Blue Jays Depression Settling In


I had a lot written down, however the 18 Wheeler Blue Jays season has be too depressed to finish writing it.  So once the horse has been shot and we've been put out of our misery I will finish that bad boy off.


In the meantime some random thoughts:

If Shomi, Sportsnet the Magazine print edition were not enough, good the Jays implosion complete the Guy Lawrence bad week hat trick?  Exploding Iphones anyone???

David Shoalts wrote this morning of the lack of financial success of the World Cup Of Hockey.  Is anyone surprised by this?

If the Jays do in fact bow out how much of a dive does Bob McCown's interest in his show take after Gibbons is fired and the season totally dissected?

Marner and Matthews headline the best Maple Leafs camp in terms of youth in years and yet I don't get the sense that Maple Leaf nation has awoken from the long hot summer.  

Steve Buffery wrote earlier this week about some strange going ons with the Blue Jays.  Reporters having to follow pitchers into private sections of the clubhouse, photos of the media with "x's" on them as well; things aren't well in Blue Jays land.  Which two media members do you think the players hate the most???

Haven't seen it written but Atkins and Shapiro's old team is in the playoffs this year, as ESPN is suggesting the two headed monster for MLB executive of the year.

A few weeks back it was written that Gibby should be manager of the year.  If they do indeed falter out of the playoffs it's almost certain he gets gonged.  Has a winner of manager of the year ever been offed in the off season before???

ESPN's Friday night baseball coverage was AWESOME of the Jays and Red Sox.  No bias either way; great, great work by the world wide leader.


More soon.



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