still check Simmons' Sunday article on the Sun's website.  Luckily there's never more than 10 Sundays in any one month.

    I'm a big fan of Bruce Arthur too and I still don't get all the hate towards Damien Cox.  I enjoy his work, mind you, when it comes to sports I don't mind if the person I'm reading or listening to is saying things that I disagree with but that's just me.

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    Sperk 4 years ago

    I'm 44 and when I was a kid we'd get the Globe delivered in the morning and the local paper in the PM.  That changed in my teens when my parents cancelled the local paper because it was largly old news and went to the Star as the sports section was better.

    Now I read the Sun at lunch because the restaurant I eat at provides it for free.  I don't really go on-.line to read the papers much anymore either.  Doug Smith's blog was once a daily read but you can get better info now on the various Raptors blogs and he has decided to focus more on hot takes and being grumpy.

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    Mullah_Kintyre 4 years ago

    Norris McDonald is the only name that comes to mind still associated with a Toronto newspaper that I still see (online) once a week. The other papers dropped anyone they had regularly writing about racing, McNulty at The Sun and Pappone at the Globe.
    To answer another of your questions, there's nothing they could do to get me to subscribe. Unless I'm on a bus or subway by myself and there happens to be one of those free tabloids left on the seat beside me, I haven't picked up a physical newspaper in many years. I don't miss them at all and won't care when they finally do go away, as I thought they would have by now if you had asked me 15 years ago. They're as archaic as vinyl record LPs.

    Now back to the subject of radio — not yet as anachronistic as newspapers, but getting close I suppose. Could you please ask someone from TSN 1050 or Bell Media — is it some technical reason that has prevented them from getting TSN 1050 on HD radio? Bell has already done this in Vancouver, and Rogers has done it in Vancouver and Toronto. If you're not familiar with it, it basically involves digital sub-channels piggybacked onto existing FM stations. Only those few who presently have the HD-capable FM tuners can receive it, but you'd think it would certainly extend the reach of TSN 1050's weak signal.

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    Steve in Waterloo 4 years ago

    I subscribe to the Globe, and I read the Star and the Sun on line most days.  The Sun is delivered on Sundays only – best sports section of the week, in the area.

    The sports content is dwarfed by what it was 10 years ago.  Only 1 of the 4 "go to" columnists (Brunt/Blair/Cox/Simmons) remain day to day in the newspaper industry.  Most papers pull a great deal of their content of "the wire" so much of the reading is repetitive.

    The newspaper industry is in a downward spiral – they can't afford to report on their own content, so they all use the same stories, leaving readers reading the same content, so why read more than one???


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    I only read the newspaper if the Mr.Sub location has it around while I eat my sub.

    I don’t have a favourite writer, I read simmons weekly, sometimes I can’t figure out if he really believes some of the stuff he writes or if it’s an attempt to get clicks and discussion.

    Maybe you guys have a thought? Is 100% of what is written by writers in the paper their opinion or is it swayed by some outside forces? Or even themselves just throwing something crazy out there to get chatter going?

    I would not pay for any subscriptions, get most of my news off twitter and the links to the articles that way as well.

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    I read physical papers on a regular basis.  They are all available at my work so I pick up whatever is available on my lunch and read them.  I was a subscriber to The Star for years, and still would be a subscriber to this day, until they made me pay more for a subscription at the end of a trial I had already pre-paid entirely for.  I refuse to give them another dime as a result.  

    I like the feel of a paper.  I also like the fact I don't have to stare at a screen to read it.  But I do a lot of newspaper reading online nowadays since I get no paper deliveries.  Paywalls are a joke and I refuse to pay for those as well.  All these newspapers screwed themselves over by offering everything online for free (initially), and on top of that, there is minimal done to provide a better/differentiated product online.  

    I wish I was a bigger fan of the Globe back in the day because Brunt, Blair and Naylor are all great talents.  Simmons' Sunday column is the biggest must read for me.  Other than that, there's nothing I go out of my way to read these days.  All papers have skimped out.  Griffins, Shoalts, Perkins and Zeisberger are those I enjoy reading most.

    The Sun still has the best sports section.  The Star's is still decent, although not like it used to be.  The Globe is okay.  The Post is a joke, and practically half the columns now can be found in the Sun.

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    EastCoastKeith 4 years ago

    I am 36 and do not live in a major Metropolitan area so my experience is a bit different than most who have commented here. In the early 90’s when the Jays were making their playoff runs, my sole source of information was Dan Matheson on Canada AM the next morning. I read, religiously, our local paper which was usually a day or two behind and fairly narrow in focus of what it covered. When I hit my mid teens, I would buy the Globe or the National Post very frequently to read these writers that I previously didn’t have access too. I have not purchased a physical paper in quite a while but do subscribe to the digital counterparts of 3 as well as the Texture magazine app. I wonder when we started to minimize the value of content and everything that went into it? The newspaper business is being killed by indifference.

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        I'm 42 years old and grew up reading The Kingston Whig Standard Mon-Sat, after I moved out of my parents house that ended, if I were to ever buy a paper it would always be a Saturday Edition of the Toronto Sun.  The past  say, 10-15 years I do 99% of my sports reading online.  Every morning as a general rule I hit up these links in this order. First, I always set my Fantasy lineups for the day as well as check out the previous night's stats, then I go, S. I. Com, Bleacher Report, Sportsnet, USA Today, Vice, ESPN.  Like an above poster said, I use Twitter quite often for links to different topics.

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    robinaurora 4 years ago

    Sean Fitzgerald got canned from the Star today. Perhaps the first of a few cuts? He seems like a good guy and I have read his stuff in the past – I am sure he'll catch on somewhere…That's tough, but his twitter feed proves he's a stand up guy and isn't too broken up about it

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    robinaurora 4 years ago

    I should say *canned = "downsized", "made redundant", "job was eliminated" etc
    …Obviously it was staffing cuts and not performance related as he was named Canadian sportswriter of the year recently.

    —He was told the decisions were based on seniority….(however wasn't he there before Bruce Arthur?)

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    Sketchy 4 years ago

    I'm 41 and used to read the Sun daily for box scores especially Tuesday when they would publish the individual team stats for my fantasy league.  Now with the internet that all has begun redundant.  There is no need to read about last night's game when you can pretty much get highlights at will.  I feel the only need for newspaper is for local content.  Anything else (entertainment, business, lifestyle) you can do much better surfing on particular sites.

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    Tighthead 4 years ago

    I used to read a local paper or two, The Globe, and also SI, Sporting News and Pro Football Weekly. Nothing now in tangible form. 

    Fitzgerald gone while someone like Jack Todd still gets paid by the Gazette to be bitter, off topic and irrelevant. 

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    Blundell has given up. Is he on his way out? If he had.3 yr deal he’d be done spring 2018. Have never seen his Pod description like this ‘Monday 8 am hour of Dean Blundell & Co’. Not even Bob puts up vague show descriptions like that.

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    Sorry, accidental double post. Please delete.

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    Here is a radio tidbit from Chris Zelkovich's column this week:


    "While Sportsnet and TSN seem to flip back and forth at the top of the cable-TV viewing list, there is no battle going on in the all-important Toronto radio market. In the 25-54 age bracket, Sportsnet 590 The FAN basically slaughtered TSN Radio 1050 in August. The big winner at TSN? The afternoon drive show, with a 0.9 audience share. That was less than half the audience share of the FAN's lowest-rated slot: overnights (1.9). The FAN's biggest winner: Blue Jays broadcasts (10.1 share.) TSN Radio is doing well in other markets, but in Toronto there's not much hope"




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    mario 4 years ago

    Good article, wonder how TSN fairs is other markets  out west  if they are worse or competitive compared to other am radio stations . Here in the GTA one has to wonder how much longer they can hang on or they content without making any major changes.

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  • comment-avatar

    And they are happy to have your money I'm sure.

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    do you clink on link to stories on Twitter or just read people's tweets?

  • comment-avatar

    I posted this on the last board.  It gives numbers for the other markets where TSN is doing much better.



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    Island Chris 4 years ago

    I think it's kind of like the CFL with the Argos; it would look bad if they got rid of it.  Generally speaking they say it takes about 5 years to really build a radio audience.  TSN 1050 has had 5 years but in that time they've already changed their morning show once and their afternoon drive show, 3 times now.  

    I'm not saying they shouldn't have made those changes but I wonder if they haven't shot themselves in the foot a little bit…

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    Bob at 3:40 mark of Sept 14 4 pm Pod re Jays: ‘I’m sure their sphincter muscles are pulsating.’ Bob was on with Joseph Scoleri.

    Really great interview on NL this am with ESPN’s Howard Bryant. 8 am hr.

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    I am not a big Cathal Kelly fan, but love this line from his Jays' column today re Ben Cherington: He’ll be the ninth VP in the Toronto Blue Jays organization because, as it says in the Bible, “be fruitful and multiply in the number of your corporate hacks.”

    Another gem from the same column: Maybe what this club needs to do is replace one of its many “special assistants” with an in-house epistemologist.

    Good, funny stuff!

  • comment-avatar

    To each his own. I found the column to be another example why Cathal cannot be your lead writer and how the Globe is a long, LONG way from the paper it once was. Like anyone pays for a subscription to read snarky hot takes on the timing of a FO-hire announcement.

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    It was a good read. A realistic and witty take on the Jays current situation. Meanwhile, over at Pravda, Davidi is waxing poetic about the great Blue Jays farm system… Of course for any real Jays news you have to go outside the Rogers PR service, (e.g., JP Morosi reporting about Estrada's herniated disc.)

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    David Amber has been very good. Definitely a different vibe.

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 4 years ago

    If you dislike Rogers, then its awesome because it calls out Rogers. If you just like good writing, I doubt you get much out of it. Most who seem to like it online are the same who come on this site weekly and troll Rogers media. Ces la vie. Ive never liked his writing style, this article didn't change my mind either way, meh. 

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    Steven 4 years ago


    Joe Castiglione was on ESPN today talking about how he broadcasts, about his emotions and how he feels part of the team. That people can tell if the Red Sox are losing by the tone of his voice! Damn those Rogers employees for their bais!!! Oh, sorry, the Red Sox are not owned by Rogers, I just thought that they where the only ones who had broadcasters who where biased based off this site 😉

    My tongue is planted firmly in my cheek 😉

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    Two weeks of HCN and Kypreos has been on once via phone for 10 mins. No Maclean. Millard tweeted Maclean is joining late this year – Monday. We’ll see. My spidey sense is tingling; may be a contract issue and Maclean is holding out. Also, just a couple of days ago the HCN Pod logo changed from Millard Kyper Maclean featured up front with Morrison, Marek, May, Brunt behind. Now it is just a logo with the name of the show. We’ll see Monday…

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    Sorry not Brunt, Shannon.

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    Wefewee 4 years ago

    Didn’t see or hear the Blue Jays win over LAA last night but, heard Blair and Zwelling this morning. Tuned in while they were talking about Jerry Howarth calling out Jose Bautista.
    Did anyone hear this and know why?

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    TheLondoner 4 years ago

    PTS round table tonight so far: a World Cup of Hockey infomercial with Bob, John Shannon, Ken Reid, and Joey Vendetta. Rock bottom. 

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    Sam In Scarb 4 years ago

    I guess just go to the Pravda-Net website

    There might be 10 different write ups about it or if the cuffs are on Zero content.

    Ahh the NHL house league tourney starts tomorrow..does really anything else matter?

    Ahh..It would not matter at all if TSN had the broadcast rights.



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    Original Mitch 4 years ago

    This World Cup of hockey means an extra 3 weeks of excruciating Sportsnet announcers.

    Sorry, not positive 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    dogpounder 4 years ago

    Just saw the roundtable lineup that aired today. My goodness.

  • comment-avatar

    They said that Jerry was all over Jose early in last night's game for not hustling.  They've been great to listen to all week.

  • comment-avatar
    Darcy 4 years ago

    Oh, it was as bad as it sounds. Ken Reid… bleeeeehhh

  • comment-avatar
    MontfromLondonOnt 4 years ago

    Agreed – Does Bob just not care? I really don't mind Shannon but Reid and Vendetta? Those two are an instant dial turn for me especially that ego maniac vendetta – Poor old Reid is like a little puppy "please like me please like me" – Makes for sad radio